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Strains for the ultimate connoisseur garden

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    Strains for the ultimate connoisseur garden

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to document my countless research of strains/phenos to have in my dream garden. I want to warn you this is my only place I get to speak my mind about this passion and I may have a lot to say : x I have been researching lesser known strains for years and I am not half assing any of this. (please don't bash me for my RD seeds) In this thread we obviously don't care about yield, flower times or possibly taste. ( I think taste would need its own section in here. I for one am a haze, sour and headband taste lover)

    So I'm in the process of finding strains/phenos for my garden. I am looking for smoke for all occasions. Wake and bake for work and non work days, social strains, music strains, trippy strains, strains for while tripping : ) . Basically the works.

    My goal for this thread is to use other peoples good work and to label it for which purpose it serves, for which part of the day.

    Seeds I have currently:

    Tom Hill haze x 5 packs
    Rare Dankness Ghost train haze #1
    Rare Dankness Ghost train haze #9
    Rare Dankness Somali taxi ride

    Tom Hill deep chunk
    Reservoir Seeds Chemdog IBL


    Tom Hill deep chunk x haze f2
    Horti Lab Sour Power (mostly indica)
    Rare Dankness PMP haze (mostly sativa)

    Not sure:
    Hammerhead Peyote purple x querkle
    Carpe Diem Galactic grape
    B seeds co. Chocodog 2012
    Sf thc 123 Nederzaad 2008

    After looking at them all I thought I had more : x

    Now, my crazy ass wants more seeds. You can say I may be a seed hoarder, but my goal is to bless those who are all caught up in the 'hype' strains and hopefully in return, get some gems myself, like that damn pink/magenta pistol'd Maui Wowie strain.. cough cough VG..

    That being said, when a strains like gg4, gsc, and wifi get threads that go on for hundreds of pages... people must be on to something.

    Seeds I am considering purchasing:


    Blue Mystic (grew once, had to cull for hermie. Loved the taste. Supposed decent daytime smoke.)
    Cali Connection La Affie

    Mr. Nice Mango haze
    Ace Seeds Panama
    Mandala Satori

    Reserva Privada Sour Kush (grew once, loved the smell/taste)
    Og Raskal white s1
    Og Raskal Fire og bx
    Dj short Vanilluna

    As of now I do not have access to clone only, and I know theres a lot of others in my shoes that only have access to seeds. I also can not grow currently for another couple months.. : (

    Strains I want: (I know I'm forgetting plenty)

    gsc forum and thin mint
    bruce banner 3
    Highland Oaxaca Gold
    Dr. Grinspoon
    Sweet tooth# 4

    Final thoughts:

    Maybe this thread doesn't make sense to most, but I feel there are strains for every occasion and I want to have those strains in jars ready for the occasion! Strains are always changing, but I don't think strains like Satori or Mr Nice's Mango are going anywhere anytime soon. The 1 problem I see is strain tolerance.

    The sun is coming up and I'm still awake working on this. I will update and try to put strains under categories like music strain, hiking strain ect. hopefully tomorrow.

    I would love others input. I know lots of us have knowledge and my crazy, possibly slightly delusional thinking leads me to believe that I can make a list and narrow all the seeds in the world down to a 10 or so list of phenos ....

    Anyone else crazy enough to partake?

    ~mr. gt
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    The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:

    Wow ! Epic thread coming, I think.
    am watching with great interest. Btw that pink pistil plant looks amazing
    "read the directions, even if you dont follow them.."

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
    - Ferris Bueller

    Originally posted by Harry Lime

    Put out the joint, step away from the computer and go for a walk.


      have you looked at any of the snow crosses? snow high has some crazy hybrids right now. Its all acapulco gold , thai, african landrace, etc. some of the more exotic strains are looking very interesting...and expensive. Hopefully ya get what ya pay for? Good luck with this!
      walkin' with feet


        Do yourself a favor and look into Karma, Archive Seeds, Bodhi, and Top Dawg for your future purchases. You won't regret it!
        Germ, veg, flower. Germ, veg, flower. Germ, veg, flower.

        " Am I going to Hell because I used to be high in chruch?"

        " Drop down and get ya eagle on, remember its not a sing-a-long unlelss ya brought some weed along."


          If you can get hold of some beans, then Mandala Satori is a great strain!


            Originally posted by b3fr33 View Post
            If you can get hold of some beans, then Mandala Satori is a great strain!
            Agree! I love smoking Satori!


              if you get the genuine articles and they germ...reeferman's gear is right up there with the pinnacle of achievement in cannabis breeding


                Originally posted by there goes edro View Post
                Do yourself a favor and look into Karma, Archive Seeds, Bodhi, and Top Dawg for your future purchases. You won't regret it!
                I second this, especially with bodhis gear. I run a lot of it and there have been at least one keeper in every pack.


                  Originally posted by mr.brunch View Post
                  Wow ! Epic thread coming, I think.
                  am watching with great interest. Btw that pink pistil plant looks amazing
                  My hopes are to make this thread epic. I have yet to see such a thread. Thanks for joining in.

                  Originally posted by fulltimehuman View Post
                  have you looked at any of the snow crosses? snow high has some crazy hybrids right now. Its all acapulco gold , thai, african landrace, etc. some of the more exotic strains are looking very interesting...and expensive. Hopefully ya get what ya pay for? Good luck with this!
                  No, but I am completely fascinated with landraces. Example, that Ghana thread. That thing foxtails like a mother. I will check into them. Thanks.

                  Originally posted by b3fr33 View Post
                  If you can get hold of some beans, then Mandala Satori is a great strain!
                  Back in the 'good old days' when I saw some ehhhh weight. I got a batch of supposed Satori, shipped from cali that was filled with seeds. I ended up giving them to my friends Aunt who was visiting from Ireland. Shes used to bagseed. I heard she had one crazy winter They were the largest seeds I have ever seen.

                  Yeah, I managed to find some seed stock though. So far I can find 3 phenos. The bat, spear and "purple garlic phenol" but need to do more research. My goal is to find the elite of the elites and the old timers believe this Satori is one of them.

                  Originally posted by lolryn View Post
                  I second this, especially with bodhis gear. I run a lot of it and there have been at least one keeper in every pack.
                  I will check into it a little bit later in the day. Thanks for the interest.

                  I need to put more thoughts down on paper so I can get this right in my next post and need some more time. Any noble strains with appropriate 'time of use' would be appretiated. Thanks again.

                  ~mr. gt
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                  The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:



                    Edit: Due to allowance of 5 pics per thread consider each of these post to follow the last post I posted. Basically as 1 long thread.

                    So i'm sitting here with my green tea, 2 computers and a notepad, with no weed (fuck probation and my current state) trying to figure out how to outline this thread! I think I may over elaborate by giving quotes of growers/tokers but feel free to skim through to your stain of choice highlighted in bold.

                    I want to give a disclaimer that most of the information here is gathered from grow diaries, smoke reports and what not. If you find anything to be inaccurate I encourage you to chime in. I am very open minded and actually love constructive criticism. Also how much you smoke, obviously dictates the effects. (if you see effects that are overlapped or seems like 2 different highs.

                    Creative strains. Good for listening/creating music etc:

                    Mandala Seeds Satori

                    Spear pheno pictures / Sativa dom pheno:

                    Breeder desciption: A clear, cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people.
                    Strain good for/effects: creativity, music, deep thinking, meditation, possibly racy if too much used, slightly acid trip effect, upbeat, social.
                    Phenos: Bat pheno / indica dom, Spear pheno / Sativa dom

                    Grower descriptions/reviews:

                    Spear pheno/Sativa dom:

                    "It's thinking weed but there is a touch of lightness, some giggles, in there. there is also if you over consume the chnace with this one that you may need to take a wee break and listen to some tunes..... for hours. it's not quite as functional as the spear type because of this and it is far to easy to be distracted" user A.N.Other.

                    ""Best pot I've ever grown or smoked, bar none. So dense it got a little mold, but I got a great yield of really, really potent smoke! " Icmag user Gelado`

                    Bat pheno/indica dom:

                    "a creative, colour and music enhancing, thinking weed. good conversation, books, articles, music (instruments) anything you find interesting will fascinate you for hours after a joint" icmag member A.N.Other.

                    "This is absolutely the best strain I've grown so far.

                    I call it a dry high. You take a toke and then prefer to dig into your thoughts. First I could not connect to its high so I began to think that although it’s a strong high it does not have character, I was wrong again.

                    It took me about a week to feel and then understand satori’s type of high.Its a mental cleaner. It works for me like a White Board Eraser or for new generation’s sake like the computer’s Refresh Button.

                    You take two toke or three and after a few seconds to couple of minutes You are ready for a mental mission ,as deep as it goes with no prejudice (you erased your prejudice before by Satori)

                    or you may find yourself attacking the old Unanswered questions you tried to answer and failed.I personally solved one of Very OLD COLD CASES of mine.

                    It is a creeper first but a relatively fast creeper. It comes in waves and not like a tsunami.

                    Don’t let this wave like approach fools you, Sooner or later You have to stop smoking more satori since she has no sealing effect and If you smoke more You are on a higher and higher waves until its too much and you need to lie down.

                    Your mind can take more but your body normally quits first.

                    In high doses I had some Heart Race experience but in therapeutic dose it was a very safe smoke with no significant side effects.

                    It is not a soft smoke to inhale or keep inhaled but If you manage to keep a thick smoke in for a few seconds then you will find yourself in a tunnel of vision and suddenly you are HIGHLY High.

                    If you are a medium to heavy smoker then it is difficult for your friends to track you down when you are high on satori .You look almost normal to them with no red eye or stoned face.

                    In the Mandala Seeds company website they gave Satori Bubble hash a comparable quality with Famous Nepalese” Temple Balls”. I DID Doubt it but Boy OH Boy I was wrong. Its bubble hash blew my mind when 0.3 gram of it was enough to keep 4 medium smokers Satisfied for a full day with one casualty who had serious issue understanding the concept of time." Satica

                    General smoke report (no pheno listed):

                    After I smoke a one-hit bowl, after having my morning coffee, I am immediately blasted into a soaring, slightly-psychedelic kind of headspace. This is literally from one single, good puff. It is very much, but not exactly, like an acid trip (but less intense). I then level out about a half hour or so later on my drive to work. From this point forward I am in a very upbeat, conversational mood, and am able to interact with coworkers and clients. I stay high all the way up to lunch, from this one bowl, and then can feel myself feeling pretty baseline by the time I eat. This is usually about 4 hours from the time I smoked.

                    So, I then come home a few hours later and have my after-work toke. This time I pack up a good bowl to split between my girl and me. Maybe 3 or 4 good hits each. THIS is strong bud!!! I am immediately sent into a high-velocity, psychedelic, meditative headspace which sometimes is accompanied by brief (but fun!) periods of anxiety and oh-so-slight paranoia. I should also note here that I am a stay-high, and I smoke every day, and have, for the past 18 years. So I have the tolerance you would expect of someone like this.

                    Where was I? Oh yes. THIS BUD IS STRONG! It starts off with the nice, spiritual-feeling acid trip kind of place, then levels off after a half hour or 45 mintues, into the chatty-cathy, social, fun high that it is. But after smoking too much, it DEFINITELY induces a little nap time. This is actually a blessing for me, because I need to be able to sleep at night, which means I can just smoke a bunch of satori!

                    The smell is still very hard to describe, other than it is now very mellow, mild, and unique. It actually smells like the hash that comes off of it. It tastes just like it smells, which is also very pleasant. It leaves a slight aftertaste, and it just tastes FOREIGN to me, lol. But I definitely like it! My girl always starts playing her bass every time we smoke it, so there must be some truth to the music association the breeder claims on the seed description.

                    Also, the look of the buds is much better than ever before. They actually DO have bag appeal! (Not that I would ever put them in bags, but you know what I mean). They are very pretty, and the color came through after drying, so there are hues of red, pink, and purple all over the place. I smoked out an old hippie with it, the guy is 59 years old, and has smoked plenty of good bud in his day, and this stuff set him on his ass! He had to lay down on my couch for a little while before he could drive home.

                    So, I would say that this is one-hit stuff. I think letting it go to the 11th week brough out some power, and a more complex high. I recommend letting your satoris go an extra 6 or 7 days past when you think they are done. This is such good pot! Icmag member Hush
                    ( )

                    "Satori was the best I ever grew or smoked. BEST. This unique pheno went 70 days, and I find myself wishing that I could find this pheno again. It was sooo perfumey and ULTRA strong past 1-2 tokes. Watching it grow was pure excitement.

                    One of my friends got a few clones and gifted me a couple ounces of his results. His turned out just like mine, but not as purple (my temps were much lower. The nugs were dense, beautiful, lavendar, orange and green, and OH SO FROSTY. Unfortunately, I no longer grow, and he forgot to take clones in time. :(

                    Thanks Mandala Seeds for an epic adventure!!!" icmag member: Resistant ( )

                    "Been growing Satori a couple years now,shes a keeper for sure." Icmag user Bobcat1963

                    "It's been a while since I lost my Satori mom, I really miss that smoke, great uplifting sativa, hope it never leaves Mandala's catalog. " icmag user Tlapapa

                    "Satori is one of the best strains (sativa) I've ever smoked! I'm more of a indica guy but satori is really special!A friend lost a killer motherplant of satori a few years ago - The high was amazing strong with no paranoia and lasted for hours.We bought a few packs and hope to find that pheno again next year.. " Icmag user Kopernikush

                    "Agree the indicas got the strong stem like you was sayin...I found they don't respond well to vertical growing because theyre a bit too rigid and won't tilt their leaves sideways toward the light!

                    Very nicely grown and potent stash in here! Peace " icmag user Fly by Night

                    "Got some Satori from a friend recently and it´s very potent indeed. It´s the cut we selected at least 6 years ago and it´s still floating around town... Good yield, 70 day flowering time and very stinky and potent. Some light smokers can easily white out from this bud. I like it very much, but not for daily tokin. I get a kind of a hangover from it, almost like from drinking too much and it can make you feel quite lethargic. It´s more of a introspective high, that enhances your basic mood. So like psychedelics, you can also have a negative flash...
                    Ace " icmag user AceHaze

                    " Excellent report, singingcrow! You really hit the nail on the head regarding the structure and rigidity of Satori. I had a hard time training it to do ANYTHING. I topped it once, but couldn't really tie it down at all.

                    Smoke report was dead on, too. Mine was dieselly/perfumy, and soooo beautiful.

                    AceHaze - Good call with Satori not being an everyday smoke. It was VERY introspective, and could have a negative edge with overuse. Like any psychedelic, I had to respect it's intense effects and immense beauty." Icmag user Resistant

                    "Biggest pro is that I don't seem to have developed any tolerance to the stuff after more than 2 years of daily consumption. I've never encountered that before. " icmag user RB56
                    The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:



                      Satori continued..

                      Bat pheno / Indica dom pictures:

                      Final thoughts on Satori:

                      Keeper in my book. Seems to be for creative possibly slightly trippy at AAA+ quality.
                      The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:



                        MNS Mango haze

                        I live on the east coast by infamous NYC. Over here we have had the luxury of smoking 'Piff'. Still to this day I can taste the piff taste even at slightest thought of it. No exaggeration, it is the best overall weed I've ever smoked. Better than anything I've ever grown.

                        After reading through 48 pages of the ultimate Piff thread, which is a must read for any connoisseur. ( ) I've learned that the next closest thing to piff is Mr. Nice Seeds Mango Haze. Which brings me to my next topic. I need something like piff in my garden.


                        ^^ coctail frank's comparasion between Piff and MNS Mango Haze (copy and pasted below)

                        Side note: I have seen Piff/Uptown haze / Satori / Mango haze all been compared.

                        Mr. Nice Seeds Mango Haze as compared to Piff by Icmag user cocktail frank:

                        Frank's Fave Weed
                        first and foremost, let me tell you why i started growing weed in the first place.

                        i am from the east coast.
                        near a small town called New York City, maybe you've heard of it?

                        i have made many trips uptown (harlem) to buy weed since i began smoking around 15-16 years old.
                        i used to take the bus in before i could legally drive, then eventually drove myself. cabs, subway, whatever it took to get to 173rd ( biggest sacks i ever got)
                        i went for one purpose and one purpose only, to cop the uptown haze.
                        some may call it "piff" altho that term is thrown around too loosely these days.
                        but i been burning this shit since the early to mid 90's
                        best weed on the planet imo
                        anybody who has ever smoked it will attest to that.

                        one day i decided to grow my own (as most of us here do) with the sole purpose of finding something similar to the uptown.
                        i have grown over 100 strains in my quest to no avail.
                        grown tons from seed and just about every clone only strain i could find.
                        i found some real killer strains in my day, but none that stacked up.
                        then one day.............

                        i got a cut of Mango Haze.
                        a buddy found this cut from 1 pack of mango haze seeds from shanti.
                        the rest is history.

                        this is the CLOSEST thing to the uptown that i have ever grown (or tried from another grower)
                        she is fire, she is all i need.
                        if i could only grow one strain, it be this.
                        it wouldnt even be a close race to be honest.
                        a few heads have this cut and we all agree, it dont get much better.
                        if you love a killer sat high, she is for you.
                        if you are an indy head, im sorry for you.
                        she is no 8 weeks strain.
                        she goes at least 12 weeks, depending on if you like her a bit more stony.
                        i feel she still is like a punch to the face at 12.
                        but a straight to the moon soaring high.

                        now ive grown all sorts of "elites"
                        IMO this shits on any OG kush.
                        craps on chem d too.
                        not like they arent real special, but they cant touch this queen.

                        take a look around these forums, i dont bullshit about trees.
                        many know me and respect what i say.
                        i say go and get these beans if they are around.
                        if they arent around, wait for them, dont miss them!

                        now for some pix........

                        Pics courtesy of cocktail frank

                        ^^Look at that fucking beautiful fox tail!!! : )

                        Now more about the strain and its effects

                        Mr. Nice Seeds Mango Haze

                        Sativa ( I think?) : p
                        Uses/Effects: Great for outdoor activities, souring, intense, clean sativa high, but can be slightly trippy (if at all like the NY piff) and if too much smoked, uplifting, heady/cerebral

                        Quotes: ( i could barely find smoke reports..huh?

                        "This Mango Haze cut = The Uptown Haze

                        100% Without Any Doubts

                        Blew my mind when I smelt it for the first time. "
                        icmag user ARTofMAKINGfire

                        " Supposedly Shanti's favorite strain"

                        Final thoughts:

                        Clear cerebral high and great for outdoors. Seems to be the strain for daytime, assuming not too much is smoked at once. If clear enough, hopefully good for work also.

                        ~mr. gt
                        The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:



                          So I'm not sure which direction I am taking this thread. Basically putting all collected info on the strains in 1 thread. I am going to finish it up with which pheno's I will be hunting, how many days to finish and the reason I am choosing them. I will also have notes for myself. I would love to find others opinions on why they grow a certain strain and if its their favorite for a certain occasion.

                          Tom Hill Original Haze:
                          Phenos: Mint(acid?), purple, silver blue pheno?
                          Medium/nutes(from Tom): "Other than this I usually grow in soil, and go rather light on the feeding schedule."
                          Effects: Lime (acid pheno) "lots of people it gives um the paranoia, where they have a hard time hangin in a social atmosphere. sent many parties home early."
                          "friends have heard birds at night when theres no birds around, ringin in your ears. lights and such are vivid."

                          ^last pic supposed Golden/Columbian gold? version..holy moly huh

                          Originally Posted by TomHill
                          Hi B.Friendly,

                          The high is not consistent, this has always been my experience with this Haze. Regarding effect, most I'd rank as an up, cerebral, sociable, medium/high potency to varying degrees. Some though are incredibly friggen potent - a sometimes concerning intense high that lasts for 4+ hours. Of course these later types are the ones we enjoy most, or I do anyway. My experience has been that approximately 5% are absolutely outstanding, representing well this reputation/legend of the Haze high. There is some full-on hay in there too, I don't know, I guess I'd say that 10-20% piss me off as a waste of time? The vast majority of the line though falls somewhere between these two extremes. -Tom

                          I have had Original Haze that was almost like acid, unexperienced smokers would white-out or pass-out, or throw up after a toke or two...
                          Oh, and it was Euphoric to say the least. I would feel like I was floating in a cloud, or held in the hands of a comfortable giant, I had no need for anything, I was totally blissed. - Sam the Skunkman

                          "can you pick out the acid pheno just based on appearance? I thought from reading Tom Hill's descriptions of it, you won't know if you have found it until you smoke it, then there will be little doubt... "

                          Posted by Tom. I have a pack of these f2's : D

                          Though coming up here soon I will do a Deep Chunk/Haze F2 for an affordable price (40-45). This F2 would be what I'd bring to my "dropped off on a desert island" scenario . As well as an excellent starting point for a longer term breeding project. -Tom

                          Originally Posted by TomHill
                          Some facts about this line.

                          Posi stock "Original Haze" winter 95-96 (just before they closed up shop i believe), one of about 27 lines from 4-5 seedbanks brought back, all others quickly shitcanned .
                          Said to be in the high teens gen wise at that time, but still highly heterozygous in my observation.
                          I've put less than 10 generations on this line ending in an open pollenation before release. There has been zero of what i would refer to as "holes" in the pedigree under my care (all breeding plants (+-5%)in the ped were rockstars leading up to the OP round). A definate needle in a haystack line, always has been. One in twenty are keepers, the rest are well, hay .. God help us, i think we're sick


                          "Also, any tips on how to spot the best plants early on? I've hear of metallic smells during veg and resinous stems are the one's to keep and cull all the rest." - Big City

                          "but it is true... The very best examples I have had over the years also had resinous stalks in veg." - Tom Hill

                          "the lime green phenos are bomb...even if they look like schwag " - Raco

                          "it is my favorite plant on the planet - bar none." -Tom

                          "These Hazes are hard to kill...clone easily and they are hermie-proof ...I´ve tried hard (not chemicals so far) " - Raco

                          Lots of this info with Tom's input comes from this thread:

                          The past 3 strains have all been called peoples favorite smoke. That was 3 sativa's. I do have some indica Rez's Chemdog ibl, Tom's Deep chunk and deep chunk x haze f2's. Besides that I don't have many Elites.

                          I will continue to work on this and actually found another thread like this one, just not so pheno orientated with facts and what not here.... . That's kind of how I want to sum it up. That thread is 5 years old now..

                          ~mr. gt
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                          The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden:



                            Mango haze has been on my radar for a while!!!

                            Good luck with ur search. As im finding out its gonna take some time to sift through all those strains. Get it going. lol No time like the present.

                            I chose to go with small plants to test phenos, then run the best again to select down to 1 or 2 keepers per strain.

                            Wow just saw the acid phenol, that tom hills correct? that looks aweful interesting!!


                              Originally posted by Miraculous Meds View Post
                              Mango haze has been on my radar for a while!!!

                              Good luck with ur search. As im finding out its gonna take some time to sift through all those strains. Get it going. lol No time like the present.

                              I chose to go with small plants to test phenos, then run the best again to select down to 1 or 2 keepers per strain.

                              Wow just saw the acid phenol, that tom hills correct? that looks aweful interesting!!

                              Thank god I'm moving to a place where i have a whole 600 sq. feet to do with whatever I please! Pheno hunting sounds like just a lot of weed I need to smoke. haha

                              shh.. dont give away the secret. It's supposed to be a tease : p
                              The Ultimate Connoisseur Garden: