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    Vintage Colombian

    Hello everyone, its been awhile since I've posted anything so I thought it might be nice to re-live some fine Colombian. I welcome any stories pictures or thoughts on this fine exotic bud. Here are some picture of plants and bud I obtained when I first moved here.

    Pressed Colombian Gold from Santa Marta $30lb.

    Colombian Sativa (free)

    Some very tasty cured Colombian tops 2005

    Punto Rojo known to have the "God" effect on operator.

    Punto Rojo hashish 2005

    I first smoked Colombian back in the mid 70s but around 85 it went away. But in the early 2000s I moved to Colombia and not only found the great old Colombian but also grew it myself. This is just a few pics I have more for later. Please add all thoughts on this fine bud.

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    awesome pics.. that hash must be powerful!?!


      Amazing. ... id love some of that in my life... i got some pred going atm but nuthin is better then when its grown down there. ...
      I am SoFa KiNg We Todd DiD I sWeAr I am SoFa kiNg We ToD did



        All was bought or and or grown in Colombia. High altitude goodness.

        Colombian Gold vegging...

        Selective Punto Rojo 2006

        The super minty "Coastal Green" Colombian 2006

        More coming
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          Can you tell us more about the effect of the high? I've been trying to germinate my 1973 SMCG's but they all seem to be dead. My old mentor told me this is the best bud he's ever smoked in his life. He said that it sent people to the hospital because it was so strong that they thought it was laced. Any opinions?


            Hi Red rider, good to see you posting again.
            I hope this turns into an informative thread, the only info I can add is what I've read in R C Clark's mj botany.....The fine Columbian gold also known as LA Mona amarilla was grown high in the mountains and the gold colour was achieved by girdling the stem, the high was more up and cerebral and the best was often seedless.
            The humid lowland lumbo was more stringy, brown and all most allways seeded and had more of a seditive, narcotic high.
            Apparently when the Mexican fields were sprayed with paraquat this is when the Columbian farmers ramped up production to meet the demands of America for pot.


              Red rider

              Sup brother , hope all is well

              I was thinkin bout you recently it's been a min

              How is la finca ? Did you ever find the right place with the picket fence and proper garden space ?

              Do you still have the old Gem connect ,if soo what you been smokin ? Or is that crippy flooding the market ?

              Your old thread is filled with great info/pics I was surprised to see a new one

              Best wishes

              in NYC around my way we say if it anint church it anint fire
              more incense and less nonsense


                Nice Columbian there RR. Did u have a johnny blaze going back some time ago?


                  The gold

                  Hello hello, the finca is still available however I haven’t been there in several months. The owner is down with growing my seed but it’s a complicated situation. The Colombian Gold I know is golden green/brown to almost blond in color and has a distinct sweet taste. The original happy weed with the unique ability to make any situation (seem) better. Not know as the most potent Colombian but still more than adequate to get the job done, even one hit gets you there.. A very euphoric long lasting effect that really satisfies your cannabis itch. Colombian Gold is an all-time favorite classic and I always keep it near.
                  Yes I did grow some fantastic Johnny Blaze back in 07. Matter a fact was my last real grow here in Colombia. I flowered 3 beautiful females, all were the same but different. They seemed to love the high altitude tropical climate even though they finished during the rainy season. I actually had a jar of JB that I left when I moved back to the USA in 07 that I found when I visited in 2010. A 3 year cure made the JB an unexpected treat (shared with my mother in-law that doesn’t smoke).

                  Colombian grown Johnny Blaze 2007
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                    What I found 2014 in Colombia

                    What I found 2014 in Colombia
                    Pressed seeded brick. Most but not all is low potency and is very cheap when bought in bulk ($10lb.). It’s very common here and this is what tourist will get on the street in Bogota. Some can be potent, this weed is good for oil, cooking or smoking big joints with others. Unlike brick I get in the USA this has a nice taste and is pleasant to smoke. Regular is the most common bud I find here.

                    Lots of variety here from unreal good to sleepy narcotic funk. Crippy is always seedless and of an obvious hybrid origin. It’s all outdoor grown and is considered to be the best available, some with very distinct flavors and effects. University students and young smokers in general prefer this bud to even the Gourmet Colombians. Crippy can be found only if you know someone here, I have never found this quality on the street. I pay 5,000 pesos a gram (min 5 grams) so I get 10 grams for 50,000 ($25). The quality varies but it is the best deal for me. I have found seeds and my wife is growing them in the window sill, they look beautiful but I doubt they will flower there.

                    Colombian Crippy 2014
                    Gourmet Colombians
                    This is what everyone wants and thought disappeared. This Colombian is sometimes (once for me) sold as Crippy because it is seedless and strong. This is the really fine Colombian that is bricked but much higher quality buds. You almost have to know a farmer to get this as it’s very very rare (I’ve only found it a few times in 11 years of living here). Gold, red, even brown in color with an industrial strength smell and taste (not chemical 100% natural). The effect in general is somewhat slow but has a long lasting peak with no burn out at all. Very euphoric, motivating deep thought and creative activity. With a clean refreshing finish that really satisfies (no need to re-up every couple hours). Daytime night time this is what I want to smoke, I build up very little tolerance to this and never tire of the taste or effect. However obtaining this Colombian is very difficult for me and as such I rarely have it. Price is about the same as the Crippy 5,000 pesos a gr.

                    From the office

                    From the Finca (two hours from the office)
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                      Love your posts redrider.
                      Sounds like the wife is not as disapproving of the mota as before heh heh.
                      You inspired me to look for some columbo meself.
                      I got some lowland columbo black going for the first time. Got the seed over the counter
                      from the breeder in person in Denver area.
                      We'll see how it goes. With some luck I'll get something sorta like what you got
                      or (more likely) it'll be more rope as this stuff is supposedly not so conducive for indoor.


                        Past bud

                        Here's a few more that I grew.

                        Colombian Coastal Green sativa 06

                        Don't let looks fool ya. This Coastal green sativa is crazy potent!

                        Colombian Sativa 2006

                        High altitude tropical sunshine produces sticky buds of the highest quality.

                        More to come!
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                          More Colombian goodies

                          More Punto Rojo Keif

                          Far from being kleen by the best standards this hash is still remarkable.

                          A beautiful young Colombian female from Santa Marta. Fat long leaves.

                          A high altitude Red (punto rojo) female with Afghani male. 2006

                          Sticky Coastal Green colitis (purple due to night chill) 2006

                          Best is yet to come!
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                            the Columbian of the 70's was brickweed and good mostly good. but every once in a blue moon something made it thru that had no equal ! you knew when you were smoking the BEST Columbian RED. back around this time 71' 72'. "THOSE WERE THE DAYS". none of this rocket fuel indica of today matched the smell of a large bag of good Columbian


                              Great pics I have a pack of forum cookies x SMCG I'm sure there are some gems in there