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And the Fun begins.................

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    And the Fun begins.................

    hey all, Ive been plannin this next grow for some time. seems im still in need of help from experienced sativa growers.

    have been tryin for some time to come across some panama red beans, have some but was never sure of origin, well the beauties that showed today are from a good source, along with um came some columbian gold and castromans cohiba F1s. had planned a OHaze and Nevs Haze, and some other landrace I have(have a few) but now that these have arrived in the nick of time, Ill be runnin the PR , columbian and Ohaze.

    have never grown a straight sativa besides a mex bagseed outdoors. and it never finished. have picked up quite a bit of info, mainly lightin, and feed.

    one thing i was ponderin is the type of soil a tropical requires. not as far as nutes but more along the lines of fluffy, clay, sandy, gravely or what. 50% perlite in pottin soil.that type of thing.

    have picked up a few tricks to keep um under control, but would like to hear what some of you are doin in your OPs as far as keepin the plants from gettin outta control.

    so lets here some input from you sally growers out there as to whats been workin for U


    oh I am so excited for you CBF. This is going to be a fun grow to follow...a long one but a fun one for sure!!


      hell yeah man, can't wait to see this all get going



        CBF, I'm pulling up a seat for this one. I am real nostalgic about these older strains, and this grow will give me deja-vus galore I'm sure... Thanks dude! -MGJ
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        Secret to happiness #3 - Grow a nice stash.

        Flowering now!:

        !Thanks to my friends! ...



          outstanding classic strains.... please keep me abreast on your panama redbud.

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            Hey CBF...this is a sativa soil recipe from an absolute sativa landrace may already know this one, if not--let's party!!

            OK, if ya go to Home Depot, get their Super Soil, and a 4 cu. ft. bag of Vermiculite, they keep it outside in a far corner usually. Go to a nursery, a good one that is into organics, and get yourself some cottonseed meal.

            Collect some green pine needles from a Star or Monky pine tree, also get some corn husks and fiber from like the corn husk shredding basket at your local market. Let the needles and the corn husks dry in bright sunlight for about a week, bring it in every night so moisture doesn't set in.
            Mix the Vermiculite and the SUpersoil 50/50 and mix it EXTRA well.

            Per 2 cu' ft. of soil/vermiculite mix:
            One handfull of Cottonseed meal
            2 tablespoons of Blood meal and Bone meal each.
            Two handfulls of pine needles all ground up in a blender or food processor etc.
            1 handfull of corn husks all ground up the same way.
            4 handfulls of green sand.
            Mulching with ceder chips and pine needles unground.
            That's my personal Sativa soilmix.

            MIX ALL VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY well!!!

            You can use any sand really, just as long as it is GOOD sand, NOT from the beach or a playground or whatever, you can also get it in (heavy little) bags at Home Depot.

            DO NOT fert if ya don't need to with that soilmix recipe above, OK? Or you WILL toast the baybees! That formula allowes them MAXIMUM nitrogen from GREAT sources plus gives them a GREAT slow release P source to catalyze w/ the N so all stays in balance.
            The pic in my gallery was not grown by me or anyone else I know.



              these plants will grow in any soil you put them in.

              it just depends on how you want them to grow, a dense soil that holds water will create a small but very strong root ball, one that is loose will cause the roots to strech out in search of water/food - and the plant will get willowy to match its roots...its best to use 25% pertlite 25% coco and then 50% whatever other soil mix you use to mix up the time that water is retained by the different parts of soil. coco and pertlite are inert so you do not have to worry about them...the good thing about coco is it acts as a buffer as well...

              50/50 coco and whatever soil mix you choose is great as well.


                Nice selection CBF.

                If you want to keep them under control I suggest you flower early.I start my Sativas on 12/12 with no veg.I usually have to top them several times during flower.
                I grew 4 O Haze fems a few months back.I gave up on them at 90 days.2 of them hermied and the other 2 barely had hairs.Hope you have better luck.
                I know the strain is good,I just hit 4 bad ones.
                With hardcore Sativas you have to be especially vigilent about looking for pollen sacs.
                You might consider scaling back you light cycle to 11/13 or 10/14 to help reduce the flowering times.

                Good luck.




                  I was gonna argue for vegging at least 6 wks, but I have noticed this from sativa's I've started in say, Oct... and they will get so big and then begin to flower... after they have reached a certain age... I just never do it that way on purpose... I will try it for a lil' educational x-periment indoors, then maybe put them out I'm buzzed... peace.


                    Tagged. Oh boy this is goin' be fun. GO CBF
                    The more I learn the less I really know. :chin:
                    Better MJ through science! :canabis:


                      annnd were off.............

                      Hey all, thanks for checkin in and support, pretty sure ill be needin some help thruout this grow. heres some shots of not much interest, but shows were under way. put down 15 PR beans, 72 hrs later had 5 cracked beans with good tails. 4 sprouts up and goin. think ill scape the seam and give um a bit of help. did have a few crushed beans in the shipment, so a few might of been damaged.

                      the sprout is much smaller then im used to. happy to have 4 pushin the light

                      also put down 10 of TomHills OHaze this am, decided to stagger these a week apart, so the columbian will germ next weekend.

                      there under 18/6 right now. will veg for a bit for clones, shouldnt take to long I wouldnt think if there gonna go like all say.

                      JLP, thanks for the input. almost everything ive read, and been told follows that lightin schedule, which im gonna try and follow. if I switched to 12/12 do you think there would be plenty of veg growth to clone before they started flowerin?

                      F1, i dont think i would be able to keep um under control if I vegged um for six weeks. remember this new spot only has a 4ft ceilin. this current grow i vegged trained just right, plants are buddin just under the lamp, havent had to snap any branches

                      have some chicken wire im thinkin of usin over the cans and keep tiein down the branchin as it gets outta hand. plannin on a long wrestlin match with these girls

                      GMB, wow man that is one hellva mix. thanks for the input bro.

                      danimal, black gold, 1/3rd perlite, 1/2 cup of chicken shit for good green. thats the mix. black gold alone gets hard, added perlite softens some.

                      the goal in this grow is..........

                      shit, finish these plants out till the end, whenever that may be, 15 to 20 weeks is what im thinkin.

                      find good mothers, make seed, and a few crosses in mind. with THs OHaze id like to use just the purp phenos in makin seed, hopefully a high ratio of those plant types.

                      with the columbian and panama red im wantin to collect lots of pollen and try the deep freeze on it. and make sacks of seed, LOL

                      prolly have to pop a few clones in every now and again, just so im harvestin somethin over the next 4 to 5 its gonna be sometime on these plants, half scary thinkin of tryin to keep the plant alive for that amount of time.

                      thanks again for all the input, please keep it commin



                        that soil will work fine CBF..

                        how've you been doing bud? havent seen ya around in a bit! hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

                        Keep me in mind when you're pickin moms and dads !! If ya need anything only a PM away

                        Good luck bro! Hope you can control their growth under your 4ft height man!


                          Yeah,you'll have time to clone before they show sex no matter how you flower them.My O Haze's didn't show until 7-8 weeks of flower.



                            Good luck CBF...should be an interesting and rather challenging grow...


                              as of today the OHaze has 6 beans cracked with tails in 24 hrs, the PR still ten beans doin nuttin...any ideas, they still seem hard, not rotton yet. have 5 PR sprouts pushin the light.

                              heres a nice story on Panama red, from guerilla420 on OG

                              how PANAMA RED got so famous and got here thanks Raco:From my "archives":

                              The legend of Panama Red" (by anonymous)

                              "In this story,you will learn who and how this 12 ton load of Panama Red was smuggled into California.
                              Have you ever heard the legend of Panama Red?I mean you have heard of Panama Red,haven´t you?Well,here´s the true story abou a load that came into California in 1969.
                              I drove up Highway 1,to Maple Street,in Tam Valley,and turned left;if you know where this is,it´s near Mill Valley.I went to my connection´s house to see what exotic weed had come in.He had Yucatan Green,which was fully filled into white plastic bags.It had a fruity aroma,and you could uncoil the kiwi colored green leavesa into their natural finger and hand shapes.I´d never seen weed cured this well.It was somewhat cured like pliable tobacco leaves.The price was $150.a pound which was a lot back in those days..Next a brown grocery sack came out of the closet,which I noticed was full of white plastic bags and the brown grocery bags.From my quick glance I estimated about 10 bags of weed in all.
                              As the top of the brown bags was unfolded I inmediatelly smelled the strong aroma of fresh tilled earth,perhaps the smell when you turn over a mulching log,combined with red clay.Then,I distinguished another smell.The smell of fresh earth was mixed with a strong hashish smell.A handful of the well dried small buds was pulled out and laid on the stainless steel plate of the triple-beam.I was in wonder as I had never seen any weed that wasn´t green or gold.To my amazement these small buds were a bright rusty color.Not brown like the colombian gold I scored a few years later,but you know,a rusty red color.I asked:Where´s this weed from?
                              My connection told me the story.
                              This is Panama Red.This stuff grows in the mountains north of the Panama canal.The soil is red to black,with rain all the time.It´s impossible to get this weed but I have access to about a ton of it. How much is for a pound?I asked him.
                              It´s $220 a pound.My wad of cash choked in my pocket,as I had thought that the Yucatan Green was expensive.He could read me.He pulled out a paper from his Zig-Zag pack,and rolled a pinhead joint.Then he lit it up,making a yellow flame as the empty paper end burned into the weed.He took the first puff,which sent off two intertwined lines of blue gray hashish like smoke,heading towards the ceiling.
                              If this were possible,he looked even more euphoric from the one hit;and his eyes rolled back,and closed,as he slowly stabbed the smoking pinner across the table in my direction.As I reached out for it,he said in a choked breath while exhaling smoke:You´ll probably never get weed this good again.
                              I knew his word was always true.My connection and his group had smuggled hashish from Afghanistan,India and Morocco.He´d been busted for importing hash in the bottom of a crate of snakes.He always had exotic weed and hash.He wouldn´t mess around with the weed I could get from the piulots in my part of the state.The only stuff I could get in my area was Mexican weed which ran about $80. to $120. a brick.We called this weed reg. for regular.The reg. kilos or bricks came wrapped in red,green or blue construction paper and was taped off with masking tape.This was the regular bottom-line non-exotic weed that was somewhat harsh to the throat but got you stoned.We resold for $10. a lid,or if you weren´t around back then,a lid is an ounce.
                              The hashish smell of the pinner was overcoming my thougths,as I took a hit of pure heaven.The smoke was so smooth,with a taste just like it´s unburnt smell of fresh earth and hashish.I thought it tastred like Lebanese Red hash,mixed with fresh earth,as I barely watched the smoke vining it´s way upwards.It was hash without the bite.Then the stone came on as I took my second hit.My senses suddenly kicked into the hyper space as I became acutely aware of everything.My hearing,my thinking,my senses were all rocketed into Stonesville,which is a different place for everyone of us.Within a minute I reallized I was really stoned.I laughed.Shortly after three hits,I started seeing trails,colors,and realized this weed was a psychedelic high too.Lots of colors.and laughs,in a mellow floating state.A weed to bring out your innermost thoughts,to philosophize,about the finer points of life and existence,with those of like mind.
                              In 1969,I bought five pounds of Panama Red,which is the most stony weed I have ever smoked,even to this day.When I got back home where the local hippies were used to the $1o.price of an ounce of reg.,I knew I couldn´t sell the rusty red weed.First,since it wasn´t green,they wouldn´t believe it was weed.Second,the price would be about four times what they were used to paying for an ounce of reg. weed.I kept telling myself nobody was ready for this rusty weed,which could send anybody,especially these locals to heaven.I knew that if I rolled would take me years to smoke all this exotic weed.I figured at least 80 joints to an oz.,and I had 80 ozs.,and let´s see that´s 6400 joints.I couldn´t take time to do one a day,so I figured maybe 150 a year,and would take me over 42 years to smoke all of this weed.It would loose it´s potency after a year or two.Then the lightbulb came on.I´d roll up about 10 pinners and just give them away.I understood that even my friends could figure out that this was the best weed in the world.After they had smoked this fantastic weed,they would realize how stoned they were,and with the weed rolled up,they wouldn´t know that it wasn´t green!Great idea!I reached into my pocket again as I arrived at the toll on the Golden Gate bridge entering SF,stoned out of my mind.
                              I want you to know something,when I got home that´s exactly what I did.I passed out the pinners and asked my friends just to try it and give me their opinions.They questioned me about the small sized joints,and I said what are you complaining about?it´s free!.Then the phone started ringing with questions like:What was that?Is that laced with acid?That can´t be ordinary weed.Do you have any more?Then I got to tell the story of PR to them.which if ever smiçokeds the real thing,I need not say more.

                              MEETING THE SMUGGLER
                              On another score trip north,about a month later,I discovered that my connection had moved to Stinson Beach.You might know where he moved if you ever went there.It was the third house back from the beach,it was on the left,the one with the purple door.When the purple door opened I gasped as I thought I saw my dad sitting down counting cash on a coffee table.I realized that it really wasn´t my Dad,but the guy was a dead ringer for my Dad.He had a receding conservative haircut,with brown hair and graying sideburns.Same facial features.My connection introduced him,and for his protection,I´ll just call him Roy.Roy was counting out $,another installment for the fronting of his illegal,precious cargo of PR to my connection.This was alot of money for a weed deal back in 1969,and probably,one of the hundred bags of money picked up by Roy.You figure it out.If he sold his PR for only $120 a pound,times 24.000 pounds he grossed about $2.9 million from his load.Thirty years ago,this money had the purchasing power of about 4 times more than what it would buy today.However,I have no idea what PR would cost today as I have never found it again.I´ve had Colombian Gold,but it´s more of a brown tobacco color.Red is very earthy,rusty color and I haven´t seen any counterfeit stuff offered.I haven´t even seen the seeds offered.The $40.000 Roy was counting out was only a payment for about 300 pounds.Payment for a ton would be $240.000.Don´t forget he had the money for selling the fish too.
                              Roy was a vcery candid person,treating meas if he´d known me his whole life.He explained the PR saga.He bought a surplus submarine chaser,a 90 footer.He sold most of the military gear and paid for the vessel with money left over:It was a typical government deal where millions were spend to build and outfit the ship,and then it was later sold by peanuts:Roy outfitted it as a fishing boat:he got acrew together and went south:He loaded in 12 tons of PR,and then he and his crew went a small fleet of fishing and sailboats together.This fleet was obviously pre-planned.The fleet was a fleet of dealers who went under the Golden Gate Bridge out about 25 miles,and towards the Farallon islands ,where the PR was was quickly offloaded onto those smaller boats.One Harbor Master inside the bay was in on it too,so there was a little chance of anybody getting caught.I can´t tell you if it was day or night,foggy or anything about the conditions,but I do know from other smugglers that they use the worst weather conditions for all their activities.If it´s hard for them,it´s hard for the cops to catch them:Roy said he retired off this trip.
                              I grew some plants from the VERY SMALL BROWN SEEDS:The plants had stalks with alternating green and purple vertical lines.The dark green leaves had purple veins:I got tired of wartering them,so I sold the crop where it stood by selling a map with it´s location.My friends nicknamed me Panama red for waking them to this high.There´s been no more P Red,that I´m aware of.If I´m wrong,I´d like to hear your story"

                              hope ya all enjoyed the read