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question for sam the skunkman on the original haze

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    Originally posted by Sam_Skunkman
    Wild Sativas and Sativas cultivated for for sinsemilla like Thai have hermi problems, old time Colombian and mexican of the highest quality did not have hermi problems like you talk about.
    charlie garcia,
    "Sam have you ever brougth those worked Hazes or Thais to be grown back in Thailand for instance or in any other highland area of a different country?"

    I don't believe in taking improved western bred Cannabis to areas of traditional Cannabis cultivation, they may spread their genes around and I don't think it is good.
    BTW, Also it was 10,000 males, not 10,000 plants.
    Hiya - just my tuppence, but ex-pat farang I know who grow SE Asian cultivars in their region of origin report almost never finding hermies... even in the very old school creeper growth habit sinsi cultivars

    occasionally friends have found hermies growing out seeds picked up in tourist areas in the Gulf islands

    obviously none of the above is meant as an implied put down, it's just the info I have

    btw I think you would need to pay farmers here in order to get them to grow out western genetics...

    of course plenty of ex-pats have the odd stand of western hybrids and IBLs, but that is about the extent of it...

    and the indoor growing scene is still a very, very minor thing here - some local SE Asian smokers in the cities and on the backpacker routes are getting into the western indoor style... memory says it goes to the smoker for about $5 per g, so presumably it's a market with plenty of growth potential


      Hempy, understand my friend and know what you mean.... so at the end we better talk plants.. lets allow them to express themselves. Hope more ppl grow sativas although prohibition and artificial lights have played a big rol against them. Hope some hazes may develop here outdoors and maybe in ten years we can talk again about them as it would mean those old genetics are still alive.

      Although if I had to be worried, I will be more worried about present local commercial scenario mercenario and so few ppl growing sativas now which makes them not worthy to work them commercially. Cant be much optimistic so

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        Hiya charlie i think talking plants is the best to.

        Odly many here now are seeking bush weed as its called (out door grown sativas ) to hydro grown comercial cannabis.

        So it may spark intrest in people running more sativas out doors agine that would not of in the past but i would also love to see and hope to see more people offer more sativas of old for those that want them and offer more of a range of sativas that were comman place once.


          Have seen the RED BLOOD many many times!!!!!

          Originally posted by JLP
          Great thread guys.

          You've inspired me to germ the last 6 OH seeds I had.I tried them once before but they didn't turn out so good.These things are beasts indoors and the take about 8 weeks to even show sex.

          The last time i grew them when I topped them the sap that came out looked just like blood,it will be interesting to see if it repeats.

          Hey Sam,I think I've uncovered your top secret program-CODE NAME:

          THAT RED BLOOD has the making of some sticky resins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Seen many times in many sativas i know the red blood well........
          GOOD PIC JLP!!!....just wait till you feel the resins an smoke!!!
          This blood is what i always use to talk of in MJ plants.

          THe more that shit developes as in late growth,the more complex RESINS!
          Oh boy JLP i hope your doing a thread on them seeds?


            Yep, the red sap is supposedly why the Colombians called it Punto Rojo, and have seen it in the finer more pure leaning Punto Rojo's so I think it could be true. Possibly a sign, that perhaps a few different types of colombians were used by the bros in the haze's creation.

            Sam, what do you feel the Colombians that the Haze bros used were like? Were they longer flowering than the Thais and Indians? Have you come across any hazes which went for ten to thirteen months or more of long nights in the populations you grew, or plants which reached floral maturity and went back into vegetative growth without any change in light cycle? If so, what part of the pedigree did you feel these lean towards?
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              Hey, this could be a sticky
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                Yah sticky this and show some pics!!!!!

                Thats you SAM!!!!

                Would love to see pics of some sativas he grew?

                Here is an old 1983 PRIME SUBJECT ASIAN GIRL..

                This sucker had really dark
                RED BLOOD and i was a happy guarilla grower way back then.......


                  crazy hazy that looks sweeeet. wat was the smoke like on this asian girl . btw is this any relation to refeerman asia girl.
                  in NYC around my way we say if it anint church it anint fire
                  more incense and less nonsense


                    nice to see those pictures of old sativas Lougrew!. Not much documented and only in words. I had to develop own pictures in a black and white home laboratory in those days here.

                    In those times we called best marrocan "blond" hash like "pollen". Starting with plants only plants I saw were dropping pollen were males so... later I understood why such pollen couldnt put me high at all ha ha ha Not weed culture at all in Spain but old hippies villages in Alpujarras, canary island or Ibiza but almost nothing left here from those days.

                    So early growing results were so pathetic!

                    remember also first marrocan seeds I dropped.. those plants were huge and much more branchy and stonger structured than todays... but dont knwo if it was the common type of plants there and then.

                    here some mexicans or colombians


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                      I love those vintage pics kaiki
                      There is a land far far away, there is no night there's only day look into the book of life and you will see that there's a land far far away!

                      JAH GUIDE !


                        really nice one charlie, so thin leaf !


                          Thanks for making this info a sticky SAM!!!

                          Glad you liked my girls folks!!

                          Well yah,not much documentaion in 1974 to 80's i know?
                          MAN if i DID document most of my old sativas,that may
                          have been one cool trip threw the strains of old..........

                          Some i do have on video from 1990 to 94 seasons crops!!!
                          Be cool if i brought that tape to a ICmag festival or cup!!!!!

                          As for the smoke of the ASIAN GIRLS,believe me right now,
                          when i say NO MAN ON EARTH COULD FINISH A JOINT HIMSELF!!!
                          Hell you couldn't even smoke a joint past 1/3 the way down....
                          The damned things no matter how dry it was would just JAM UP
                          from the resins but by that time me and anyone i smoke with where gone!
                          People would sit there and shack their heads at me in disbelief.

                          THe taste was a very spicy/peppery/hashy/oily/pengent flavor!!!
                          Resin colors where the best reds and golds completely covering buds...
                          Plant height was a good 7 foot and perfectly shaped like a christmas tree!
                          Here is pics of my sister behind that asian girl for comparison,both pretty..

                          Sorry about pic quality it was an old
                          polaroid but im glad i took them,i got one more somewhere....let me look???
                          May show a better close up...............
                          be back!
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                            I was a poor student back in 1993, just arrived at art college in the big city, grew up in a flyspeck little town in the middle of nowhere and was soooo naive. Went to the 'welcome day' and met the colection of freaks and hippies I was going to be studying Fine Art with. Got dragged by them on a pub crawl (I didn't drink then, although they tried hard to get me to drink). Ended up at a house party and everyone bar me was pretty smashed. Then someone produce a small brown ceramic bong, took them a while but they finally persuaded my to try it. I was 17, and that was my first worthwhile cannabis experience, I had smoked 'waccy baccy' a handful of times before, but being awful quality resin I don't remember getting high at all really. However, this bong was packed with lovely 'gold seal squidgy black' (I'm sure a lot of Brits remember that stuff with fond memories. I still vividly remember the exhale of that first bong hit, how my shoulders sagged as the smoke left my nostrils and a lovely warm bodystone set in i kicked back and decided there and then I had found my intoxicant of choice.

                            Being from farming country and having had a grandfather who was a gardener at a big country house for 40 years, I already knew how to grow all kinds of things, had spent many weekends working with my grandfather on his allotment. I lived in a rented caravan at art college in a corner of a field behind a farmhouse, I rented it from the farmer who was ancient. 6 weeks after that first bong hit I had tileld the ground behing my caravan and sowed it liberally with bagseed my friends have provided. I ended up with 23 Afghan type indicas and one huge sativa that never flowered. I got a book from the college library that had illustrations of male and female hemp so i knew what I was looking for, all I knew was that I should harvest as late as possible in the year and kill the males.

                            That one big sativa got to be taller than the caravan and never produced more than a few dozen calyxes, but those calyxes were half an inch long or more and the leaves were huge with thin blades, 13 leaves and the biggest fans the size of dinner plates. I never took any pictures, being paranoid about gettign them develoepd, but I wish I had as to this day, that is probably the only Thai I have grown that I was pretty sure was a Thai. My fascination with sativas began there as this huge Thai looked so much prettier to my eyes than these 3-4 feet Afghans dripping with resin with big fat leaves. Shows you how times have changed and things gotten more expensive, I sold half my first crop (there was so much I'd never ave smoked it all!) and made enough money to buy a secondhand car that was only 2 years old from new. I'd have to grow much more weed than that to buy a 2 year old car these days!

                            I've grown 14 out of the 15 years since and still keep in touch with the Scottish madman who gave me that first bong hit...


                              lou grew

                              hot damn im in love my kind of flavors .sounds outrageously delicious. excatly wat id want in my jar. as far as this not finishing a joint ive heard som say this.i hav uncles which told me c.wacky weed was this strong n cousins who smoked som stuff they had to clip . ive only been soming since 98 but ive neva met a strain this strong. i smoke blunts mostly which for the most part r a lil bigger n never put out a blunt. i hope to find something that strong one day, it may say me alotta money. but i must ask is your asian girl still around ?
                              in NYC around my way we say if it anint church it anint fire
                              more incense and less nonsense


                                Lougrew both pretty

                                You still growing those genetics?

                                See ya m8S!
                                There is a land far far away, there is no night there's only day look into the book of life and you will see that there's a land far far away!

                                JAH GUIDE !