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Landrace experiment in Alps

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    Landrace experiment in Alps

    Hello internet,

    I try to keep it simple, safe and light on my back.
    Simple: under 10 visits/year
    Safe: minimal work, no trails, fences and water runs are out of the question
    Light: under 10kg in the backpack

    My goal is to test out landraces/semi wild populations suitable for our climate and make populations for future projects.

    Homemade tools, the hook thing is really usefull for pulling out huge rocks. Wood is from Laburnum alpinum, iron is recycled car spring.

    Working with terrain for minimal effort

    2kg fertilizer (1-2-3) per hole plus wood ash (K and Ca) and horse manure

    Humus and mulch get added too (A LOT)
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      Interesting. And I like your tools.
      Is it Time for Show & Tell?
      Arguing on the net is like yelling in space.


        2019 Mulkharka

        Cannabis sativa subsp. indica var. himalayensis seeds collected in Mulkharka village at about 1700m asl on 5. november 2016. Probably escaped cultivar, near path, 3m tall and very branchy.

        1.7. 2019

        Water stress, 3-4weeks no rain
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          Day of harvest 1200m asl

          1. 11. 2019

          could go a few more days
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            Bees collecting cannabis pollen



            Filmed start of October, 2020. First time seeing something like this. Cut top off, left lower branches for bees




                Originally posted by Rosomah View Post
                Bees collecting cannabis pollen
                First time seeing something like this. Cut top off, left lower branches for bees
                I've seen it before and these were my plants in 2018. I've never seen so many Bumblebees in my life.
                At times, there were over 30 in the patch on a daily basis until I got rid of the males. They would get
                upset when I shook the male plants to make the pollen fly to pollinate the females.

                Bumblebee Pollen Thief

                Another Bumblebee Pollen Thief

                Terpene Amplification


                  Hello alpine neighbour,

                  good to see someone experiment with himalayan landraces in the alps, i ttied once some years ago but had different goals. Your plants look lovely and i hope you can grow them even better in the next season.

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                    Originally posted by Koondense View Post
                    Hello alpine neighbour,

                    good to see someone experiment with himalayan landraces...


                    Thanks, they are growing quite well this year, start of October was cold but now it is warm again. I will cut a few down at start of November, leave others for later in the month if weather permits.

                    Will try to keep this thread up to date as we go


                      Plants doing fine in autumn sun

                      We are more on mercy of atmospheric winds, Himalayas weather is much more stable


                        Water stress experiment

                        Short case study on water stress:
                        Soil is Rendzina (shallow hummus rich soil type)50/50 hummus/rocks. Surrounding vegetation indicates lack of moisture in hotter months.

                        Doing excellent, rains once per week, really warm microclimate (7.7.2020)

                        Drought starting, 8.9.2020 Leaves curling and turning yellow.

                        Basically no rain for a month, funniest thing is few of them survived and have micro buds on few upper branches. (9. 10. 2020)

                        The most interesting observation was that stems from 2 of them turned completely red and the plants survived much better. Something i will keep in mind for years to come


                          Very intriguing and outstanding report, thanks so much for sharing this info with us Rosomah!

                          I was reading a report by bodhi from 2008, and he described the population of plants in Mulkharka as having a "spicy citrus menthol fading into jasmine/neroli." What sort of aromas did you get from your plants?



                            meizzwang thanks, happy i can do this in my spare time. Smell was bit floral, bit hashy and i joke you not some Tagetes in there at the end.

                            very good daytime butter stuff

                            2020 here we go!
                            was a wierd year, had plants rootbound because of the whole you know 2020 thing, weather was nice. Did a mistake of adding organic fert at the start of flowering and they did not like it, next year bigger dose at start and this is it.
                            Grew Cannabis sativa subsp. indica var. himalayensis seeds from Mulkharka and Pisang from Nepal. Some was wild, some was cultivated. They finished 14-20 days too late, some didnt.



                              All pictures are start of october,
                              Chopped them yesterday 10.11.2020