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    Any Sagada strain pic updates appreciated. Crazy times in the Philippines now for growers...would like to see these strains flourish outside of the Philippines.


      Yep it's fucked up there with Hitler Jr running things. Too bad because the filipinos I know are great people. And most of them love ganja. I've heard bad things about getting ganja over there, it's around but a shady business. It's poor quality, when my friend brought back some green stuff his family was blown away.


        Always go for hash if you can find it.
        Nice this thread still going


          Anyone with any new Sagada weed pics?


            Hi everyone! Its so good to see Philippine Landrace being preserved. Kudos to you all!

            I've planted a lot of our local bag seeds for practice back then and Im always so unlucky with herms and the plant stretch so much and flower forever so I always end up cutting it up for security reasons.

            Heres a pic of my Philippine Landrace x Green Alien grown outdoors here in the Philippines way back 2013 when I was starting to learn how to grow.


              Sagada Sativa

              I guess the picture was not uploaded, i'll have to get used to this. lol

              anyway here it is

              Local Philippine Landrace x Green Alien

              Heres a picture of a landrace grown in Buscalan, Kalinga just besides a transient house in a tribe where Wang Od (the legendary 102 years old tapping tattoo artist) lives.

              Kalinga Landrace grown by farmers in the mountain.(sorry had to edit)


                subbed, did you see any purple plants peperizal? these interest me the most.
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                  Kalinga x Deluxe Sugar CaneClick image for larger version

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