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Cherry Pie's parents?

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    Originally posted by DIDM View Post

    not just Durban, F1 is a strain as well
    Don't believe the retarded "cook fam" it's gdp/durban poison x paki chitral kush

    that's the f1 durban so many people get this wrong the cherry pie kush is by St George not the fookie fam


      Originally posted by Ineedmoney444 View Post
      rarely see the real cherry pie with f1 durb in it.
      Rarely???? It's never cuz the real deal is gdp x durban poison not f1 durb jeez


        Originally posted by Danksmith View Post
        Cherry pie and gsc were conceived in the same room... At the time the cookie guys were running floridah, GDP, and f1 x durb.. The f1/durn threw dicks and pollinated floridah making cookies and GDP making cherry pie...

        That was always my understanding of it at least...

        The slash is interchangeable with the x ...... Dunno why people started don that but I do as well now... Only on the d1/durb tho.... Lol

        So cherry pie = GDP x (f1 x durb)(r)

        You were lied to man
        How can cookies be the sister plant?!?!?! They cannot be cuz gsc
        Is hermed bagseed cherry pie kush which is gdp/durban poison x paki chitral kush
        durban poison x gdp is cherry pie the cookie fam are a bunch of hunched backed trolls spreading lies all over the Web fuck the cookie fam all of em


          Originally posted by WaxyTaxi
          Any one heard of Napoleon's cut of cherry pie?

          Glad to know the durbs in it for sure.

          I smoked some really good dp a while back.

          This thing is a real rooter and grower. Serious. Growth.

          Only problem I keep hearing around here seems to be flavor, and I know I've read that if it's done outdoor it's great, while indoors is a pickle to dial in.

          I have on one of the threads here on the mag. He may be the breeder or maybe someone in the circle from back in '06-'07 due to Highonpottery being the first to make any posts on cherry pie which he was gifted SEEDS from a anonymous friend unnamed from Humboldt maybe that unnamed guy is napoleon or maybe napoleon is part of the circle


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