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Freakshow (fern leaf strain) by shapeshifter/humboldt seed company

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    The Humboldt seed company says patent pending lol but 7 east says you can't patent you must share lol to all these limits on my seeds breeder's patent pending yea right ethics lol sure I guess if you want but what gives anyone the right ? Who are they paying these limits on my seeds guys and how many breeders have listened?

    7 east agreement....
    Proud Supporters of Open Source Breeding
    By acquiring or opening the packet of these plant seeds you accept, by way of an agreement, the provisions of a licence agreement where no costs shall be incurred to you. You especially undertake not to limit the use of these seeds and their enhancements, for instance by making a claim to plant variety rights or patent rights on the seeds’ components. You shall pass on the seeds, and propagations obtained therefrom, to third parties only on the terms and conditions of this licence. You will find the exact licensing provisions at .

    If you do not wish to accept these provisions, you need to refrain from acquiring and using these seeds.....ok 7 east lol man

    Yes cool but again what gives anyone the right to tell you what to do with your seeds because they are not theirs anymore once you have them
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    Did you pay for my seeds? Did you risk growing them like I did? We're not all legal growing . did you water and feed my plants? Did you pollinate my plants did you harvest my plants did you separate and store my seeds? Did you keep bugs and mold from killing my plants.....nope all you did was sell them to me that's it o and try to tell me what to do


      Even if Humboldt Seed Company gets a patent, the patent really only protects against people making money off their genetics.

      I don't know how they'd even enforce it since cannabis is still illegal on the federal level.
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        My buddy says from what he understands, the guy went overboard on the legal shit with the purpose of having a legitimate seed site but copy and pasting some legal mumbo jumbo from opensourceseeds
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          I was on the eBay the other day looking for veggie seeds and stumbled upon someone selling regular F2 "Freakshow tomato" as it is listed as on the eBay search engine. They sure look like cannabis to me. He's been selling them steadily since l noticed them on the website.