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question for sam the skunkman on the original haze

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    I know thia was comeing here in the 60s and posibly was here before then also.

    Pot in Sixties Australia
    Although prohibitionists like to claim that today’s hydroponic pot is twenty times
    stronger than the ‘gentle’ pot of the 1960s, the truth is that the sixties were the
    Golden Age for smuggling, and exotic pot like Buddha sticks, Sumatran Red,Durban Poison, Maui Wowie and Lebanese hash were common. Police and customs
    were unfamiliar with pot, and there were many surfies, hippies and ethnic
    businessmen willing to give smuggling a go.

    One Lebanese man related how he smuggled a kilo of hash into Australia
    wrapped in Alfoil. He was searched by Customs, his suitcase opened, and the
    package unwrapped. ‘What’s this?’ the Customs man asked. ‘It’s Lebanese food,’
    said the young smuggler. ‘We eat it all the time back home! Would you like to try
    some?’ Disgusted by the powerful smell of this ‘Lebanese food’, the Customs officer
    quickly rewrapped the hash and shut the suitcase!

    In the sixties, the regime of prohibition in Australia was low and the pot scene
    was devoid of the criminal element that would become pervasive after 1976. It was
    run by amateurs, young people who were drug enthusiasts themselves.

    Back in the ‘good old days of the counter-culture’, marijuana dealers were
    regarded by most smokers as Robin Hood types, romantic urban outlaws
    bringing the good stuff to the people. Some money was made by these
    dealers but we assumed the prime motivating force was the spirit of a new
    consciousness, not merely the carrot of fiscal reward.

    Much of sixties drug-taking was purely ‘experimental’ and ‘safe’. For sixties
    counter-cultural youth, addictive drugs like heroin and speed were ‘uncool’ and the
    ‘hippie dealers’ would not touch heroin; providing an effective border against heroin
    expansion, which the criminal takeover needed to smash. The good sense of this
    drug taking was encouraged by the underground press, which published many wellinformed
    articles, including interviews with leading drug researchers like Timothy
    Leary. Under current censorship laws, much of this content would be illegal today.

    Found this in my search for pics of thia sticks / or as they were also called Buddha sticks.


      I have no idea if they are really Thai or African, I know ojd grew some of the seeds out and got very sativa plants that certainly looked like Thai. However, I would not be surprised if it turned out to be African. There has been some other lightly pressed weed doign the rounds too that I thought was African, very few seeds and reminded me a lot of the Swazi and Durban types I've grown in taste and high, it had that aniseed-licourice type taste you get with a lot of South Africans.

      Forgot to mention, that's Elevator Man's pic of the Thai stick, the one I had was identical. The high of these sticks wasn't the skyscraper rushing high I associate with the Thai I used to get in the 90s when I had a really awesome connection for SE Asian pot - a friend of the family ran a business importing hand made furniture from places like Thailand, Bali, Indonesia etc. and with each container load of furniture, a few kilos of exotic ganja arrived. It was very rare to find seeds and they were hardly ever viable, I anaged to grow no more than a dozen plants in 5 years and never got any of them to flower properly in my greenhouse as I was only growing outdoors back then. I suppose the high of the sticks is similar to some African weed I've smoked, beign a milder, more happy, smily high. Then again, it's all just guesswork and it could be from anywhere, as long as I can find a good female from the seeds I'll be happy.

      The Mexican was one of only 4 seeds that germed, one was a full-on hermie, three were females so I suspect the seeds may have been formed from hermie pollen, certainly two of the three females produced a small umber of male flowers, mybe all three did and I never noticed. The three females all formed huge flowers and had very similar tastes and smells, they had similar leaves and structures too, the differences were in the density and calyx to leaf ratio of the flowers. The best pheno and the one I've kept as cuts produces bug, dense buds with little leaf, one of the other females was very similar but more leafy, the third also produced very large floral clusters but the buds themselves were very airy with the calyxes in thin strings. The really special things about it are the enormous yield and the high which is extremely clear and speedy, it's unlike any other cannabis I've smoked and I grow pretty much just sativas, so I'm used to a veriety of sativa highs. It's really racy, heart-pounding, energising and smily, fantastic social weed, always gets the party going. I like to mix it with a more complex, psychedelic sativa like Zamal x Neville's Haze for a really cerebral experience. I won't smoke this Mexican in the evenings if I want to sleep though, it's too active a buzz. Great for when you want to get things done though. Takes 14 weeks indoors, looks done at 10 but keeps producing a few more calyxes and the triches don't start turning cloudy until 12 weeks. I have no idea if it's a pure Mexican or if it's been polluted with commercal genes. The seeds came from brick weed I smoked in Cancun in 2005 that really blew my head off and caused me to have all kinds of auditory hallucinations. Back at New Year some friends and I were alternatig bong rips of this Mexican with shots of Tequila and we got absolutely wasted rather too quickly but it was fun! I think I'm really fortunate to have found a pheno that will produce the same speedy high when grown indoors under lights, gives me hope of finding more exceptional females from these sorts of seeds in the future, and I'm crazy/stupid/devoted enough to keep growing out seeds from faraway exotic places in hope! lol

      I have been pretty lucky in the last year with finding exceptional phenos from seeds brought back to the UK from exotic places, just before I found the Mexican I grew some seeds brought back from Afghanistan and they produced very purple plants with a very big yield and a lovely sweet hashish taste. I'm currently growing out some of the purple Aghan seeds I made to find a good purple male to cross to the Mexican. This Afghan has a heady buzz with no couchlock at all, you feel the effects in the front of your head first, I liken it to the feeling your forehead is turning to ice.

      If I've learnt one thing in the last year it's that really interesting, unique plants aren't all that difficult to find, you've just got to be prepared to search trough seeds to find them. Maybe I got really lucky, finding two in a year, maybe it just shows you what can be found if only you look.
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        Originally posted by Sam_Skunkman
        To be honest the purple Hazes were maybe stronger but not as clear or as up and high. I liked the lime greens with maybe a bit of Thai blood. I do remember a med dark purp Haze that tasted just like root beer, amazing. I also had a Kerala that tasted just like Vics Metholated it was Camphor for sure, strong as hell but not as clear as I like.
        I grew mex seeds from a bag of weed in 1965.
        Sam, hope you dont mind me illustrating the thread with this OT Haze picture as some questions about purple hazes (not feeling spamming pls, last intention here). Although female was rejected due earliness (14 weeks) and potency among other traits, colors came naturally in early flowering stages. Some others individuals have shown colors in different steps. While others always kept lime green.

        Effect of purples is more embriagating (sic) to me, like if you are more drunk than high. Much more berry/incience flavoured.


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          haze colors

          I never heard of you before reading this thread, but I'm not a breeder and am just entering the growing world. This has definitely been an educational thread.
          Anyhow, I was hoping you could clarify a few things about the different colors of haze. I had always thought they were haze crossed with some other strain (i'm a n00b), but they are actually just different phenos of your Original Haze? This kinda confuses me because I would think that the Original Haze you selected would be very stable and would not express many phenos, especially since you say it's a good breeding strain. Thanks for any clarification!
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            "sam can u describe the ohaze smell n taste?"

            Fruity, Sweet & Sour, Rootbeer, Cola, Chocolate, very /resinous hashy smell and taste.

            " It seems to me like there are lots of different kinds to be found in original haze."

            OHaze was fairly consistant as F1's but by the time it was f5 and above it segregated out into many different related lines.

            I have not worked Original Haze as much as tried to save it, I collected as much seed as I could in the early 70's grew them and did free pollinations and did minimal selection to ensure I saved as many genes as I could. That was in the 70's & 80's now I have clones for the last 20 years. My O Haze is not done being worked on that is why I tell people to use it as breeding materials.



              Man it sucks that TFD is the only place that carries authentic O Haze. With 10,000 males alone used for your line, and then to a 1:1 cross from TFD, haha.


                hmmmm well I asked seedsman a while ago and this was his reply. I have always been happy with the correspondance and information he has provided. I am only posting this correspondance as I am sure he would give this info to anyone who asked.

                Most of our Seedsman strains are bred by Sam the Skunkman.
                However, Nothern Lights, Hash Plant and Afghani No 1 come from growers in
                Holland who have access to the original genetics brought over from the USA.
                We get our African Sativa strains from growers in Africa.
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                  The Flying Dutchmen said that the seeds they sell are from Sam and haven't been crossed. (Original Haze)
                  Your best you try, to harm I and I, Aiming to kill.
                  But I love you still Cause you are here to make prophecy fulfill.



                    WE have grown it long time ago in the college, not the easiest to grow.
                    I personally do not remember TFD mentioning a 12+weeks flowering cycle, but keep in mind that the written articles are not always 100%correct.
                    The one in the college we could harvest from the 15th/16th week as far as i remember and we could harvest for a good two-three weeks.
                    When i worked in their shop we always mentioned to our customers that the OHaze is better for breeding than growing for bud, but as Sam mentioned earlier, the OHaze is an almost guarantee to make a cross better.
                    It certainly raised the THC levels in a couple of strains we worked with.

                    I guess it is about time that someone starts growing a dozen of these beans.
                    Dont panic, its organic


                      Are there any specific traits in the Original haze that make a good parent plant that one should look out for?
                      Your best you try, to harm I and I, Aiming to kill.
                      But I love you still Cause you are here to make prophecy fulfill.


                        Another info pack,that should be stickied SAM!

                        Oh' boy it is alot of reading for SAM to reply folks??
                        Myself i always have troubles repling to everyone?

                        Just like to say,i to have grown quite a few thais and had a very great
                        yielding strain ounce but as SHIT CAN HAPPEN they got stolen...........
                        Possibly the worst thing that can happen to your work,and its happened
                        MORE THAN OUNCE! i HATE THEIVES......but i know thais haha!!
                        ramble ramble....but also had a great deal of troubles dealing with herms?
                        Herms of all kinds,early and very late,,,,,pissed me off to the limit?????
                        Matter of fact i just tossed my 18 years thai cross that STILL hermed.
                        Those where cool plants they had chocolate and spicy flavors,tried for
                        years to breed out the herms but ended up crossing them to hell......

                        NOW those new thai sticks posted here,i have 4 great looking plants!!!!
                        Look pretty close to thais from here in my outdoor grow spot........
                        Very excited to see what the final product is like,and THANKS El man!
                        Will post them in the outdoor forum soon for those who care to follow..
                        There way bigger than all my other strains growing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Must say SAM,we have alot in common about flavors types of highs an such
                        things as growing thousands of plants hahaha i to have seen possibly every
                        kind of flavors and growth patterns that is known in cannabis plants!!!!!!!!!!!
                        Oops i think i said i started in 74 growing,well i threw down some MEX and columbians
                        but they never finished in time but they got HUGE up north!!!
                        Started really growing in 77' and this summer will be 31 years of growing...

                        Folks it is truely COOL to have informitive threads like this one,but please try
                        and not take things so personal SAM told me to wise up ounce too?????
                        Amoung other things.....but my old breeding practices where all i had???
                        Crossing sometimes but inbreeding mostly,and i still believe that using lots
                        of parents for breeding is way better than bottle necking them off.........
                        But that is the way get strains out of weed,the problem is we are getting
                        rid of very unique genetics to never be found again.......oh well as all things.

                        What amazes me about cannabis is that,there can be millions of flavors
                        of this earths aromas and tastes that can be bread from weed...........
                        MAN its too bad that the weed cant be legal to grow and breed safely
                        and by large groups of scientists and grower/farmers,the possible finds
                        are endless it has to be the most wonderfull breeding plant in the WORLD!

                        My old fun hobby was to grow out from bagseed bricks of mex a while back!
                        MAN i had found some of the BEST weed here and there and sold off the shit?
                        But BOY do i miss the old HUGE thai plants i had,they use to fall over from the
                        weight and almost touch the ground i have it on video somewhere????????????

                        Since where on the haze subject,i would like to know where KCbrains got this
                        sativa that takes an incredable amount of time to flower i believe S.America??
                        Well i have bread that bitch to my PINE#5 and to 2 very full skunk males!!!!!!!
                        The cross should be killer,but that KC sativa probely takes 9 months to flower?
                        and 12 FULL months to finish flowering..........she had the old woody spice with
                        a long lasting bodybuzz like the old days of weed!!!!...point being back in my
                        days ive always seen that the longer the plant grows the more potent!!!!
                        Always even in afghans,i have some really long flowering HUGE ganni's that
                        i have and made crosses of that came from cali probily,but NOT like my old
                        REAL afghans that where just the best plants ive ever grown and smoked!
                        GOT STOLEN ALSO,my mistake i left them to long in the wild to finish seeds?
                        Believe me folks the SEEDS hwere as BIG as your pinky nail surface HUGE!!!
                        offtopic but a historical ramble huh!

                        SAM i always liked the lime green pheno's too!!! sativa lines an clear buzz!
                        This is such a good sativa thread im going to add a pic of my best sativa!!
                        Ramble ramble......let me look,be back folks!
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                          Originally posted by Limeygreen
                          The Flying Dutchmen said that the seeds they sell are from Sam and haven't been crossed. (Original Haze)
                          But the thing is the price. TFD 65 Euros and Seedsman 22 Euros. And both of them carry Sams O.Haze.
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                            greatly appreciated sam

                            wow sounds like a taste of heaven. rootbeer n cola r 2 flavs ive not yet experienced. but the combo of the flavs got my mouth watering .a hashy taste in my pot is somthing im a big fan of .surprised to hear as part of the description in taste. but now more than ever do i wish to experience ohaze.
                            in NYC around my way we say if it anint church it anint fire
                            more incense and less nonsense


                              Well instead,of posting old pics here?

                              Ill do my own thread on some great sativa....
                              Just excited to here MORE on the roots of WEED!!!
                              Go sammy go.................

                              The man knows alot,but i will say this he is NOT the only one
                              to have old sativas and keep seed stocks plenty of vets do!!!
                              Dont matter if its a particular strain or a family gene pool.......
                              THEIR out THERE believe me!
                              off to the ultimate sativa thread i go,wanna see me in 83'


                                Originally posted by Ganico
                                Man it sucks that TFD is the only place that carries authentic O Haze. With 10,000 males alone used for your line, and then to a 1:1 cross from TFD, haha.

                                You are right, to some extent. In 2001 I grew three packs of the TFD Original Haze and got just green hay. All of the flowers produced were given away, and no cuttings were kept. Some pollen was used with mixed results. I'm sure its in part from poor selection and in part removal of heterosis. I ran 20 seeds of Tom Hill's original haze last year and it is quite good though. It also has a share of hay producers, but even the worst plants were superior to the best from TFD, making the search for good plants much more rewarding. I have yet to hear of anyone getting and blue phenos but CBF got some gold, reddish purple, and dark purple phenos, in a relatively small population. I don't know if the OT1 haze is technically a haze or not, but it also produces various phenos.

                                I'm about to do a population of 140 of the original seeds from Tom outdoors with light cycle control, should be very interesting. Anyways, my point is that Tom's haze is still available from time to time at seedbay.
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