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The Search for Trip Weed

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    each to their own but the old bucket bong, aka gravity bong is something i was never a fan of,
    those things are terrible imho ,
    i would take a joint over them for sure ...

    its all about preferences and some of these things come down to tolerance aswell ,
    easy of delivery etc ,
    i was always a bong guy over any other method ...


      steam pipe bamboo bubbler all the way... with some cob... Thai Bliss i had flashbacks to that intense, moms coming, moment. funny. Also a simple double bubbler is wayyy cleaner than a single and less hard to clean than a triple.


        Donald and Thai Bliss - I've been reading and enjoying your conversation for many hours straight. Donald, I have to say I find all of your information about the region, people and culture of Thailand / SE Asia to be very spot on to my own experience about everything regarding ganja and culture in Thailand.

        20 years ago I had a girlfriend from Nakhon Phanom close to Mekong River and Laos border.(She now lives in Sweden, where I met her, but I haven't been in that village even though I was invited to come along before her grandmother passed away some 15 years ago. However I married another thai girl from Sisaket near Cambodian border further south, so I have spent lots of time in SE Asia; particularly Thailand, Isaan, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). She grew up with her grandmother who was a farmer and head of the village . The village primary crop was high grade weed along with some other vegetables. In fact she worked with trimming weed and following along when transporting it to various places in Thailand and Laos and further up north to the golden triangle. From what I understand ganja had been growing in the village for generations. She helped her grandmother from a very young age to about 18 years old. She is now 50+. In fact she came to Sweden due to a Swedish student doing field research for research paper about golden triangle region and drug culture in Thailand. That lead him to Nakhon Phanom where he met this beautiful 17 year old girl that he came to marry and bring to Sweden (obviously divorced now). She told me many stories of her life and how they smuggled large quantities of ganja covered with other crops like onions. Even though she was young she had to come along with the transport in case they were stopped by the police, the military or by the customs. Her job was to look cute and make the trip look more casual. In case of problems she would be the one who handed over a bribe to let them pass. I have since long lost contact with her, but I wonder if it is possible that they were growing the famous Thai stick or if this is too late (around 1979-87). Export to the US ended earlier/ end of Vietnam war, but maybe they kept growing the same stuff even later for other markets?

        I haven't tried what you refer to as Thai stick. However I do think I have experienced the high you are talking about at several occasions in SE Asia between 1992 and 2000. Luang Prabang and Pak Beng in Laos, Da Nang and Dalat in Vietnam, and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai (green seeded stuff) in Thailand. I have also encountered some good stuff that made me lose my speech for the first hour in Koh Samui - that was both scary and profound for several hours after that and had several stages from racy to clarity to visual distortions/cartooning. Stuff that made me and my friends laugh so hard for hours that the beach guards came to see what it was all about (Phuket). I would not/ could not stop laughing even if they would have arrested me. I was a heavy smoker at the time so it was by no means new to me with sativas even though maroccan hash was the most common Swedish staple. If we had buds to smoke in Sweden it came from Christiania/Copenhagen in Denmark or Amsterdam in Holland; both known for quality imports.

        Sorry for my poor English and rambling. You guys just bring up som good memories. I believe that the good kind is still out there. However Thailand is changing rapidly and making things legal so they can bring in tax money - similar to US. I am not sure that is for the good in regards to quality and future of super sativas.


          Do you happen to know more detailled: what was the Timeframe that they grew mainly Weed ? And how did they handle Pollination?

          I need every Info to determine the Breedingprocess that made the old Thai? Do you think they rather Bottlenecked the Strains? Did they select strong or lightly? Males were seemingly not dusting everything around the Villages and rather seperatly held.. Did they exchange Seeds alot with neighboring Villages, and were it rather Tribes or main Folks that grew that stuff?

          Alot questions, any Info helps!



            Thanks for posting your Thai experiences. Reading it put a big grin on my face. I love that cartoon-ish world feeling. Sativa highs that strong will send your mind reeling through different stages. Some people give up on it and judge it too quickly. If one can hang on, there are beautiful stages that blossom.

            I've sold or given away almost all of my belongings and have been living as a gypsy the last couple months. What a year. Covid-19, Trump, selling everything, quitting my job... I've also lost 40+ lbs of weight through diet changes and exercise. I'm hiking every day and getting in noticeably better shape. This has made me more than ready to foray into the tropics looking for a place to test the most S.E. Asian genetics I've been able to acquire. I travel next week to search for a place to stay in Costa Rica, finally!!! I'll keep an open mind and check out Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Ecuador. Volcanic soils, tropical sun, moderate temperatures at altitude, and ripening flowers in December/January!

            Maybe I'll get to see what Red Rider is up to. I haven't visited his threads in a while. I hope he is doing well.

            The real search is only just beginning! Pura Vida.


            The Search for Trip Weed:


              Hi Thai, wondered where you were. You going on a trip to seek pot trips, always tripping. Chellakutti from India got it done for me, by way of Khalifa. Glad to see you living the dream and making positive changes for yourself. I would guess you will do ok in your travels. Old enough to be wise, young enough to run or fight or bribe if needed. hehe Kidding, most of those places are ok with some caution.

              Red Rider would love to see you I am sure.


                Mr Bliss said: [QUOTEThis has made me more than ready to foray into the tropics looking for a place to test the most S.E. Asian genetics I've been able to acquire. I travel next week to search for a place to stay in Costa Rica, finally!!! I'll keep an open mind and check out Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Ecuador. Volcanic soils, tropical sun, moderate temperatures at altitude, and ripening flowers in December/January![/QUOTE]

                Wow, not many people get to do this. Or want to! Sounds like an adventure. Good luck man.

                'If you want to live outside the law... you've got to be honest'. R Zimmerman.


                  I got some bokeo Laotian seeds romanoweed
                  they were freebies in my last Kwikseeds order


                    This is a smoke review from the old Overgrow website, by a grower called Kenny Dopesmoker. I think it is very important when it comes to getting the most out of landrace sativas - curing.


                    Grower Report - Kenny dope smoker on February 1, 2005, 2:15 pm
                    Zambian Copper from African Seeds rated 7.14

                    With this strain curing has got to be at LEAST 6 - 7 weeks, and I'll tell you why, as I cured it i checked it daily (smoked for potency) from 4 weeks on, and it was nice, but it was only mild, I could smoke 1 joint after another and still want more thinking I'm building up a tolerance....BUT all that changes at about 7 weeks curing, it's like a switch a has been flicked, one day it's a nice mild smoke, then the next....WALLOP, both of them were the same in terms of curing for ages and then out of the blue it just kicks in.

                    The high of this weed is different to say the least, well to me it is anyway, the 73 day plant was pretty trippy, and at one point felt like I was on poppers, head pounding, along with my heart, body buzz, quite intense, but pleasant, but the 90 dayer was all in the head, hardly any body buzz at all and the high lasts for a good 2 - 3 hours, more of a daydreamer weed, but still trippy, good daytime smoke.
                    The rest of the Overgrow Strain database is here - a great overview of strains available in the mid-2000s:



                      So I had a Oaxacan Verde Limon that went hermie. I put it outside and recently pulled it for security reasons. It yielded around 20 seeds. I had not smoked in 3 months so low tolerance. I did 3 hits and got a really euphoric and noid free high that was sativa in nature. It was quite spacy as well. The Chellakutti I have has more trip or weird vibe to it but this is quite trippy even so. I have another growing and will harvest in a couple months or less.


                        Great thread! Makes me long for the Thai & Colombian we got in a small town 54 Degrees north in B.C. in the late 70s & early 80s. All those seeds treated as a nuisance and tossed without a care. *Sigh!* Got a pack of Mr. Nice "Walkabout" in the fridge l want to pop 4 to 6 once l get space & second hand knowledge to turn into firsthand knowledge on growing these types of sativas from threads like this, eh? Hoping to get the elusive "New Guinea" from that mix pack from reading this thread. l am guessing it would be the smallest seed in the mix from what l have read on forum posts here. Salute to all the intrepid growers out there keeping the trip weed alive around the world!

                        Glen Vowell


                          So I smoked some Chellakutti from two different plants. Got a decent high but nothing too tripped out. I have been smoking pot everyday and more than once a day now so tolerance is not low. The Manipur is trippier and intense and this is FAN leaves, but this strain is still new to me with maybe 10 times smoking it. All strains seem to be more potent or tripped out the first time and then maybe for some time after. After that, all have lessened in effect for me. I smoked Panama Red the other day and no real trip. That was one of my go to strains to get tripped out so....

                          Still looking for 'trip weed'. That would be very above average in trip effect even after smoking it for a good while. Hopefully it would work without taking a long break from any smoking. That may not happen. There is a easy way to grow shrooms involving brown rice that is ready to eat from a bag. They cook it for you and seal it sterile, it can be found at any market. You just add some spores by way of syringe and be careful about being sterile, and shrooms!! I will try it but really would rather smoke pot for trips. I like shrooms but that lasts 6 hours and I just would rather not get involved with stuff other than pot, but will give it a go.


                            we have been growing for 20yrs, and only once have we grown excellent/trippy weed- and it was a cheap/cheap nirvana jock horror seed- it was kick-ass- unfort being old and stupid , didnt take any cuttings, and we have gone thru '3' packs looking for that special lady, and haven't found her - also went thru a pack of jack herer, with similar results - all good weed, but def not special...


                              I havet grown shrooma and havenr partaken in years...i got some valuable inaigt when i dd trip in curently growing a couple of the legal mescaline cactus, but wouldnt mind trying to grow a few shrooms.


                                ^^ I may try to grow shrooms using the Spiderman method or Uncle Ben. Real easy but have to get spores first and those are illegal here in cali.