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    Saw a book called The cannabis breeders bible, looks newer, anyone else seen this?



      Your best source of information on the germination of seeds is 'Seed Germination, Theory and Practice' by Norm Deno. It lists 4000 species and gives pretreatments if any, and detailed instructions on the use of GA-3. Two supplements listing additional species have been published. This book will absolutely increase your success with seeds!
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        There is so much marijuana growing in back yards and clandestine grows around Tucson, Arizona that any outdoor grow will be pollinated from airborne pollen. The only way to get hermaphroditic pollination is by growing indoors.

        When growing pure Mexican sativa indoors without any male plants, the females will generate male flowers as soon as the flowers start to bloom. This happens to healthy unstressed plants. Frequently the male flowers will sprout right in the female flowering top. All of the resulting seeds will be female.


          I found a verbose resource

          It is a text book so it talks in plain terms to teach the concept making it easier to digest

          principles of plant genetics and breeding - complete textbook 584 pages pub 2007

          (i suggest you download it as it is a pdf)

          covers traditional and modern breeding and addresses breeding for cultivar performance and cultivar diversity (two different objectives that may benefit from different methodology)

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            Molecule discovered that protects the brain from cannabis intoxication . January 3, 2014.


              DNA Day

              Today is DNA Day, a holiday commemorating the day in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin and various colleagues all published papers on the structure of DNA.

              This discovery revolutionized biology and was without a doubt one of the most important scientific discoveries of the last 100 years.

              All of their papers are now freely available for the public to read. Celebrate DNA day by reading the original research articles, and by passing them along for friends to read.

              Watson, James Dewey; Crick, Francis Harry Compton (1953-04-25).
              "Molecular structure of nucleic acids; a structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid". Nature 171 (4356): 737–738.
              Read here:

              Franklin, Rosalind Elsie; Gosling, Raymond (1953-04-25). "Molecular configuration in sodium thymonucleate". Nature 171 (4356): 740–741.
              Read it here:

              Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick; Stokes, Alexander Rawson; Wilson, Herbert R. (1953-04-25). "Molecular structure of deoxypentose nucleic acids". Nature 171 (4356): 738–740.
              Read it here:
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                This link is from the opening post on the thread and is to a paper on Cannabis Chemotype (basically, the genetics at play which determine an individual plant's production of, as well as the ratios of, CBG/THC/CBD/CBC and sister cannabinoids, where present, CBGV/THCV/CBDV/CBCV and further, yet very rarely, a chemotype which is mostly/only CBG).

                It's a great read.


                I first found this paper a couple of years ago when I began researching cannabis genetics/breeding. It references the above paper and contains additional information on genetics/chemotypes.