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some strains naturally yellow ?

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    some strains naturally yellow ?

    These are four samples of many different strains.
    They all have had the same potting mix and feeding , yet
    some are bright yellow. The very green ones are indica

    and the yellow ones more sativa.
    Dont ask me their names. Got them from a friend who
    says the yellow is natural, no problem.
    The 2 yellow here are different strains.

    What do you think ?
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    Some strains do get more yellow than others naturally, however I'd guess there is a problem of some sort going on here, wether it's pH, temperature, or nutrient related ect. I have no idea.


      Yellowing is most commonly attributable to nitrogen deficiency although magnesium deficiency can impact this somewhat too. Some strains possibly require more nitrogen uptake than others at particular stages in their life cycle.



        If these are out door plants in pots I would say it's most likely to do with tolerance to over or under watering, has it been raining alot recently? Planting them in the ground in future would solve the problem


          Yes Billy, I agree, more Nitrogen.Going to try on one strain that I have 2 of and compare.
          They are mothers under cover and light at night and sun in the day. No rain.

          In the past Nitrogen deficiency showed for me as yellowing of bottom and middle leaves
          while the top was green. These are yellow top to bottom, but I'm going to give it a try.


            yes NLD or sativa tend to need less N and stay much lighter in color and have more neon colored buds vs dark or indicas or majority of WLD..

            as they can be more sensitive that can cause yellowing but also naturally from nearer to equator tend would burn in the sun if were very dark green with thick leaves.

            "gold" var if u look tend to be more of the narrow leafed var. also has to do with processing but also genetic.

            be easy on adding much N as chances are will burn.. if u like what ur buddies plants look like and he says they yellow then again would not go crazy with N.


              Yes, weed plants can have a wide variety of green colours, from bright to dark and even blueish (mostly associated with too much N tho).

              However, as you can see the bottom leafs of the light green plants are getting yellow and the plant rejects them after that.
              It's because the plant has to relocate nutrients from these bottom leafs to the new growth, ergo there's a problem with nutrient absorbtion.
              Possible problems are, as already mentioned:

              -Not enough N in the medium
              -pH too low or too high

              In this case my guess would be too much water.

              ( Grow1 ,Grow2)


                Thanks to all- Negative on the overwatering- Got that lesson here
                when I started....... " Infrequently and thoroughly" is my mantra.

                Need to get a pH tester. Just starting back growing after many years.


                  I'm sure you'll get up to speed in no time. Have fun getting back into growing, and getting them a bit healthier! thats part of the fun isn't it?


                    Currently growing some Guerilla Gold #3 indoors along with a multitude of other strains, 1 of 6 GG#3 plants is yellow/gold, but no lack of growth, no yellowing from the bottom up. First real strain that I've seen as gold/yellow and even odder due to the name Guerilla Gold. Out of 1000's of plants grown indoors and out, i've seen plants with varying shades of green closer to yellow and almost all of the time nutrient related but not always. So this is interesting to me.

                    Your plants yellowing are certainly due to nutrients, likely a PH lock out or completely rootbound. Flush, Transplant and feed while PH'ing, be fixed in a week or so.
                    Mother of Berry x Blue Durban-Chitral