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    Originally posted by Bonehead View Post
    Hello,do WOS make regular seeds?
    hey bonehead, i just checked their website, looks like they do, i have only ordered the fem seeds personally...
    what's growing in the frogg's pond:


      Sativa fan here and love seeing the different leaf shapes. Big ups to this thread!
      Here's some genetics I got from Aqua Caliente, Mexico:

      My Grow Diary: Crossing Some Weed


        Originally posted by cosmiccowboy View Post
        this guy knows what he's talkin about..
        go down a ways on this and look at the 'contest' of the best weed and see who took 1st place over everyone else including the west coast and the 'haze'...the good ol boys from West VA.
        For those not in the now, pharmaceutical companies back in the early days before weed was made illegal were growing weed up in the mountains here on the east coast from genetics that are reported to come from India.....I think WAY before Cali ever got serious in the game.
        But seriously, does it really matter who grows the best weed? I guarantee that there is weed being grown in various parts of the states and outside it's borders that is only shared in a small circle of friends/associates that will make the best known strains look like shit and the thing is you'll never know about them if your not part of that group.


          I have seen true Golden mexican pot, but it wasn't in Acapulco. I found some in Puerta Vallarta and it was only golden due to the trichs. This strain also had some red trichs. Most of the Acapulco weed I've seen has been lime green with red to maroon hairs on it. Hazy, piney scents and flavor. I have seen some stuff that is on the verge of being fruity but more of that comes from Chiapas. The color of the acapulco standard isn't as neon light green as the merida/yucatan stuff but is is a very light color green. Once you get north to michoacan the plants get very dark, orange haired, and have a very musky fruity flavor. quintana roo has some strains that I kid you not smell just like trainwreck crossed with haze.


            [quote=IV XX;3436272]Sativa fan here and love seeing the different leaf shapes. Big ups to this thread!
            Here's some genetics I got from Aqua Caliente, Mexico:

            Back when the brickweed was plentiful in northern california up until the mid 90s, it was chock full of seeds. Many of those seeds would yield plants that looked just like this. You might have 3 or more different phenos if you grew out 6 seeds. Man variety is truly the spice of life. Now you know pretty much exactly what your going to get when you order seeds, not that theres nothing wrong with that. Many of those plants from mexico in the early to mid 90's were coming out of the west coast from sinaloa. Even though those buds were bricked to hell and dry as all get out they packed a major trippy high. I can only imagine what they were like farm fresh. I seems to me like once you get past a certain latitude something in the smoke changes. Not that california grown isnt as powerful, but there just seems to be a different quality in mexi plants. Mexico is home of the highest concentration of hallucinogenic plants of any region in the world, not that that has anything to do with it lol.


              Oaxaca x Blueberry in week 9


                Originally posted by prajnaparamita View Post
                The Mama Thai is great. Can smoke it all day long. Pleasant, spicy. Still allows you to do things. Happy smoke.

                On growing, I would say it's hardy and can take a bit of a beating, compared to the other two. (Although the Malawi/Thai is good, too). The Mama Thai is really hard to keep down. I grow in 10oz, 16oz, 2.6L and 1.7gallon pots, keeping them in smaller pots as long as possible. In my original from-seedbank seeds I started LST way to late, and I ended up with a stalk straight up, then a circular top about 4' high and 4' diameter

                This time, they've all been LST'ed from about the 4th-5th internode, and that has helped, but you're still pinching like mad to keep the Thais short. I also keep them (especially during stretch) very low on N, so they're a bit of a handful. However, they pack up really well. All go about 16-20 weeks (I rather go late than early)

                The Malawi and the Pahari are real trippy. As in completely forgetting what you were doing, 5 secs after you got up. Got a strong rush, too. Also spicy. The Pahari smells like the charas I used to smoke in India, and is a bit calmer. I don't want to sound too stereotypical, but it does feel like the Mama Thai is like a SEAsian tropical beach, Pahari like sitting with the babas smoking a chillum on a Himalayan mountaintop, and the Malawi some crazy jungle sh-t I don't understand anything about... )

                I love how all three almost smoke like incense through the house, in a spicy sandalwood sort of way. First couple of nights I could barely sleep, and once I did I had the craziest dreams... ) All cool, though.


                beautiful plants, everybody. This thread and the Sat Grow thread have taught me more than any books ever did.
                As you read with pleasure man, I just wanted to share this photo here bless bro'

                Thaï SuperSkunk vs Power Malawi


                  Here's some sativa bud out of my lil space...


                  Ace Panama:


                    Nepalese Highland x Bushman Ciskei day 28


                      I have followed this thread for years on icmag. This has been a source of inspiration for me for quite some time. A warm thank you to all the sativa lovers who have made this thread the quality that it is, I wont try to list names - it would be way to hard. You all know who you are
                      Old School Western Winds x F13 Male:


                        Dr Troppo, why Rose...jejej should have been RuPaul if you know what I mean
                        International Farmer

                        I am an international farmer,
                        Cultivating my good sensimilla.
                        I am an international farmer,
                        Cultivating my good sensimilla.

                        My cultivation is away in the woodland,
                        And you should see my irie calli tree,
                        How they beautifully grow.

                        And when my sensimilla get ripe,
                        You can smell the sweet fragrance.
                        And when I smoke it up man,
                        It gives me a good meditation,
                        It give me a good inspiration,
                        For I to sing my song to the nation.


                          Originally posted by Chaman View Post
                          Dr Troppo, why Rose...jejej should have been RuPaul if you know what I mean
                          Maybee so if it was a hermi Chaman

                          But this one is actually all male, it has lots of trichs and resin but there is no female parts at all. Theres lots of crazy genes hiding away in DJ Shorts lines.
                          Check out the thread i made on it if you would like to see some more pics my friend.


                            Hello all. (If you just skim this post check the vid link)

                            It's nice to see everyone joining in the conversation. I still have my reservations on the relevance of hemp growing and cannabis americana on any 60's to 70's era pot from the appalachia area, and even that High Times best buy award I believe came in '83 (not positive on that though) when lots of indica'd up genes were around as opposed to '73. At any rate this thread is about exchange of information and ideas so it's nice to have different opinions expressed and thanks to all who contribute.

                            On a new note I was just dicking around on google videos and came across this great video of Colombian marijuana from CNN. Enjoy.

                            The point I'm trying to make here... is that there there ain't no point to it. Thats all it is. Because there ain't no point. You didn't ask to come here and you sure can't choose how to leave. You don't know when you're going to go. So don't take this shit serious now. You better have some fun and plenty of it. Because when the shit is over and you ask for a refund its too late. All I can tell you is to keep some sunshine on your face. -Mudbone


                              Awesome vid, motaco! Loved the horse w/ the 50 kilos!
                              Teared up seeing that brink being made. Amazing none of the farmers puff. "No bad habits!" Guy's arm gestures in the field cracked me up! Thank again!
                              I'm tossing pollen like breadcrumbs

                              Brotherhood of Eternal Love

                              R.I.P. DR. Jay, medical messiah
                              R.I.P. Medjool, ganja goddess
                              R.I.P. LMN , sativa king


                                Thank you motaco!
                                A picture is worth a thousand words