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    Not posting a link to another site but to a search. Hopefully that does not violate tou.


      I gotta be careful here wth that, I don't intend to violate anything but I didn't thoroughly read the tou to be honest .....the site you linked is a political shit storm run by a liberal who is IMHO out of control with the way he allows his friends to spew thier views but censor and re ove anyone with a opinion other then theirs!
      I eat legos


        Originally posted by Lester Beans View Post
        Just ordered some chocolate Thai from Hazeman. Very excited for summer sativa run.
        Where from? 8ve had a look and can't find them anywhere


          Originally posted by idiit View Post
          View Image

          ^ current seed preservation run on some old "elvis" seeds.

          i've done close to 20 attempts on preserving beans from old seed stock. i bought out all of fritzman's ( defunct bsc) stock and paid extra to get at least 20# of each strain. i've done other strain preservation attempts as well.

          the above picture is pretty good at depicting healthy white emergining from old seed stock.

          hit "control + '+' " at the same time to pump up magnification on above pic. for better view.

          in my experience, without some special technique of which i am still unaware, only one or two of these healthy looking specimens will actually manifest a root tail.

          there are a lot of posts on germing old seedstock. tons of different ideas. i have not run across one poster who actually pictorially depicts old seed stock showing white, yet no root tail emerging like above photo and pictorially shows how to get these to actually sprout a tail.

          i use distilled water in paper towels. i change the towel after a few days. 65-75 degree f temps. i get 100 % germ. rates usually on viable seed stock using this simple technique most of the time. tail emerges immediately, unlike the (unfurling, showing white, no tails) pic. posted above.
          Elvis as in the clone only ? Very interested.


            Originally posted by Emperortaima View Post
            Can't talk crap on someone trying to experiment I give this person much respect for what he did could you do any better?
            He’s a troll . He blasted me for lying about some Mr Greengenes seed packs ..


              Chocolate Thai


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                No sprouts? Disappointment.


                  Originally posted by Rocky Mtn Squid View Post
                  Where those lovelies come from? 70% THC! I know that can’t be right, but sign me up anyway.

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                    Originally posted by Ur Humbl Nr8tor View Post
                    Where those lovelies come from? 70% THC! I know that can’t be right, but sign me up anyway.
                    I think that's an oil in a retail package, not flowers or even bubble which would explain that number.


                      Originally posted by Zanddar View Post
                      Seeds collected from Chocolate Thai shipments during the 80's and gifted to me recently.

                      Rubbing the sticks brings back old Chocolate Thai memories.

                      Take me back to the past, when smoking Chocolate Thai was a blast.
                      Sooo...would you maybe be into selling a 10 pack of some of the better looking ones or are you looking to pop them all yourself?


                        Anyone know if Swami's Chocolate Thai IBL is the real deal Chocolate Thai?


                          I would imagine it is legit.



                            please elaborate on why you think it is likely. not that i am doubting it... just would be good to get more info.


                              Originally posted by Cannavore View Post
                              I've got about 60 Chocolate Thai seeds to eventually make a new generation with.
                              exciting! hope i don't miss the grow thread. will you post on this thread?


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