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Crosses you have made or plan to make?

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    Crosses you have made or plan to make?

    If want to breed then your going to make crosses and have plans to make certain crosses. What kind of crosses have you made? or what crosses do you want or plan to make? I have made a few crosses so far but haven't grown out the seeds. I do have plans to make alot of crosses in my lifetime with the strains I got and whatever else I add to my collection. I have plans for endless crosses with these strains. Let's say my seed stock is going to be nice.

    Crosses I've made: (1st two crosses I've made)

    Diamond Head x White Widow- I had a decent White Widow male so I decided to pollinate my Diamond Head female. Curious to see what this cross will be like. Hoping more potency added from the WW. I got a few names for it but haven't decided what to call them. I was thinking maybe Hawain Widow or White Diamond.

    Diamond Head x Northern Berry- These were the clones I had flowering I was experimeting with some NB seeds. I got one male that stunk like skunk and had purple pollen sacs. I pollinated a bottom bud on one of the clones for this cross. I think this male will add some Blueberry sweetness and maybe some color. I think I'm going to call this cross Sweet Island.

    Crosses I plan to make: (not all but just an example of what I want to do)

    AK48 x Blueberry
    AK48 x White Widow
    AK48 x Bubbalicous
    AK48 x Northern Skunk
    AK48 x Mexican Sativa
    AK48 x Cali-O
    AK48 x Rock Bud x Lavender
    AK48 x Skunk x Lavender
    AK48 x K2 x Lavender

    Blueberry x California Orange
    Blueberry x AK48
    Blueberry x Bubbalicious
    Blueberry x White Widow
    Blueberry x Mexican Sativa
    Blueberry x Sweet Tooth x Lavender
    Blueberry x Rock Bud x Lavender
    Blueberry x Somango x Lavender

    Bubbalicious x AK48
    Bubbalicious x Blueberry
    Bubbalicous x Cali-O
    Bubbalicous x White Widow
    Bubbalicious x Northern Berry
    Bubbalicious x Mexican Sativa
    Bubbalicous x Diamond Head x White Widow

    Cali-O x Blueberry
    Cali-O x AK48
    Cali-O x White Widow
    Cali-O x Northern Skunk
    Cali-O x Mexican Sativa
    Cali-O x Bubbalicous
    Cali-O x Somango x Lavender
    Cali-O x Sweet Tooth x Lavender
    Cali-O x K2 x Lavender
    Cali-O x Skunk x Lavender

    As you can see each strain is going to be crossed with other strains I own. Some may turn out shitty and some may turn out real nice. I'm just going to experiment the hell out my genetics. My genetic pool is decent but not great but very workable. Basically everytime I grow certain strains I will make a cross with each plant. Say I have Blueberry and Cali-O growing. I will make a cross with both but on both ends. Once seed crop will be the BB x Cali-O and the other will be Cali-O x BB. Endless crosses to work with.
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    Cross I'm participating in thie year (the male's going to be mine): F-13 (m) x Hawaiian Sativa (f, clone). Two fairly early flowering, heady sativas from different places... mmm. Hopefully the offspring will be purple, too.
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      your going to have to live a 100 years to do all that my friend


        Originally posted by BluEBLaZeS
        your going to have to live a 100 years to do all that my friend
        Let's just say I'll do what I can do with what I have. Those are just crosses I want to do not that I'm going to get to it.
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          Ive never made seeds before, but I will give it a shot this summer.

          Ive got my hands on two males:

          Subcool's - apollo11x(ortegaxc99) [astroboy] and
          BOG's - sour bubble bx2

          I was also gifted with two clones:

          One is my friends plant, Juicy Fruit X Fruity Juice.

          The other is my friends dads which is called 'Phear'.
          He bred it for years in the 80s but had to quit growing, so he made some seeds. Just two years ago he popped a few and found a nice mom.
          From what ive seen/smelt, his mom is pretty stinky in veg.
          I think the parents are: 'Purple Afghani x White Widow x Skunk1?....'

          Seeds I plan to make:

          astroboy x astroboy
          astroboy x sour bubble

          sour bubble x sour bubble
          sour bubble x astroboy

          (juicy fruit x fruity juice) x sour bubble
          (juicy fruit x fruity juice) x astroboy

          phear x sour bubble
          phear x astroboy
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          plant, selection plays the all-important part.
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          plant he wants, then breed and select to that end,
          always choosing through a series of years the
          plants which are approaching nearest the ideal,
          and rejecting all others. -Luther Burbank


            ok heres what i wanna do

            Strawberry Diesel x Choco Diesel .... then
            NYCD (golden pheno)x (Strawberry x Choco Diesel)

            = Neopolitan Diesel

            ND x Origional Diesel / Chemdog

            and work the ND X Chem until i got a chocolate/strawberry tasting and diesel/rotten meat smell

            hopefully in 10 years i might win a Cup or 2 with that lol
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              I'm going to grow at least 3 strains a year. I got 15 strains to work with. So it will take me at least 2 1/2 to 5 years to grow them all out and get some crosses. I just went through and put strains in a group of 3 to grow. I then wrote down what crosses I really want. Each group is going to give off 3 crosses and more carry on seeds. I just hope all the seeds stay viable for that long. I might try to grow 6 strains a year so it's quicker. Here is what I'm going to do for an example.

              First Grow Set:

              Rock Bud x Lavender


              Blueberry x Cali-O
              Cali-O x Rock Bud x Lavender
              Rock Bud x Lavender x Blueberry

              By the time I get done growing out all my strains I'll have 11 new crosses to add to my strain collection. I'll also have extra seeds from each strain for future breeding purposes. Once I get done with my crosses then I'll start over again growing out the crosses and going from there. I'll then continue to select best mothers for perpetual growing. I want more strains but I think I'll be happy with what I got for growing the rest of my life. I can't complain.
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                I am planning on crossing my Conquistador from Subcool with Lightstorm made by purplebuddy ConquistadorxLightstorm in hopes of making a purple Con. cross. Here is what my Con. looked like I am reveging her needs a few more weeks to take cuts. I hope to keep backcrossing it to make it more Con. dominant than Lightstorm. Still need to grow out the LS seeds and find a healthy male. Hopefully I will do sometime this year.


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                  I'm anxious to get started really. I'm curious to see what some of these crosses become. I'm sure some Subcool crosses will be nice. It's all about being creative really. I look to see what I can add to a strain or what I can do to improve it. I plan on using a pure Mexican Sativa I got for some nice Sativa crosses. Once cross I'm going to make is Mexican Sativa x Bubbalicious. The goal is to sweeten up the flavor but still have a nice Sativa high.
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                    I have 2 AK 48 males growing now. Plan to hit a few buds of each female from my next grow on, starting with[list]
                    [*]Bog medley [*]Mental floss[*]Double dutch[*]Wonder deisel[*]White russian[*]Romulan x Chronic[*]Blockhead[*]Bog LSD[*]Bog BMR[*]Bog Lifesaver
                    Well thats the plan anyway


                      Nice list of strains.
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                        Yea Closet I always bought seeds,but now have more room so I will try and make some, hopefully they produce some good plants,but I like to clone so I am just making sure I always have seed stock as we never know what could happen around here. Good luck with your list that could take some time.


                          Oh it's definetly going to take some time but it's going to be fun. My plan is to have plenty of genetics to work with the rest of my life.
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                            I have just started working on some crosses...

                            I got a nice triofiliate BubbleDust male - GrowDoc seeds (AngelDust x BubbleGum - I think AD has some JH in it ....)

                            So I am making

                            Black Domina x Bubble Dust Trio

                            Bubble Dust x Bubble Dust Trio

                            Crazy Widow ((Power Plant x Orange Bud x Passion no1 = Crazy Plant ), (Crazy Plant x White Widow) x Bubble Dust Trio

                            Hope to see some trifiliates in new generations and play with them!

                            Take care,
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                              Here are my up coming projects and whats in the making and the names have giving to each. I've already done Nirvana's Chrystal X Nirvana's Master Kush = Crystal Kush and these are in the making now

                              Afropips' Mr. Majestyk X BOG's Grape Punch = Majestyk Punch
                              BOG's Blue Moon Rocks X Reeferman's Big Thunder X BOG's Blue Moon Rocks = Thunder Moon Rocks
                              Reservoir's Apollo Mist X Reeferman's Blue Thunder = Blue Apollo
                              Reeferman's Potent Purple X BOG's Grape Punch X Gypsy's VeryBerrySurprise(Pheno) = Fruit Punch
                              Sam the Skunkman's Skunk #1 X Spice of Life's Blockhead = Skunk Head
                              Sagarmatha's Blueberry Bud X DJ Short's True Blueberry = BerryBerryBlue
                              Reeferman's Big Thunder X Reeferman's Blue Thunder = Big Blue Thunder
                              BOG's Bogglegum X Tom Hill's Cal Jax = Jumpn Jax
                              Gypsy's VeryBerrySurprise(Pheno) X Seedsdirect's (POK Kush X White Giant) X Reeferman's Potent Purple = The Purple Giant
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