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    hey j roc glad i found the thread will make sure to stop in once in a while
    haha 2-3 times a year u get lucky?? DONT LOSE HOPE!! i know u can raise those #'s



      hmm what to spend the 100$ i got from my dad for my birthday?
      I KNOW!

      dude lets smoke some and **** with the rabbit! aww no way man!

      in that 3rd small above. those 2 plants next to eachother are the exact same age. if u can even see the one on the right..


      poor dewey :(

      dude.. i cant beleive core posted on my thred!
      not that everyone who posted here isnt super elite
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        Nice bunny man, my girl likes it... tell dewey we said sup nice bagseed you got around here man, and nice ****ing taste in music, as you can probably tell by my name I am a manson fan as well, more of his older stuff though.... you seem like a real cool dude... I assume you are in the south? No need to answer... sucks here though. Anyways that male looks pretty big how long you plan on letting it go? till full pollenation?

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          that a male 4 sure


            Hey J ROC, Thanks for stopping by my thread. I love your setup!

            I am almost done with my NEW setup. I took two 22gal. rubbermaids and put them together w/ some white paint and a couple fans. I am just trying to get some 42 watt 6500k compacts, cant find them at any stores???

            But I am revegging that pink pistil plant and she is already pretty big again, I will post some new pics soon, but I have been busy starting my new seeds I bought Northern Light/Early Pearl. 3 seeds started and 3 seeds germinated as of today. I am very happy so far.

            FYI: I think I read somewhere that those CLEAR CELLULOSE PAPERS have all been recalled for some health problem. BEWARE MAN. although I tried them too before I read what I read, they look cool.

            And cut that male soon bro, or you will have some serious seeds on your hands, I would let your COOL RABBIT eat it, he will appreciate it. LOL!

            MIS AMIGOS
            :smoker: :pimp3: :bandit: :rasta: :sasmokin: :smoke: :joint:

            Later, Love, and Peace! DRKN_MNKY420


              J-Roc...its tme 2 burst your bubble my friend.....i'm not a 'elite' member bro...i'm a super newbie that is only growing for about a year or so......
              i just rock at growing weeds i think ...:wink:

              No serious man the setup...and the bunny hehehe...but what happend 2 ya arm if a may ask ??



                haha i love the vibes in this thread. good shit
                sweet you like sublime...they are sick
                i just saw g love and slightly stoopid in concert.

                hey keep up the growin j roc



                  Its summer time and the livins easy, now time for me to find a rabbit for my grow im jealous lol


                    Nice work, dude.

                    Is your avatar related to Jamie Kennedy?

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                      Awe hell, I missed your birthday? Hope it was a good one! I been too hot & tired. Works kickin my @ss, not to mention this heat. Bearly manage to water the plants before crashin again. Got a long weekend coming up. Need some R&R and got to finish up my closet for flowering.

                      Happy Birthday dude!




                        Yo Bro, Nice Grow, looks like a good show, Hope ya get some real nice nugs, you're bunny gettin lots o love, and here's a sidecar for that cheeb, and I'm pullin up a chair to watch yo weed!!
                        Seriously, lookin good, and thanx for stoppin by my grow, I have some updates for ya over there.. See ya around......... L8R The Goat
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                          jamie Kennedy?????? This aint the "BU" fool this be the mofkn trailer park, up here with the microphone assassin, the pimp of sunnyvale J to the R.O.C

                          Yo J squid is doin ok, love the coloring now, goota love it when your skin turns green, yellow and purple at the same time.

                          Plants are looking great, should have quite a show about to start up in here
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                            Hey buddy, very cool setup u got there even the plants look healthy GOOD JOB! LOL I loved to see that rabbit u got with weed i bet he smokes too lmfao jk. i got a bunch of animals too at home cats,birds,pigeons,a talking parrot & a rooster & when i'm wasted sometime i love playing with the cats but not the rooster coz he always wants to fight lol evrytime i try to touch him he fights back lol.
                            take care grobro i'll be watching ur grow.
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                              Whats up J-Roc cool thread man, That rabbit looks stoned himself Anyways thought I would stop in say hello...

                              Until next time be safe and take care!
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                              Keep it clean, keep it green!
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                              If there's ever anything I can help with, feel free to pm me!


                                Hey J-Roc
                                I've been checking out your cool crib also. Nice work with that bagseed. You could really turn out some great stuff with that setup. That shows us all what can done with a small setup, and it has great potential.

                                Nice Work!!!