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Landrace experiment in Alps

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      its not especially what you have written. And its how you have written thighs, that im not necesarly struggeling to accept, and i rather tell it to you, to prevent possible wrong shines falling on me, trough the way how you wrote it.

      its principially mega super cool to say: "this isnt what i said, isnt it" to me under the requirement that i wasnt able to percieve something right of what you say. it is however differnt, if what i interpreted from you was reasonable. The possible reasonability was layed out by me, to prevent the possible shine that could otherwise fall on me, the shine of someone that isnt able to interpret what another is saying.

      So, to tell that to you, i layed the reasonability out.
      the reasonability that what i interpreted from you was reasonable, possibly
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        Wood ash! forgot about it! i add wood ash as a source of Ca and K and maybe a heavy metal or two LOL.

        Joke aside in our parts you have to be careful when picking mushrooms, some soils are rich in heavy metals and mushrooms are excellent bioaccumulators
        Not worried too much about hemp since i make hash or butter out of inflorescence

        plus plants and fungus immobilize heavy metals so it is not a problem unless pH changes


          A member of my fam is working with customs. 1/3 of the mushroom harvest from specific countries in europe is send back because they are still radio active contaminated due to the 1986 nuclear fall out.



            When you see people with whole baskets of mushrooms a few 100m from closed Pb Hg mine



              this is now officially pepe thread


                Those will make u mad in a bad and long term way.
                Not like the good crazy mushroom in autum.


                  A thing or two about the most often overlooked part of the plant: the roots

                  I start them in milk containers, but next year will try jute fabric.

                  Male at start of flowering, roots really love good aerated hummus rich soils.

                  notice tangled up tap roots, hope to avoid that in future with new design of "pots" i am working on. IMO best (in theory) would be sowing on spot, will try that too

                  As noted in the literature Cannabis plant has 2 distinct root zones, one shallow where most mineralization happens and with the help of fine roots nutrients get absorbed and deep tap roots for water/moisture. When picking spots on south facing slopes soil is the most important thing for me because i don't water them.


                    New design:

                    Jute fabric is as natural as it gets, decomposes and is perfect for holding soil together. Fabric will be cut and individual "soil sack" woven together. They will be placed next to each other.
                    When planting roots holding jute pots together will be cut and lower leaves will be cut too, as indicated with red on the picture. I think it shouldn't be too stressful and we should solve the root entangling problem.

                    Found myself a winter hobby


                      Is this forum meme friendly?






                            do you realize Pepe the Frog is an icon for white supremacists?



                              Best quote from the vid is

                              "The greatest way to set a fire on the internet is to try to blow out one candle"

                              Can we please keep politics to the speakers corner?


                                Originally posted by chilliwilli View Post
                                Can we please keep politics to the speakers corner?
                                are you addressing that to me?

                                or to the guy who posted what's universally understood throughout the Western world to be a white supremacist meme?