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question for sam the skunkman on the original haze

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    have been growin a Haze from TomHill for a bit, and grew some of the OT1 offerin as well.

    imo i dont think they resemble each other very much, as the OT1 is more of what i would call a jungle sativa, with the bird cage type of bud. they look like they yield well, but the bud is real stringy with very small calyx along the runners. Toms haze has large calyx, and the bud has some density to it, were the OT1 is like a limp brillo pad, feelin.

    much longer to sex then THOHaze, 6 to 8 wks as opposed to the normal 2 to 3 wks of the THOHaze. i have found a few plants from Toms offerin that require 11/13 or 10/14 to flip, but its a very small % of plants, compared to OT1s, which i dont think would flip under 12/12.

    OT1s haze i was at 22/24 weeks before i called it quits. they were still makin pistils with no end in sight. just to much for me indoors.

    over the years, from Sam, posi, and Tom, the Haze could very well have changed in appearence, i dont know personally.

    im not sayin that the OT1 is not haze, im not sayin it aint worth a rip either, just sayin i dont feel like there the same.

    have had many different straight sativa plants come thru here, and ive seen this jungle bud many times, in columbian, panama, lemon thai, dalat, and from my experience not all that great a smoke.

    then again some sativas do well here, others dont. personally i do not like that type of bud. pretty much from the first plants i ever grew(KC Brains sativas) i cant deal those those jungle gals.



      Another nostalgia pic Lou Keep sharing em if you got em!

      These "Ask Skunkman a question" threads seem to provide great amount of information! I think I have to read these threads from beginning to end tomorrow.. Thanks for contributors
      Keep It Green & Growing But Don´t Forget The Smokin!
      Peace Out Growers!

      Fly Free Angel!!!

      My hash/oil thread
      African Strains
      Testing my cross: Neville´s Haze x Purps
      Some Blockhead pix & macros


        Thanks guys,here's a couple more shots.



          Originally posted by Sam_Skunkman
          As far as I know Purple Haze was about Owsley acid sweet purple tabs, maybe. But for sure it is not Purple Haze pot.

          A true story is that Moby Grape lead guitar Jerry Miller, after Moby Grape ended, started a band in Santa Cruz called the Original Haze it was named after his favorite pot.


          y, can recall something akin to a "Sweetart" candy with a purple "splotch" in
          the middle was lucky enough to get hands on circa '66 or '67.

          Strawberry fields forevah ....

          Agree that any ssh should improve most female Indica blood clones ,
          on this would
          like to hear more ...

          Some recent indoor SSH i grew out from clone , i think was
          from MNS seedstck:

          pure sweetness , wicked potent :

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            Originally posted by British_Hempire
            . However, this bong was packed with lovely 'gold seal squidgy black' (I'm sure a lot of Brits remember that stuff with fond memories. I still vividly remember the exhale of that first bong hit, how my shoulders sagged as the smoke left my nostrils and a lovely warm bodystone set in i kicked back and decided there and then I had found my intoxicant of choice.
            Yeah the Gold seal I remember it well,It was around from about '89 round my way,til I last saw some in the mid 90's. I did however smoke the exact same thing in Dam a few times at a coffeeshop whose name escapes me and that was '98 and thats the last time I saw any of it!
            There was a similar but less squidgy variety that appeared just after the gold did.It always had various gold stamps on it like Camels and Elephants etc(Supposed to be Egyptian but never confirmed). But seemed to be same puff everytime I got some give or take the freshness.It was crumblier but still bubbled and fizzed a little when heated.Not as nice as the gold seal,with a slightly strange fermented flavour but V.strong anyway.
            My fave was always the Redseal particularly what was around from '86 til about '94 on and off. But during '88 to 92'' it was consistently good and available($65 an ounce) and I would say was the best quality,most consistently available 'Commercial' hashish I ever had the pleasure to taste(I used to smell older people smoking it from when I was about 13yrs old and it just smelled so beautiful,like fresh flowers and toffee!)or experience!
            But the 'Comm Hash' I liked best overall but couldn't buy consistently was the 'Red Lebanese' that I was procuring in '89-'91 from a friends dad. Now that was special stuff,Slabs came Muslin Wrapped and product was Almost Terracotta in colour it had the most beautiful fluffy texture(but not like that Grey/brown 'Slate Leb' which also fluffed but in an unnatural way)when heated. It had the nicest 'body-stone of any Canna I have tried but with a Cerebral, buzzy,almost speedy initial hit(£70-90 per oz).I would swap my own Grandmother for a slab of that s--t now!(If u r on the forum Nan...Sorry I'm just kidding I'd want at least 2 slabs 4 ya!) JBo
            P.S. I've just sparked a joint of a friends Hindu Kush(not a hybrid) and it smells & tastes like yellow Grapefruit with a sharp aftertaste like rind! I've not smelt this B4 in Kush and its really thrown me as I've grown it a few times and never had a GF pheno b4 or anything like it! Anyone had Grapefruity Hindu Kush B4? Lemme know! Thanks J
            P.P.S. Great Pics CHARLIE GARCIA!
            "To maintain or breed a Landrace you need a minimum of 2,000 plants 1,000 females, 1,000 males or every reproduction you will lose genes and be working with a slice of the variety not the landrace.Cannabis is a Heterogenous Dioecious Obligate Outcrosser.It is easy to make seeds, hard to breed correctly". -SamS.
            IC 420 Cup 2017 Growers Cup-Mostly Sativa

            1st place- "Ting" by Londinium

            3rd place- "Chilton Lime's" by Londinium


              Thanks Ras.....

              Nope Bigherb,unfortunately the girl got frosted dead.
              On Xmas day in 83' way down south here,i had a thick
              plastic cover on it but the temps went into the 20's......

              DAMN I MISS HER,that shit was so good i held on to a bud
              for 2 full years just looking and smelling it untill i smoked it.....
              The resins where so packed on it like hash,and hash lasts for ever!!!
              Wish i had this to offer to everybody so they can all see what REAL WEED
              does to you......sorry i was young?.....but HAPPY!!!
              REALLY GOOD Xmas present that year.......

              BH,good story it adds to the history of things......

              More nice BLOOD shots JLP sweet!!


                Hi All

                well I read alot of this thread but not all.I also do not feel to try to prove or disprove things that have reached mythological levels due to posts made by people where no one who was there at the time can support or disprove. Let's say the origins of the bible were written by someone, and as they got rewritten and passed on down the ages, new lines of thought came into play and lead to new fractions a similar belief. We seem to be evolving the same way. So let's say there was more than one person involved in making every line that has lead us to now.

                The proof is still in the seed and the seed company's ethics if it needs to be stated. We at MNS sell seed to good and advanced growers who are interested in genetics. We are not claiming to do anything more than that.

                There is alot of passed history of all individuals that only each of them will know to be truth or fiction. There are radio reports from Holland where the questions of how certain companies acquired licenses while other native companies could not, and of course very few people have untainted passed history. The biggest differences are down to personality, and since I know both Sam , Rob Clarke, Neville, and so on and still are in contact with alot of them to this day, I believe we should say thanks to all of them for all of their hard work.

                To answer Sam claim that I was not around in the 80's in NL, I can tell you that is correct. But I was working with a group in Australia who grew the legendary strain called Mullumbimby Madness...which was and still is one of the founding base strains of my time. It was a pure sativa from inbred seed over alot of generations, of course based on selection. It is on par with anything I ever saw anywhere in the world bred or not...and makes me believe in my heart that the origins of all the Haze lines came from well selected land race sativas from the 60s and 70s. Beleive who you want but in the end most of us are only the hands of mother Nature, and she was first.

                All the best Shantibaba

                all the best,


                  and since I know both Sam , Rob Clarke, Neville, and so on and still are in contact with alot of them to this day, I believe we should say thanks to all of them for all of their hard work.
                  I second that


                    Ahh this turned into the thread it should have been right from the start. Great info folks. Those pics are awesome. Good to see Shanti chime in. Sam + Shanti = unmatched wealth of knowledge! I'd be happy with 1/2 that knowledge.


                      i have 1 freebie of the O haze x skunk #1 started vegging for 5 weeks smells very lemony high 5 , very nice taking 2 clones next week and going to find out sex, if it's a female do i ditch it to make room,i also got 4 cotton candy,2 jacks cleaner's 2,3 trainwreck, and 3 highend all from seed all unsexed looking for mothers and a very special father
                      hey man that is a toothpick


                        Great post Shanti, you really hit the nail on the head!

                        BTW, I was reading a book last night and had a good chuckle at the descriptions of people in the book, I think you'll have a wry smile at them too, so here they are....

                        The book is Cannabis Culture by Patrick Matthews, on p141 he describes meeting someone who I think must be Shantibaba:
                        At the cannabis Cup Expo I met Scott, a burly young New Zealander, talking on the phone to his colleague Nevil (it was on the Green House stand where on the previous day Howard Marks had been the visiting celebrity). Scott told me that he had been travelling for eighteen years, especially to the region where Afghanistan and Pakistan border the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, and to Brazil, and would like to make further trips, to Madagascar and Assam in Eastern India: 'I know of some particular strains of sativas out there.' The High Times article reported Nevil's trips to Pakistan, where he sent a party over top Afghanistan to bring back seeds from Mazar-i-Sharif, and to the borders of Russia and Hungary (for Cannabis ruderalis with it's clockwork-like flowering habit). Another thing that makes this seed business unique is it's prices. The most expensive seeds sold by the Green House Seed Company are 175 guilders (around £50) for thirteen. I thought this was steep. Scott shrugged: 'The work Nevil and I do we don't really get paid for. If you make something really good hopefully people don't mind paying for it.'
                        Hehe, I go with burly, but I thought Shanti was Australian? makes you wonder, when writers get basic facts like someon'es nationality wrong, what else have they got wrong? I think this clearly illustrates how the cannabis public can get the wrong end of the stick sometimes - there is a paucity of written information and it;s often innaccurate!

                        What really made me chuckle was his description of Arjan though:

                        ...the boss, Arjan, aged thrity-two, a Nordic hunk well over six foot, with shaggily-cut blond hair and frownign intelligence. Arjan will soon join his rival Ben dronkers of Sensi Seeds as one of pot's first legitimate millionaires - always supposing that he isn't one already.
                        Doesn't look like he did his research all that well as he didn't even get Sam's name right!

                        One figure who has stayed out of the limelight is the American named 'Skunk Sam' who brought seeds ofthis variety to Holland, collaborated for a time with Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds and has since disappeared from view.


                          Originally posted by British_Hempire
                          BTW, I was reading a book last night

                          really...........bro you are a readin mofo, with lots of great insight. always enjoy your posts.

                          are you BigBudda of Buddas cheese fame by chance? just wonderin, thanks


                            Hehe, if you live in the middle of nowhere like I do and are unemployed you have to find something to do and I love reading.

                            Nah, not me, my handle at overgrow was big_buddha, that was long before I'd ever heard of the other buddha and his Cheese. I;m a big guy and when I was at uni I was always the ast one to arrive at any social gatherign so always ended up sat on the floor cross-legged cos all the chairs were taken, hence I got the nickname buddha cos apparently I looked like a buddha sat there with my legs crossed and a joint in my mouth.


                              right on BH, for some reason i had the Big Buddha nick some how linked with you. yeah man been sometime since the OG days.

                              take care


                                Yeah, I'm still known as big_buddha on two small forums, some people still know me as that name, I stopped posting at OG a few months before the end cos of all the PMs I was getting from folks who thought I was the guy who made the Cheese seeds. Hence I changed the name when I joined icmag. To be honest, I don;t miss OG, I do miss the vast repository of info, but all the kiddies and negativity don't make me nostalgic! I remember that if you ever posted anything lightly contentious you would often be set upon by kiddie trolls who had yet to grow a beard yet alone a cannabis plant.