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Looking to resurrect some Mighty Mite, who's got some?

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    Looking to resurrect some Mighty Mite, who's got some?

    Hello, I have been working on some outdoor early flowering strains a few years ago and put that on hold when my friends started to bring around some awesome auto crosses that I have been working on outdoors since.

    Recently acquired some texada timewarp and it really made me think about other famous canadian outdoor strains that might work in my climate.

    Looking to see what kind of forms it is still around in, I understand it was getting crossed to a bunch of things back ion the day, just wondering whats still around or if it has been lost as new strains came into the scene

    Check out outdoor selections, they are working with freezeland, mighty mite, Manitoba poison, guerilla gold and other fine strains.

    DFG did very good in the north. Freezeland is a must. ✌


      ive got some mm in the vault i think... and some geurilla gold
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