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    Sure thing Frank If I can have my way I'd love to try one new strain per week so I can see how much each strain differs. But I'm nowhere near Amsterdam so have to deal with what I have and those coming from Buddies.


      Originally posted by FOE20 View Post
      hey runlp586....heres a correction for you on Bog BMR..
      Its decent info...for anyone...if you want to argue it just take it up with subcool...heh..Seems logical....but its just a strain and one of many..
      I like Lineage lists n threads..gets folks talkin..
      basically its supposed to be this..
      BMRocks : BlueMoon Beam(Vics BB x Micanopy Moonbeam) x BogBubble
      So....Mr FOE....Is it at all possible, that there might be either Micanopy Moonbeam and/or Madness beans available? for the reason of preserving the genetics. Honestly i'm new, I dont have the contacts. I cant PM anyone because I dont have enough
      I cant PM WT or REZ or BOG. I emailed subcool @TGA today.
      I'm from N. FL and am extremely proud of our cannabis culture and history. I would b very verrry grateful for any help. Thank you so much.



        >> BubbleGum = The lineage is Big Skunk with some NL#5 [source = medicine man/OG]

        >> Princess = [NL x Haze] x Skunk Female x ??? male

        >> Romulan = (Federation) California X [White Whino X White Rhino]

        Thanks for the info !

        I never knew Bubblegum was so, sort of, simple. Thought there would be some obviously sweet parentage.

        re Princess - we see some variation in Princess and her 2 sisters (whose names I cannot remember ... Apollo ? Rosetta Stone ? Ginger Ale ?)

        Does the variation indicate a unique pollen source or possible multiple pollen sources ?

        I wonder if Mr. Soul is still around ? Enjoying his riches, skyping with Sly, enjoying life with Mrs. Soul, I would think

        The Romulan - didn't know it had so much White Rhino (White Widow x Afghani, I think). This reminds me of Paul Lawrence @ Laughing Moon. He was a Canadian grower/ breeder who claimed a huge yielding plant, for the time, and I half remember, I think he talked about White Rhino.

        The one story I heard about Romulan is that 'Romulan Joe' walked into Marc Emery's offices @ Cannabis Culture, with a tray of Romulan cuttings. Asking $250 each. Sold 20 of them, cash, within 15 minutes.
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          I want to know. Is there Only Sour Diesel? BecAuse I seen another strain called Diesel. Just Diesel. Is this just a rename, or is there another completely different strain called Diesel?

          RIP SUBCOOL

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            Going to try to cross White Widow with Kauai Electric, and Kauai electric with Money Maker. Will post results, if it works...


              Originally posted by Johnnyseed View Post
              I want to know. Is there Only Sour Diesel? BecAuse I seen another strain called Diesel. Just Diesel. Is this just a rename, or is there another completely different strain called Diesel?
              There is Original Diesel AKA Daywrecker or Headband. Sour Diesel was an accidental cross of Diesel and DNL. Then there is Soma's NYCD, which is a Diesel bagseed cross.

              Cherry Bomb x C99

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                Sleepy Time

                Did a cat named olday make some sleepy time and how is it if anyone knows? Thanks, went thru the stash and found em in a special place, gonna see if viable, just wanting strain info. Thanks for time and trouble.


                  This has been a great project. Thanks to everyone that's contributed to this 10 year old thread. This information needs to be preserved for future breeders, growers, etc.

                  2018-2019 Indoors: Ace Seeds A5 Haze x New Killer Malawi

                  2018-2019 Indoors: Baked Beanz Malawi x Black Lime/Malawi

                  2018 Indoors: Female Seeds Chem OG Coco Grow

                  2018 Indoors: ACE Purple Haze x Honduras (Landrace Sativa) Coco Grow

                  2017 Outdoors (45N) Bogglegum, Blue Moon Rocks, and Lifesaver.


                    I'm new here and seeking info on Cherry Skunk. I have a female from seed. The parents are skunk dawg(skunk 1 x chem 91) X Poppa Cherry. I can't find anything on poppa cherry. Any info will help
                    ~all of the above~


                      Reservation Labs Macaroons: GS Cookies x White Widow

                      Many Blessings,

                      Reservation Labs
                      Strains working with:
                      "PURE" Thai (this project is on hold. Flowering time is way too long. Flowering time is 20 weeks.)
                      Grape Skunk (I am going to work a lot with this.)
                      Hindu Kush
                      '91 ChemDog (Nevada)

                      Also creating many brand new Strains:
                      NORTHERN DREAMS IBL
                      Arizona Iced Tea
                      Sugar Cane Kush
                      Jackson's GIFT
                      Pomo's Pride
                      and more.


                        so whats the deal with the whole NL thing. Nl 1 has different parents than NL 5? they are not just different phenos? i always thought they were referring to phenos with the numbers.
                        thanks for the knowledge yall


                          Skunk #1 from Sacred Seeds is a Afghan x Colombian X Acapulco Gold
                          Original Haze from Sacred Seeds is a Colombian 3 way, Gold X Mauve X Punta Rojas
                          There were other parents added by other beeders, me included but that is not Original Haze it is a Haze Hybrid

                          Originally posted by Tropical Rain View Post
                          The TR Genetic CookBook

                          Amethyst Bud = Super skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herer ???
                          Amethyst Bud = Lavender x Afghani Hawaiian
                          Apocalypse = Blue Kiev x Apollo 11
                          Apollo 11 = C'99 x Genius / [shivaskunk x JH f2] x shivaskunk
                          Apollo 13 = C'88 x Genius [10% Shiva Skunk]
                          Avalon = Afghani x Blueberry
                          B-52 = White Widow x LionHeart
                          Belladonna = SuperSkunk x ???
                          Big Bud = Skunk #1 x Afghani
                          Black Bubble = Black Domina x Bubblegum x ???
                          Black Domina
                          Black Goo = Blue Bubble Juice [male] x Black Bubble
                          Black Mamba = Blue Bubble Juice x Black Domina
                          Black Russian = Cherry Ak47 x SomAblaze Blackberry
                          Black Spice = Silver Spice x G13 x Black Widow
                          Black Widow = Brazilian Sativa x South Indian hybrid
                          Blockhead = SWT#3 x ???
                          Blue Bubblejuice = blue rocker x bubble juice
                          Blue Goo = blue bubble juice x double g(g13hpx gum13)
                          Blue Haze = Original Homegrown Haze x original BlueBerry
                          Blue Hen = greenhouse SSH x DP Blueberry
                          Blue Hun = Blue Hen x BGS Blue Russian
                          Blue Kiev = AK47 x BGS Blue Russian
                          Blue Rocket = ???Cherry AK47 x blueberry x Juicy Fruit???
                          Blue Russian = orignal Blue Hen x Juicy Russian
                          Blue Satellite = Blueberry Sativa x Swt#2 male
                          Blue Thunder = Blueberry x Matanuska Tundra
                          Blue Thunder 13 = Blue Hen {female} x MrNice G13HP {male}
                          Blue Velvet = Purple Thai[Oaxaca Gold x Chocolate Thai] x Afghani male
                          Blue Widow = White Widow{male} x Blueberry{female}
                          Blueberry = Juicy Fruit(highland) Thai x Afghani male
                          BOG Lifesaver = [Jacks cleaner x DJ Short's Blueberry] x Bogbubble x Bogbubble
                          BOG BogBubble = WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum
                          BOG L.S.D = [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X Subcools JCB] X NYCD
                          BOG BoggleGum = [whitelabel BG x BC Seed Co NL#5] x BG x BG x BG
                          BOG Grape Punch = [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X NL5] X [(WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X Subcools JCB]
                          BOG Sour Bubble = [WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum] X [WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum]
                          BOG Sweet Cindy99 = SWT#3 X C99 f2
                          BOG Blue Moon Rocks = (WL Bubblegum X WL Bubblegum) X BlueMoon [not bluemoonshine]
                          BubbleGum = The lineage is Big Skunk with some NL#5 [source = medicine man/OG]
                          Bubbleberry = Bubblegum[female] x Blueberry[male]
                          Bubblefunk = NL#5 x Bubbleberry
                          Bubblejuice = Juicy fruit x bubblegum
                          Bubba Kush
                          Buddha = Northern Lights x Shiva x Skunk
                          California Orange = Thai x [Afghani x Acapulco Gold]
                          Cherry Melon = Cherry Ak47 x Jack Candy
                          Chocolate Chunk
                          Chronic = NL x Afghan x NL / NL x Big Bud x Afghan
                          Cinderella 99 = ShivaSkunk x [sensi Jack Herer x Jack Herer]
                          Citrus Skunk = Skunk #1 x California Orange
                          CondoLeeza =
                          Cotton Candy = Afghani x Haze
                          Cotton Candy = Afghani ?? x Blueberry ?? [federation knock-off of SWT#3]
                          Critical Mass = Afghani x Original Skunk #1
                          Delta 9 = Isis [female] x Flo [male]
                          DNL = RFK X Hawaiian
                          Double Bubble = Black Bubble x Double G
                          Double G = Gum13 x G13HP
                          DSD =
                          Early Pearl = Early Girl x Polly {polyanna}
                          Endless Sky = Iranian Indica x Grenadine
                          Firecracker = A Willem's Wonder-dominate Willie D male pollinated two Willem's-dom pheno Willie D girls
                          Five O = NL#5 x Hawaiian Indica
                          Flo = Purple Thai[Oaxaca Gold x Chocolate Thai] x Afghani male
                          Four Way = 25% Indica, 25% Ruderalis, 25% Northern Lights and 25% Skunk #1
                          Fuma con Diablo[dios] = Skunk #1 [mother] x Pure Original Haze [father]
                          Gainesville Green [Micanopy Moonbeam]
                          Ghaze = G13 clone X Uber Candy Haze
                          Glass Slipper = C99 x ???
                          Grapefruit = This is a 75% C’99 x 25% strong fruity sativa??? /steve says it was a clone only...
                          Great White Shark = White Widow x Super Skunk
                          Green Giant = BigBud [female] x Shiva Skunk [male]
                          Green Spirit = DP Big Bud x DP Skunk #1
                          Haze = Thai x Columbian x mexican x vietnamese?
                          Heavy Duty Fruity = Killin Garberville {male} x [Mendocino Hash Plant x Seattle Big Bud] {female}
                          Hollands Hope = Afghani x Skunk
                          HOG = Kush x Afghani
                          Ice Princess = Cindy '99 {female} x GreenHouse White Widow {male}
                          Jacks Cleaner = Jack Herer x Lemon Thai
                          Jack Flash
                          Jack Herer = Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5 x Haze
                          Jackie O = Jack Candy (@ 87.5% line-bred) x Cali-Orange (also @ 87.5% line-bred)
                          Juicy Fruit = Golden Triangle Thai x Afghani [or] Kush
                          Juicy Russian = Juicy Fruit X AK47
                          Kali Mist = Haze x Skunk hybrid / cambodian sativa x silver haze
                          Klitschkov = Blue Kiev x Sudden Impact
                          Killer Queen = Airborne G13 x C99
                          Killin' Garberville = Hawaiian Sativa x Afghani
                          L.A. Confidential = OG Kush x Afghani
                          Lavender = Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani-Hawaiian
                          Leda Uno = [K.C.33 x Brazillian sat.] x [K.C.606 x LEDA] male
                          Legends Ultimate Indica = Ortega x Sweet Tooth #2
                          Lemon Kush = Master Kush x Lemon Joy
                          Lemon Skunk = Citrus Skunk x Skunk #1
                          Love Potion #1 = colombian gold x G-13 sativa pheno
                          Mango = [KC special select x KC33] x Afghani
                          Maple Leaf Indica = Female Ortega15 x Sam afghan skunk X male Skunk 18.5
                          Mazar = {afghani skunk} Afghani x Skunk #1
                          Mendocino Madness
                          Mighty Haze Candy = NCGA Mighty Chemo Widow x Über Candy Haze female
                          Mr Nice = G-13 x Hash Plant
                          Mullimbimby Madness
                          Neville's Haze = Thai x Colombian with a 1/4 NL#5
                          New York City Diesel = Diesel Bagseed (probably orig, not sour) X (Afghani X Hawaiian)
                          Northern Berry = NL5 x Blueberry
                          Northern Lights = Thai x Afghani
                          Northern Lights #2 = hindu kush x thai
                          Northern Lights #5
                          Northern Lights #9
                          Orangina = blue bubble juice x DP Cali-O [female]
                          Orange Crush = AE77 CaliO X DJ Shorts Blueberry
                          Orange Spice = Double G x DP WW male
                          Original Diesel = (SensiNL X MassSuperSkunk) X Dawg/Chem
                          Original Gangsta Kush = White Lable Bubble Gum X Sensi Seed Hindu Kush
                          Ortega Indica #1 = Ortega Indica x Kush Hybrid 1.2
                          Peak 19 = Matanuska Tundra x Stonehedge
                          Princess = [NL x Haze] x Skunk Female x ??? male
                          RFK = NL X Shiva
                          Romulan = (Federation) California X [White Whino X White Rhino]
                          Rosetta Stone
                          S.A.G.E = [sativa???] x Haze x Afghani
                          Shiskeberry = [Red & Yellow Afghani's] x Dj Short Blueberry [male]
                          Shit = 3/4 skunk 1/4 Afghani [same as super skunk???]
                          Shiva Shanti 2 = Garlic Bud x Afghani x Skunk x ???
                          Shiva Skunk = Nevils NL #5{basic 5} x Skunk #1 [male]
                          Silver Haze{sensi} = Silver Pearl x Haze
                          Silver Pearl = Early Pearl x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights
                          Silver Spice = Endless Sky x Orange Spice
                          Skunk = Columbian Gold x [Afghani x Acapulco Gold]
                          Skunk{sacred seeds co.} = afghani x columbian x thai
                          Sour Diesal = Mass.Super Skunk x Chem {dawg}
                          Sour Diesel = [(SensiNL X MassSuperSkunk) X Dawg/Chem] X DNL
                          Sour Saver = [Sour Diesel 1.5 x Lifesaver] x [Sour Saver v1 x Lifesaver] x Sour Saver v1 x Sour Saver v1
                          SSSC M39 = [Basic #5] northern light #5 X skunk #1
                          Strawberry Cough = Strawberry Fields x Haze
                          Strawberry Spice = Strawberry Cough x Jabberwocky
                          StoneHedge = Cambodian x Western Winds
                          Sudden Impact = mr nice g-13 hp(male)sensi '99 x ak47(cherry pheno) serious seeds '97
                          Sugar Blossoms = white widow [lemon pheno] x ???
                          Sugar Blossoms = Genius female[ JH x unknown sisters] [genius, princess, and cafe girl] X shanti's white widow male
                          Sugar Klingon = [Bubblegum x O.Sag Blueberry x Aloha 98 widow]klingonberry x Fig Widow Queen[Fig Skunk x Aloha 98 Widow x C99]
                          Super Haze = Super Skunk{female} x [nl#5 x haze female]
                          Super Silver Haze = [NL x Nevilles Haze] x [Skunk x Nevilles Haze]
                          Super Silver Haze{greenhouse} = Super Skunk x Silver Pearl x Haze
                          Super Skunk = Afghani x Skunk #1
                          Star Gazer = endless sky x bubbleberry male
                          Sweet Tooth = Sweetpink Grapefruit x Blueberry {male} x Grapefruit f1 {backcrossed to mother}
                          T.N.T = [Northern Lights x Skunk] x [Afghani #1] x [Afghani x Skunk]
                          TRC Devestator = Garlic Bud x Skunk
                          TRC Devestation = [Shiva {garlic bud} x Afghani] x Skunk
                          TRC Tarantula = ???
                          TRC Texas Mystic = Alaskan Trainwreck x Sweet Tooth #4
                          The Pure = This is the original Skunk#1
                          The Real McCoy = Haze x Skunk [60/40]
                          Trainwreck = Afghani x [Lowland Thai x Mexican/columbian]
                          Tropicana#1 = Tropical Treat mother (mostly Colombian) X Sweet Tooth BX2 P1
                          Uber Candy Haze = Vietnamese Black x White Widow Thai and the Hawaiian x Neville's Haze
                          Ultimate Moonshine = LUI x Blue Moonshine
                          White Haze = ??Juicy Widow x Blue Hen??
                          White Rhino = White widow x Afghani
                          White Russian = Ak47 x White Widow
                          White Widow = Brazilian x Indian
                          White Widow = First Lady{mullimbimby madness} x Shiva Skunk
                          Willie D = William's Wonder X NYC Diesel f1
                          Wonderberry = Bubbleberry x Williams Wonder


                          Forum Celebrities:

                          Budder from another Mother = Hollands Hope / California Orange
                          Breeder: DoobieDuck (ICMAG)

                          Kojak = Jack Herer X Killer Queen
                          Breeder: Budbrain (CW) [by:ISM]

                          Limon = [Double Sour Diesel v2 (ECSD pheno) x Citral] x [Double Sour Diesel v2 (ECSD pheno) x Citral] x Citral
                          Breeder: Zeppelindood (ICMAG)

                          Rainbow #4 = [Hawaiian Indica x Afghani] x [Hawaiian Indica x Afghani] x [Hawaiian Indica x Afghani] x [Hawaiian Indica x Afghani] x Sour Bubble 1.0
                          Breeder: Zeppelindood (ICMAG)

                          Sour Cali = [Trainwreck x Sour Diesel 1.5] x [Trainwreck x Sour Diesel 1.5]
                          Breeder: Zeppelindood (ICMAG)


                          This Strain Lineage Has Been Updated and Complied By:
                          Copyright ©2005 Tropical Rainforest
                          [so If I see this printed in any mag other than ICMAG ,And Im not credited for my time spent,when I see you....oooh.......aaah......ou ch!]
                          Spread the Info like Seed!
                          Or refer Others to this post please!


                            Soooo much misinformation in this thread.



                              Originally posted by Tropical Rain View Post
                              The TR Genetic CookBook

                              Jeez... that's a very handy list Sam. Invaluable basic guide for us committed dabblers. On file in Word as a handy reference. Kudo's to Mr TropicalRain for putting in the time. Muchos gracious.
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