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Grape Licorice Cookies (Special Bagseed)

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    Grape Licorice Cookies (Special Bagseed)

    Hello everyone!

    Well, at least that's what I'm calling her for now... The story goes like this. I was in the Bay Area doing some work and picked up a quarter of GSC from a friend. Got to the end of the bag and noticed a dime sized nug that had a seed popping out. So I started breaking it up and all these other beans started showing up. After it was all broke up, I ended up with 13 beans out that tiny little nug!!!! I couldn't believe that it had that many seeds. Very impressive! Someone must have pollinated it and forgot about it. No other nugs had beans.

    Anyway, I decided to pop a couple of them and see what happens. The seeds looked a little premature, a bit pale, so I just picked the darkest two beans from the batch. Both sprouted in less in the 24 hours and grew very well and ended up being females!! One of them is a mutant of sorts and a bit more leafy, and gangly and just kinda strange. The buds seem to grow differently on each branch, but it smells pretty damn good. Very sweet smelling and the buds look pretty good now that some branches are swelling up. More of a chunky, foxtaily kinda of structure, with that girl scout cookies look mixed in. It's just not something I would probably keep around though. It doesn't have near the resin production and some of the buds look a little micro for the size of the branch. Its just a weird plant with strange characteristics.

    BUT... the OTHER one is... my god... one of the best plants I've ever seen or grown and I've grown/seen my fair share of herbs in my time. This thing is covered in trics and smells like grape licorice. Just insane amounts of resin production from this plant. It is super hearty and just grows really, really well and has tons of bud sites. Its starting to turn purple on the tips of the flowers and around the edges of the leaves. A real dark and deep, rich purple. Almost black in some spots. Pictures don't really do it near the justice it deserves and its hard to see with the orangey lighting I took them under, but its there and I'm sure it will continue as it fully matures. Most of the leaves are still very dark green, so its still doing its thing. Looks like I might be another 10-15 days off and I'm guesstimating I'm at day 57 because I'm REALLY at day 67 from 12/12 but I didn't see any flowers for at least 21-22 days after the flip!! I don't think they were mature enough yet or this girl is just really slow. So I took off 10 days assuming it was still vegging and comparing mine to pictures of others at the same time. I don't know though, its a new girl so I don't know when she finishes, but shes a keeper and I will definitely let her go until she looks damn good and ready. Crazy good plant. Cant wait to sample the goods!!! I wish I knew someone to hand her off to and get her spread around. She's real dreamy.

    Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!! Thanks everyone!

    IG: @sportfarmer

    Hey Sport Farmer, nice looking find you got there. She is looking good but wish we could smell what you are describing also, good job on her so far. Enjoy and with a girl that good looking i'm sure you will make a few friends. Take care 1


      Hey thanks, Kant C Shyt! Appreciate the response. Yeah, I wish you could smell it too. It really is remarkable. Its like that OG smell mixed with grape licorice when you rub a leaf with trics on it. But just smelling the bud with your nose smells like grape licorice. Maybe a slight hint of something soury/bitter mixed in there as well. Thats the best way I can describe it. The buds are so super dense and just encrusted with trics. The lower branches that aren't getting as much light are even more caked with resin!!

      Yeah, I knew immediately when she started flowering that she was something special. She was coated in resin within the first week of seeing flowers!
      IG: @sportfarmer


        Great job , Licorice is my favorite candy being old school . Got me thinking about Jelly Beans Damn near licked the screen .


          Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to let us know how she smokes


            Hey thanks usda101 and A10 for stopping by and commenting. Really appreciate it. Glad you enjoy the pics.

            Here she is at day 60 (70 12/12) and shes really starting to orange up and swell in the last couple days. Hairs are dying off pretty quickly now. Fan leaves are starting to turn dark purple at the stem and spreading upwards. As always pictures don't really do it justice at all and somehow the density isn't really translating on the pictures. Whatever, they are super dense. You'll have to take my word for it. The real close up shot is one of the lower branches. Crazy amounts of resin. I think I'm gonna go another 5-8 days because some of the lower buds still need some time. Let me know what you guys think and what you're thinking about how much longer she's got!

            IG: @sportfarmer


              Looks great. I hope the flavor comes through for ya.


                Excilent gro!

                That's a lucky find. Esp IF it truly came from a cookie family cut....
                And not just a s1 of another S1...

                Ether way my vote would b to call it "fortune cookie"
                As that's what it is...
                I'm seriously NOT trying to b a dick.
                I commend you for the desire and fallow through to collect/save and grow out those mystery beans. That def falls into the passion category. And you def did that plant justice as it finished out fantastic clearly.
                In your home grows oc you can call your meds anything you want.
                But if you were to spread it around n get it out there. As u say you wd like

                Renaming stuff just muddies the waters. Esp when you don't know the genetics or the new pheno well.
                It my not hav that grape/licorice flavor when done in a dif style.

                Just somthing to keep in mind.
                You did a great job
                Big ups respect and happy growing.


                  Hey thanks GSPfan & Heusinomics for commenting. Much appreciated! No disrespect takin! Thanks for your perspective.

                  Who knows if it will retain the flavor or the smell by the time its dried and ready for smokin. Keepin my fingers crossed!! I hope it does, because it will truly be something unique.

                  The bag was definitely GCS. From a club I presume, cause thats where the dude "shopped" from what I remember. What version of GSC was it? From what I could tell, It was the usual GSC I'm used to seeing from the Bay. Some bigger nugs are purple, some a little more green. Mine appears to be showing all the same characteristics but the buds seem to be a little more spear tipped. Who knows what it was crossed with. So it could really be anything, but it looks like its showing all the characteristics of GSC, especially now that the big fan leaves are starting to turn that real dark purple/black color... just started doing that in the last day or so, so shes almost done. Definitely a fortune cookie!! I cant stop staring at it. It looks so good I want to eat it. Haha!

                  I'm not trying to muddy any waters and I'm definitely not responsible for anything that came out of that seed. I just made sure it survived and had adequate living quarters because I am passionate about this, like you said. I really enjoy the hobby of it, just as much as the results. I have so many beans stored up that I want to run from over 20 years of collecting and even a little of my own breeding that I have yet to pop. These just seemed kinda exciting, so I gave them a go and it payed off.
                  IG: @sportfarmer


                    Nice find! Looks and sounds delicious. I see what you mean, they definitely resemble cookies but that first pic in the thread show a more spear shaped bud structure.


                      Originally posted by Jason Voorhees View Post
                      Nice find! Looks and sounds delicious. I see what you mean, they definitely resemble cookies but that first pic in the thread show a more spear shaped bud structure.
                      Thanks for stopping by Jason! Appreciate it.

                      Yeah, that is the main cola (I didn't top it) and in that particular picture it is day 56, so it hasn't really started swelling or filling out up there quite as much yet like the lower nugs have. Seems like this plant kinda likes less light then your average plant, so things looks different at various levels. I'll get a more recent shot tmrw, and show the progress on the main cola. Its starting to fill out more and swell up and hairs are dying off pretty quickly now, but it is more spear tipped for sure. Not as much that "rose bud" looking structure as others GSC looks. The colors are there for sure, the OG smell is there, the structure of the stems and bud sites is there... and the density is there, so yeah.. We'll see what happens.

                      One thing is for sure, though. It's going to be a tasty treat no matter what.
                      IG: @sportfarmer


                        Hello everyone!

                        Here's an update from today at day 61.

                        Things are looking really good and more hairs have continued to die off and the darkening/purpling continues. Should be able to see it in the pics now. I tried to get some better shots showing the coloring. It looks like its finishing up pretty fast now. Doesn't look like its kicking out anymore flowers from what I can tell. Just swelling up and turning colors. Lower buds still need some work, but they are looking pretty swollen too. Sry about the same angles, its just easily accessible with my big ass ipad, otherwise I would cause some havoc trying to get better shots.

                        How about some contrast and compare? Take a look at her sister I told you about who isn't as hot, but smells really good. (bottom pic) That's from the same batch of seeds . That's the top cola. Completely different looking plant. So you can really see how I ended up with some really special. I bet it will smoke good though... it smells super sweet. Like big league chew or something. Cant quite put a finger on it.

                        Anyway, thanks again to everyone who stopped by and given me rep. I really appreciate everyone's contribution and response. Thanks so much guys!

                        Enough talk, lets see some pics!!

                        Main Cola Day 61

                        Purpling of the leaves/flowers

                        Fattening up!

                        The under structure

                        Main Cola @ day 61 of the other girl
                        IG: @sportfarmer


                          The pictures in this post ( are EXACTLY identical to the girl scout cookies I got my beans from. Literally identical looking. You can even see how mine will pretty much look exactly like those dried nug shots, or at least I can. I think mine may actually have more resin production then the original. I got the bag in November, so it wasn't that long ago. Still pretty fresh to the memory.

                          Here's some more shots at day 62. Things are really starting to look pretty much finished on the top canopy. Lower buds still need a little time. Tried to get new angles/different buds.. better side shots showing the density and structure. Make sure to click on the images to get a bigger/better version. This forum really jacks up the quality and detail of my pics and I cant figure out how to negate that. Maybe someone can help.

                          Thanks again guys!

                          Bud sites in the back

                          Side structure and density

                          More bud sites

                          Main stem bud sites

                          Frosty lower branch
                          IG: @sportfarmer


                            That licorice / anise smell is likely coming from the Durban in the equation. Nice looking plant for sure. Gotta love them bag seeds!!

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                              Hey thanks for commenting and the info, Dank Frank. Thats really interesting, I'll have to read more up on Durban. Its been a long time since I smoked any and I can't really remember the flavor.

                              Well, I finally sorted the pictures quality thing. Heres some shots that actually do it justice!! These show the density and coloring a lot better. Let me know what you guys think!

                              IG: @sportfarmer