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Landrace experiment in Alps

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    Originally posted by Rosomah View Post
    Hello internet,

    I try to keep it simple, safe and light on my back.
    Simple: under 10 visits/year
    Safe: minimal work, no trails, fences and water runs are out of the question
    Light: under 10kg in the backpack

    My goal is to test out landraces/semi wild populations suitable for our climate and make populations for future projects.

    Homemade tools, the hook thing is really usefull for pulling out huge rocks. Wood is from Laburnum alpinum, iron is recycled car spring.
    Working with terrain for minimal effort

    2kg fertilizer (1-2-3) per hole plus wood ash (K and Ca) and horse manure

    Humus and mulch get added too (A LOT)
    I have fam from alsace- lorraine......many thx for doing this....I got goosebumps! Subbbed
    I eat legos



      Good weather for working




          I can't vote anymore today but we'll done man!
          I eat legos


            Sunshineinabag thank you! So glad i was privileged enough to grew my own smoke from the start. Had more luck than brain 10 years back

            You develop a different perspective than if you buy stuff from black market imo. A plant is just that- a plant. Different types of high is just different THC/CBD/terpene ratio.

            Growing out in the woods has its ups and downs but you really get to appreciate traits like mold, cold and drought tolerance, growing patterns, branching, bud density,..., and above all quality of the smoke (or butter, right now i am having edibles phase)


              Interesting observation:
              They are seeds from same mother, only difference is I fertilized one like i am used to, few handfulls of organic fert high in K at start of flowering. Oh boy what a mistake:

              Notice leaf salad and lack of trichomes

              No second fertilizing:

              much better structure to look at


                This looks fantastic. I wish I could do that ! I'll be following this thread.


                  A friend of mine crossed Mulkharka with some Kush and this year i grew them out. They survived fog and rain very well, finished 2. 11. with 10-20% mold. This confirms himalayensis x afghanica lacks mold tolerance himalayensis has.
                  Wont continue experimenting with this hybrid seeds, in the fridge they go!

                  Oh and to that one fucker that ripped 80% of them enjoy the seeds


                    About the plants that died from drought: cannabis has 2 root zones: one in top 20cm of soil (nutrients) and second deeper for water. In my case they were in rendzina on vegetation covered scree meaning there was no deep layer with water, only rocks.

                    Reading Traditional Cannabis Cultivation in Darchula District, Nepal—Seed, Resin and Textiles by R. Clarke and yes, they fertilize once, before sowing. Same guidelines are made here for hemp. Too much nitrogen also makes stems weaker, that happened too if you look back at pictures. Also animal manure is slow release fertilizer, 50% in the first year, 25% second and 25% third (+/- for different types)



                      Mulkharka 2019 smoke report:
                      untrimmed, air dried and cured at 10° for a year. (forgot about it lol)

                      Smell is light, mostly floral. Inflorescences are fluffy and lightly covered with trichomes. They crumble well when crushed with fingers in palm. Smoked without tobacco.
                      High is light and balanced, my educated guess thc:cbd 1:2 or even more on the cbd side. Perfect daytime, no fatigue after.

                      Next time i will make hash from it



                        In the Himalaya, manure is used

                        That's not the same as using chemical NPK stuff, which is just a burst

                        Manure will provide long-term nutrition

                        Also, the usual forum caveat about over-generalizing

                        I'm sure plenty of himalayensis x afghanica crosses will work fine

                        a Chitrali landrace did fine in Hawaii

                        Just depends on the specific plants


                          I can attest that worm castings has worked as well without any kind of stress reaction (clawing etc).


                            First plant i ever grew was with home garden soil and compost, tried mineral NPK (15-15-15) once and didnt like it too much. There are a few instances i would use it but more on that next year

                            Amending soil is very easy for me. Never used peat, perlite, vermiculite, water crystals etc... If you know your soil you just have to add hummus, organic fert and mulch. Man i would love to work with compost, worm castings and aged cattle manure in the garden but sadly cant. Just remembered the stink of fermented nettles sitting in summer heat.

                            DownDeepInside did you make castings yourself? never tried them but what i read i can imagine that is basically hummus and nutrients rich soil?

                            ngakpa I imagine they save manure through winter? After manure breaks down hummus stays in soil for long time and acts similar to clay, bonding salts.
                            Haha, discourse on the internet is like throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks. Joke aside wish we would be better at communicating, but yeah internet is young and i hope with time we get better.



                              I hope ok to load two Picturs of Vietnamblack (southen x northern Vietnam).

                              20 Oktober

                              5 November, starting to have a fight for sheer survival, no fresh resin:

                              I live/grow near the Alps too. This Strain Stops Resinproduction, and starts fading around 1st November. I know this will never finish fully Bud. I still grow it. Heard some Thais can also be frostresistent. Actually North Thailands highest Mountain is 2500 Meters! Heighest Mountain in North Vietnam 3100 Meters.

                              And i know the trippiest Weed ever came from those Countries. Probably there are still some old Lines hiding in someones Seedstash, those Strains could proove perfect Compromiss between perfomability and trippyness.

                              Im huntng them, and may one day also try to make trippweed possible in Switzerland outdoors.


                              I heard also Reeferman managed to do longtime selection for shortflowering in his CambodianHaze. Added a fourth of Hybrid-Strain, but not pure Indica (Positronichaze) to the Cambodian and takes 11 now Weeks.

                              He selected over 2 Decades the pure Cambodian itselve, at the End added the Hybrid (Positronichaze).

                              And its very trippy Strain.

                              I learned, there is way more possible than i was under imression at first. But it needs a very good Line to make that perfect Compromise. Needs good old Genetics if you ask me.

                              I too loove distinguished Effects of Landrace itselve, and far Hybridisation not needed.


                              One last: Hoabac - Reeferman, collected at aproximatly 1000 meters in southern Vietnam, nearly finished bud at 7 November:


                                Originally posted by Rosomah View Post
                                ngakpa I imagine they save manure through winter? After manure breaks down hummus stays in soil for long time and acts similar to clay, bonding salts.
                                Manure afaik is best used after rotting for several years

                                afaik just keeping over winter it will burn your plants because too fresh

                                ime the best manure for cannabis is horse if you can find it - again, need to be old enough

                                horse manure makes soil lighter, which cannabs likes

                                cow makes it heavy

                                Afghans use goat/sheep... (cue Afghan jokes)