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Master Nevil..Cannabis Castle article.......

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    Master Nevil..Cannabis Castle article.......

    From way,way back!! (March of '87)

    These scans may look a little rough due to condition of the mag...It is an old one and I could not bring myself to throw it away...
    I have this in a reprint but I don't think it contains the comments from D.C. or the seed pic and/or other comments......
    I left out a few pics and if you guys really want them I will scan and post...
    Mostly pic of Castle,greenhouses out back,big table full of seeds,hash and smoking devices..,and a few plant pics...

    Hope you enjoy this one.......Sensi Seeds now owns the castle along with most of Nevil's genetics when he quit breeding years ago...He is now breeding with Shanti and Mr. Nice seeds!!!!!

    He is one of the true A-Dam pioneers along with positronics Wernard...
    Also must mention Sam Skunkman as he brought many of these fine genetics to Holland around '84 or'87,hell I can't tremember....
    Take care and enjoy...............CC

    you guys stay away from those advertisments on the last page!!

    ~Cannabis is the messenger but resin is the message~

    Kryptonite Seeds are available exclusively at
    and soon to be availible at

    I remember my old man had this issue and in high school we would snag it and read it and have a good ol time. And that is still about all the press you will find on Nevil even after 20+years. I think I read somewhere that he was breeding fish now somewhere...a breeder at heart, gotta love

    500K in '76 was kickin and that was just the US customer base..

    Good post Capt. brings back some memories

    Big up to my good friend Lonestar, the reason I love to do what I do, bruthas in arms. TRC baby!!!!!

    people who know the difference between good shit and bad shit, this is the house they come to. Now, my shit, I'll take the Pepsi challenge with that Amsterdam shit, any day of the fuckin' week.

    We are stardust, We are golden
    We are billion year old carbon
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden

    I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.


      Excellent Post Capt.! Wish I could read the article a little better. Great to hear and re-visit with the OG's! I remember reading this issue when came out back in the day.


      Mosca Negra


        so Nevil is breeding with Shanti ?


          Yea TK,
          the good ole' days..

          Mosca,you should be able to read it by clicking on the pic and waiting for it to load and then click it again and blow it up...

          Yes they are actively doing projects together...
          Shanti is traveling now looking for new landrace genetics but they are working together.....Fuckin' dream team!!
          ~Cannabis is the messenger but resin is the message~

          Kryptonite Seeds are available exclusively at

          and soon to be availible at


            That was the first HT I ever read!, nice one Capt. Sure brings back memories.
            And I'm with ya on Shanti and Nevil being a Dream Team. Makes me proud to be a Aussie!


              Man what a great read, thanks CC!!! O h y e s and what a great joy it would be to meet people like Nevil, Shanti and Sam, damn those guys have done great job all of them.
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                Love those old articles. You can't beat Shanti and Neville's. To me, they are the best when it comes to cannabis seeds. Just my two cent.
                Take care,

                PS, Thanks again Capt for the articles.


                  Capt Crip....great story, I really enjoyed it....thanks for posting it

                  I had to laugh a few times too....the strict Catholic school I went to followed the same "spare the rod and spoil the child" way of thinking....our teachers had the choice of 3 foot long cane or a regulation strap (15 x 1 1/2 x 1/2 inch) and would use them with frequency

                  all the teachers had their own technique...some of them would take a step in as they swung the cane..others would get airborne ..we are talking swinging a cane or strap as hard as a grown man could swing it.....all teachers were rated on their style and their ability to inflict pain, as were all students on how they handled the pain.....some teachers had an elaborate warm up...

                  "six of the best" it was called ....6 whacks on open palms for something minor.....or for more major infringements 3 ~ 6 on your ass as you bend over and touch your toes...the butt whacks really stung..the funniest thing was watching some kid cop a good stinger to the ass and see him do that back arched tip toed dance with lips pursed in pain of the just strapped while holding his ass while the teacher grabs his shoulder and says "one more" ..the rest of the class in hysterics.....

                  once or twice each year a student would go over the top and be sent to the headmaster's office....a priest and a world champion caner.....he speciality was caning bare asses...this was done in the library with the school secretary present, a matronly lady,

                  almost all of the caning or strapping would usually take place in front of the class..instant justice

                  I'd prefer the "strap" to the cane..they both sting like crazy but I used to hate hearing that fast whizzing noise that the cane makes.

                  I don't think that corporal punishment was harmful long term in any way...we all played full contact sports so it wasn't that bad..we had teachers who never used the cane and had no need for it, but corporal punishment did liven things always got everyone's attention!

                  ...and it's a good workout for the teachers lol..though now I wonder how many of those teachers got off on it?...none of the priests seemed to but there was one lay teacher, a Mister Hogg, who's eyes really lit up when it cane to caning..he had the most elaborate warm up, he loved to hear the oohs and arrghs from the class and at times would smirk with evil pleasure when he would sarcastically ask the class how many was the count so far."what that number four or five?"..but you could tell he wasn't really into the actual hitting part...Mr Hogg was rated as a bit of a lightweight in power and how many he would give you, but he did enjoy the spectacle and as he was an English teacher, he added gallows humor, the same corny lines every time....

                  .....and that bio about Nevil once again illustrates the all encompassing horror that smack is.....

                  it just goes to show that even the cool and the innovative can ruin their lives and lose everything after playing with extracts of poppy
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                    I might be a youngin', but this is the first Ive ever heard of Neville being hooked to smack. Always admired people that were able to get over such a demon and become contributing and successful members of society!!! Doesn't happen all that often now a days....

                    Cheers Nev!

                    Wherever in the world you may be!!!!


                      It just dawned on me i also have this mag from March 87' somewhere, got to dig in some old boxes in storage & locate, I hope.


                        Nice articles Capt. Crip. Its cool when you dig up old magz. and read about the good ol' days. Neville and Shanti are truely great breeders and they are THE DREAM TEAM when in comes to cannabis genetics.


                          Very intresting read.. thanks man. Fun reading about what was going on when I was way too young to even know what cannabis means.
                          "You think you're civilized but you will never understand"


                            Thank you for scanning this article Captain I have readed it longtime ago, long before I was into growin.

                            I must give big respect for Nevil for kickin an habit I personally know how difficult it could be... Like he said, addict must want to quit by himself, nobody else cannot do it for him!

                            Take care people and dont fuck around with that heroinshit!!!

                            Keep It Green & Growing But Don´t Forget The Smokin!
                            Peace Out Growers!
                            Keep It Green & Growing But Don´t Forget The Smokin!
                            Peace Out Growers!

                            Fly Free Angel!!!

                            My hash/oil thread
                            African Strains
                            Testing my cross: Neville´s Haze x Purps
                            Some Blockhead pix & macros


                              Still have my copy too. I consider '86-'89 the golden age of growing, and those High Times from that era, along w/ Sensimilla Tips, are golden. I'd never get rid of them.
                              Operation Green Merchant sure torpedoed that era.
                              Thx Cap!
                              I'm tossing pollen like breadcrumbs

                              Brotherhood of Eternal Love

                              R.I.P. DR. Jay, medical messiah
                              R.I.P. Medjool, ganja goddess
                              R.I.P. LMN , sativa king