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Master Kush Phenotype Variation- Nirvana Seeds Standard

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    Master Kush Phenotype Variation- Nirvana Seeds Standard

    One's got to appreciate this variety from Nirvana Seed Co.

    Currently, I am smoking Master Kush I from NRS

    I planted 10 seeds, 10 popped, 6 females.

    MK I- Very sativa-ish, with high yields, bright orange hairs in large numbers and extreme resin content [almost like the bud is made of trichomes], tall and stemmy but fairly solid stems with lots of huge buds [nice long fat colas]. I say fairly solid because this plant towards the end of flowering looks like giant buds on long skinny toothpicks, which bend over towards the last week, but do not break.

    Where's the leaf, ha, there is none...couple snips and your done.

    Sweet like the best candy, hinting fruitiness, yet dashing into hashiness, cured properly, my favorite- and unfortunately just about to finish her up. Mums in good care, though.
    Cerebral high, very high- comfortable for the experienced; dizzying to the novice- slightly uppity
    Uptakes N proficiently, but also flushes nicely

    Out- slight susceptibility to mold as opposed to the other MK's

    MK II- The worst of the mums, but very high yielding, one of the classics which puts more energy into fiber production and not trichome production.
    Brown hairs Good N uptake, does not flush as easily. Lots of leaf, solid branches- very solid, tight buds, close internodes, classic Christmas tree
    Smell of grass, not enough thc, hence lacking sweet smell, parsley
    High- fairly drowsy --> cannabinoid relation CBD CBN??

    MK III
    - Indoors, a very similar phenotypical expression to that of MK I; outdoors, more similar to that of MK VI. Overall, this pheno did not seem as good as the MK I or VI till it was properly cured, then [all of the sudden it seemed] there were hesitations as to the winner, but mum was already out and in flower--- I do not regenerate!

    Solid stems, medium internodes, good flower and trichome production
    Bright orange hairs , Medium to high yield
    Until cured properly it lacked taste nor strength, but after a good cure, a flowery sweet bouqet was reached. With a very strong cerebral high, yet a medium body buzz, too.

    Out- great purple colors on the flower, slight on leaves. Quite mold resistant.

    MK IV
    - Male -slightly too leggy for me, but sticky branches

    MK V- Oh mama! Indica all the way, nice short plant with beautiful branching, leaves that hang down and cover other buds reminded me of a nice skunk plant. SOLID buds, like rock hard. Brown hairs. Fairly solid stems; required only slight propping towards end. The bud is so dense it was better to take it about 2-3 days early even with overly adequate ventilation, to prevent internal bud spoilage.
    Tasted like hash, some nice Nepalese or similar.
    This was the biggest couch lock plant I have had. One splizz in the a.m. and your day was shattered as you slowly attempted to emerge from stupification up until the late evening.
    This is the type of weed to smoke:
    -before bed, if you can't sleep
    -if your friend just came over with four rented DVD's that must be watched
    -if you broke up with your significant other [another tip for that BB-DJ Short- sativa pheno- but I guess there's a lot of those]
    -if for any other reason you need to slip into a coma.

    Needless to say, this mother was given away [I don't like couch-locks]. She was great. Good branching. High yield. Solid nugs, pleasant smell, Huge THC content.
    The only negative aspect was the cloning tendency of this pheno; with a ratio of healthy survival outcome 1:2 being one bad for every two cut [respectively they rarely died just didn't root well- average four weeks; with anything over two weeks being unacceptable]

    MK VI
    - Again a completely differing pheno. MK VI had medium internode distance with nice branching. The buds had that... well, there must be some technical term for this; but it had flowers which were very round and ball like, reminding one of a cluster of grapes or something like that, big calyxes with many hairs stemming from each calyx...reminds one of J. Herrer in form.
    Light but not airy towards the mid-section, rather tight formation towards the top, but not dense.
    If the other MK's had bright orange hairs, then this was some awesome fluorescent pastel version of light orange, with a fresh sparkle, yet a calming undertone. A very different pheno indeed.
    Taste of the freshest mango orange you can find with a dash of papaya and a bump of sweet lemon at the end, and also a mild earthy undertone.. Loved
    the bio
    High- very pleasant, non-narcotic, mildly euphoric, calming, yet enhanced attentiveness [as much as any mj can]-good for when you need your brain .
    Medium + yield
    Outside- had lighter purple calyxes then MK III, but still solid coloring almost to a violet, with a good tendency for leaves to purple, too. Fairly good mold resistance if bottom properly trimmed [sufficient energy for tops].

    MK VII
    - Male -Just didn't get the right feeling off of him

    - Male- keeper- strong sticky branches

    MK IX- Male- First to go, weak growth and overall smell, not very sticky

    MK X
    - This was another differing lady, completely. She was taller than the rest except MK I, with long internode distances, buds were not very large though and I would say she had just below medium yield. Lowest yielding of the batch.
    Very dense nugs, with darker orange hairs, and a hashy taste, but no sweetness. To me, she was missing tang. The hashy taste was so light it was almost like there was none. No, this lady just didn't really have much flavor, and if so more on the negative side. High? Well, it got you high, I guess.
    Also, cloned poorly.

    My respect goes out to this strain and the breeder. I can understand why it has won a CC, I just wonder which pheno it could have been. The variation in this strain from this producer is incredible with four out of the six females being keeper mums. Unfortunately, only one can stay and that was MK I- sativa, baby. Stronger than strong. Where's the bud? I see only crystals.

    Easy to grow with great resin content, a definite must try for those who like variety.

    This strain gets thumbs up from The Accumbens, and I think I'll have another while I try to find some photos....

    no pix?


      Just finished rolling her, and am on the hunt for the missing card reader. I don't think they will be that great, but they'll be here any moment. White Widow x Blueberry shall lead the way, this pheno is reeking with widow, let's hope i'll be conscious enough to upload.



        Having problems uploading, it'll get fixed. User error. I'm good with plants, not machines.


          Bad photographer...should get some lights and a tripod

          Photo 1- the seeds -planted in Royalty mix -Plagron. It is better to use Grow mix for nute sensitive plants; MK - NRS can tolerate mild nute problems.

          Photo 2- A very bad hydro session. E & F 400W till second or third week, then 600W. Timer was getting old, so I bought a new one. Didn't test it. After a couple uses it wouldn't turn of. Well, I had a 30+ hr day sometime in the third week. Tried to help with a 48 hr night. Also the nute solution was way off. I was trying a nutrient set-up (bio-mineral) that would not buffer, within 24 hrs it was 7.5 no matter what I tried !for most of the bloom phase!. I should have tried not experimenting all the time. I believe there may have been heat stress, too. Nowhere above 30C, though. All together a terrible plan...learn and live

          Photo 3- MK III; least affected by the mess

          Photo 4 MK VI- Sry- the best pic I got [which is sad]

          Photo 5 - MK I- Yes, it may look terrible, but even in the worst possible environment- with nasty nutes -and horrific cultural practices it still is frosty as can be and smoked well; given the circumstances.

          Photo 6- A nice little mix- soil grow- 90%+ organics [Plagron guano's & tea & Royalty Mix]. Really, the only way I like to grow; although dabbling a little in Coco never hurts. MK I's are the tall ones along the sides. There is some Sadhu in there, too [Heavy Indica's or maybe Afghanica's, I forget F'in amazing BTW].

          Photo 7- MK I, on the left---and on the right MK VI.

          Hmmm, these pictures. One must understand I extend my deepest apologies.
          The pictures are mostly all off, bad focus, lighting, etc...
          I am a quick learner, once I concentrate on the task; but I also have a continuous overload of work resting in my shoulders [one must appear normal to the "world"- also a possible over-achiever/ dreamer (a nasty combo)]. I shall try to chronicle my learnings a little better, so my posts don't seem like a ----> but have a backing.

          Hope this is sufficient...and appropriate.


          The Accumbens, presently dancing with the amygdala.


            They look pretty frosty...nice job man...
            take care
            stay safe


              hiya N.Accumbens,

              great job from the pics and nice report...pretty good for the price, eh?

              all the phenotypes seem to have similar flower development...they look good and similar to some dutchpassion masterk seeds we've run before...

              keep up the good work...


                Thanks for the support.

                I have some MK I clones rooting. I'll try to take some good pic's, so we can see the intricacies of this strain.


                  hey, i was just wondering, if ur still around.... or if anyone else has experience with the nirvana master kush strain, what was the range of flowering times?
                  It says 7-9 weeks on the website
                  but with that many phenotypes, i guess u cant put ur finger on the exact.

                  so what would u say the flowering time, from 12/12 to chop?

                  and YO!!!
                  THOSE BUDS LOOK BANGIN!

                  ultra primo kush...500+/oz if bought on the street