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question for sam the skunkman on the original haze

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    Originally posted by marijuanamat
    Id say a metal halide would be best or MH/HPS combo and a few high UV-b T5 reptile or a Ultra-vitalux 300w UV-b lights to mimic the high UV-b of the tropics.
    Interesting stuff Mat haven't tried Ultra-vitalux but have been recommended the reptile iights b4 by a friend Stateside. I think I might have to take your advice on that one as I have quite a lot of landrace seeds and mostly Sat croosses from the 90's (that I thought were lost) to get through this year.
    Thanks 4 the inspiration,thats what I love about this forum,so much great knowledge being thrown about! JBo
    "To maintain or breed a Landrace you need a minimum of 2,000 plants 1,000 females, 1,000 males or every reproduction you will lose genes and be working with a slice of the variety not the landrace.Cannabis is a Heterogenous Dioecious Obligate Outcrosser.It is easy to make seeds, hard to breed correctly". -SamS.
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      To be honest I get clues from veg growth but it is the smells that help me decide keepers vs tossed, that and smoking the finished results.



        Are you a stem rubber ?? :wink:

        This how we pick males... by isolating the best of the bunch on phyllotaxy and leaf patterns,, then rubbing the stems to find out which one holds the minerals. It's a b/s way of predicting the outcome of recessive genes in lineage,, but keeps us busy during the winter months :wink:

        Rogue plants -

        Q. How common are rogue plants in Haze (and Skunk) lineage?

        We'd sometimes find a throwback in the Haze#19xSkunk patch,, maybe 1 : 200 female plants. These rogues were slightly shorter than the "Haze types" with candles of bracts that towered up on themselves. Characteristically these single plants stood out from all the other hybrids from the same family group in the garden.

        The rogues had a thick creamy smoke and was some of the best ganja we ever cropped n smoked. Jah bless all involved.,

        ? / erb roots culture peace love unity




          Thanks for the input on light spectrum fellas, I'm gonna run these first Thais with just the HPS and see what happens, I can then experiement further with the cuts of them at a later date, adding in CFLs to add other parts of the spectrum. I'm curious to see what effects adding a UV-B bulb would have too.


            Originally posted by Sam_Skunkman
            To be honest I get clues from veg growth but it is the smells that help me decide keepers vs tossed, that and smoking the finished results.

            nice sam, every once in awhile ill be lookin at a seed batch in veg, and say to myself that one looks like it will be a good one, sometimes they are, others times, there not.

            id imagine over many years with the same seedline you get pretty good at pickin what is what in a grow.

            thanks for your input. i know you have answered the same ol questions time and again, but for some of us that werent around early in the game, hearin from you on many different lines is great.

            i think to myself, you must be sittin there readin some of the posts growers post, and just shakin your head at times. prolly get a good chuckle now and again

            take care


              Hello again Sam, I purchased some OHaze from Seedsman and I just started germinating. I was wondering if OHaze was hypersensitive to fertilizer, b/c I've seen pics of hazes (not original haze) whose leaves start to curl up when given a very slight overdose? Also, the only way I will be able to flower OHaze is from clone, b/c my flower chamber is only 4.5', so, if I flowered a clone at 2-3" do you think I'll be able to finish it?
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                O haze is very senative in my experiance,same with most pure sativa's really start very low and work up from there,and you'll be fine flowering clones at a few inches high and they should end up 3-4ft at harvest.
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                  Great thread. Sam - great respect for your work and legacy. Here are some fresh cuts of Sam's OThai Haze X Skunk #1.



                    Hi Sam
                    What are your thoughts on C99 as being the "holy grail" or pinnacle of indoor/practical hazes? Of course, this strain, as all others that are germane, stand on your shoulders. If you say you don't have enough experience with this strain, I'm gonna have to insist you come back to Cali again



                      Moreover, my question really is "how does this modern incarnation jive with your lifelong vision of making hazes accessible?" I know there's no absolute and many varieties, but I'd be interested to hear your comments about Mr. Soul's abilities... Thanks and much respect.


                        Nice question cinderella99.


                          I have never grown it.


                            C99 is a good 8 week sativa dom hybriod but it's light years away from a true sativa high, a pure or near pure sativa has a much different effect than something like C99 which has a lot of indica genes too.


                              Yeah, I agree that C99 wasn't really a sativa high. The C99 I had finished in only 8 weeks, but the yield and potency were both on the low side compared to the Haze pheno of Mothers Finest. The difference in yield was huge. Mothers Finest gave me nice fat buds, several times heavier than the wispy little C99 buds, after only two extra weeks of bloom. I wish I still had that mom. It was my favorite indoor sativa by far. I have heard good things from other strains too, like SAGE n Sour Diesel from THSeeds.


                                What happened to the the Hindu Kush thread ? please tell me it didn t get binned .....