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New IC Strain Guide is here!

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    New IC Strain Guide is here!

    OK folks, thank you for your patience. Our new Strainguide is now up and running here:

    Everyone can view the strainguide now, and members can add new information into it (but not new members).

    You can add new strains (for any breeder), new grow reports on any strain, comments on a strain or breeder, links back to your grow journal, images even videos!

    Breeders can get their own page where they can put up a logo, description of their seed biz, manage their strains, etc. Check with Gypsy for an OK so we can add you to the breeders list.

    Read the Help page first to understand how the new system works and what you can add to it.

    Have fun!

    P.S. Big thanks to Sleepy for helping me out!

    If you are a NEW MEMBER you cannot post anything in the new Strainguide, so don't complain about it.

    Very Nice,Thanks!
    To Whom it may concern!


      woooooow gives me sumthing more to read and go threw page by page..goodjob IC


        nice work, very useful guide




            great job
            Grow thread.

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              Under Ace seeds, you have China Yunnan listed twice (same info).


                killer- great job!!
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                  Thank you Skip

                  Good job

                  I N Hail
                  Grapevine Seeds test grow,,Key x SBBX4

                  Strains i want to try,,,ALL
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                  stayhigh stayhappy
                  on the roof waiting on willie

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                    Great, keep up the good work


                      Just a reminder...
                      Anyone with a grow thread can link that to the strain in the strainguide. Just go to the strain and click on "Add link". Put a title & the URL to your grow thread and it's done.

                      Also you can summarize your grow with a grow report. It's a little bit of work, but it will enable ppl to quickly review your grow and it will be linked back to the strain page (and you can also link your grow report back to your grow thread too!

                      Of course any member can comment on strains, breeders and grow reports.

                      So watcha waitin' for?


                        Also: Any breeders can get added to the list. Just contact Gypsy about it.

                        If you're already on the breeder's list, you can add custom info to your page including logo, description of your business, even a video! Just let me know via PM. I can post your content up for you, or give you access to your breeder page & your strain pages so you can customize them...


                          Hey, Skip...thanks for the hard work, man. Appreciated.


                            Hi Skip,
                            Very nicely done, I am not seeing all of the text. when you click on a strain, the text on the right side is hidden (can't see all of it). Thanks.


                              This really kicks ass,nice job!!

                              Add Reservoir Reports here: