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    Hello my cannabis friends, I want to be honest with you, I love cannabis to smoke for recretation purpose, for ganja smoke joint cigarret of marijuana. And i'm 100% with all of you, low odor in today city is a must, for nice and friendly neighbor moral and conduct to respete other people dont smoke, the low odor strains have a nice secure background, because if low smell, you can smoke in your home without neighbor notice.
    What avoid? Skunk or Afgana strains, that smell like hell!!!! Critical+, Critical Bilbo, Critical Mass, and similar strains like diesel.

    Saying that, i will recommend Kalichakra (is breed for low smell and very nice recreational high)

    OldtimerHaze from ace seeds, the smell is low, you need to stay like 3 meters to detect, some plants less, and propably you detect cannabis plant because of the visual leaf shape than the odor.

    Some phenotypes of OldtimerHaze smell like wood when you rubb the stem, others some kind of incense, others like tropical smell with some kind of oxided metals air smell... there is variation in types of smell, but all shares low smell. is my fist time growing OTH, I will report here in icmag the smoke report. but low smell is a big plus and OTH have this very nice feature. Old smokers say good things about colombian weed, and OldtimerHaze from Ace Seeds is hybrid colombian weed ,and low smell, my friends I thing we have nice combination of characteristics for ganja purpose,

    Also sexbud, from female seeds, smelled like pinapple. Discrete because people dont notice like cannabis smell, most people correlates cannabis to skunk or critical + smell, but the effect of this plant dont like, get paranoia when 2-3 cigarretes of marijuana. Baaaaad!

    The plus ultra summon grail for ganja recreation purpose is Destroyer, there is some phenotype that produce low, and there is low smell, but oh my friends if you like nice head high and worry about smell, go Destroyer from cannabiogen, you can start laught without reason at all, enjoy the moments of life, have fun and optimistic talk, sounds and music feel very nice, sometimes feel spiritual state of mind, but im agnostic, i dont know how is possible i can feel spiritual feeling if i dont belive in god??????? but is nice, feel like i forgive all misstakes and only worry about future for be better person.

    Now im growying OldtimerHaze from ace seed, Destroyer from cannabiogen, Honduras and etiope from ace seeds, and all of this share the low smell, of if smell, smell like incense or tropical fruits or woods, if that make sense... smell but not like cannabis at all. I grow for recreation, not for terapeutic purpose, in my opinion Destroyer and Etiope and Honduras is absolutly nice plant for recreation purpose and have good active fun or elevation mood or euforia spiritual feelings , and low smell, at last in every packet you have 1-2 low smells. Im crossing all of this with OTH (breeded in United States of America with best colombian strains of yesterday) for ganja purpose. And my friend, this strain is perfect because it smells discrete and the smells are fantastic!!!,...

    I can feel your problem, mainly because in past i had that problem: neighbor dont like weed, and smell is a problem for discretion grow, y smoked Honduras and Etiope, from ace seeds, and Honduras have 1-2 plants in every packet that smell like paint solvent geranium smell, discrete and not typical odour of marijuana. And etiope smell like earth cigar smell, also 1-2 plants in every packet suits discrete odour smell and the smell is not related to typical cannabis smell...

    For end:
    Kalichakra (breeded for low smell!)
    OldtimerHaze (I dont smoked this strain, but growing now, very low smell!!)
    Sexbud (very bad high!)
    Etiope (1-2 plants very low smell, rest low smell, depending on luck)
    Honduras (1-2 plants very low smell, not typical cannabis smell, like geranium or paint solvents)
    Destroyer: absolutly amazing strain, now im crossing Destroyer x OTH

    Forget diesel or skunks strains, Afghani too, because smell similar of hachis.

    Hope it helps, best of luck internacional cannabis lovers!!!


      Great thread. I have been growing GG4, and moving to small house with neighbors everywhere. Was used to one acre property. GG4 is based on sour diesel, which smells through any bag I have ever used.