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    There's HOPE for you yet J-Roc! Girl is looking good!

    I haven't put mine to 12/12 yet, but will soon. Weird that one has shown but not the others. I have HOPE too! Ha!



      aight i know not much is goin on but its my birthday today. so ima get fried and take pictures and ur gonna like it!

      if im not trippin. shes already lot a very light frosting on some of the leaves. and she even smells like dope already. IM FREAKIN OUT MAN!!!!!

      k+ to everyone who posted
      NAWM SANE!!
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        Happy B-day man



          Damn it, man. Happy Birthday. You prepare shitakes? Got a callous on the inside of your index finger? Fingers that can withstand the fires of hell? Being in a different kind "weeds"? If ya do, ya know what I'm talkin about!

          If ya don't, you're lucky

          I'll smoke a phatty for you're b-day too!
          I think I have found sanity in the asylum:smoke:


            J-Roc, Happy Birthday! Those photos are looking great man. Go fire up a blunt and hop on that McGill. Just for irony, sparks up and throw down a couple "boneless ones"(just for old school sake)
            With those good looking plants, I hope you're NOT boneless.
            Fiya Up!

            ..I'll put one in the air for you.


              Happy Birthday. Thats a good looking girl. Keep it up.


                ah wonder I didn't find ya yet...was lookin in the Grow Diaries section there. I guess I should just follow links in sigs eh?

                Cool shit bro Nice and stealth and very efficient

                Great lookin lady you got there...looks like you're being good to her, so I'm sure she'll do the same for you

                Oh snap! Happy B-Day Dude!

                Here's giving some hope to HOPE

                Hope you don't mind if I hang in your trailer for a bit....I'm growing dope in mine
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                  hello J-Roc...

                  hia dude ...Nice stealthy setup man...its looking realy nice...i'm shure it will do its job verry well...Nway found my way here i'm tuned :smile:



                    J-Roc, I Came by your crib with 2 hot girls I meet on the beach to see if you wanted go out with us for your birthday but you were not home. Happy belated BIRTHDAY anyway !


                      YO YO, dog in da J hizzy
                      Happy b day J
                      Get some pics up bro, how is the squid doin?
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                        happy birthday and nice plants J-Roc


                          THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISH's
                          anything i can give you an excuse to post about do so.
                          i love posts on my threads! all i do is sit here and look at grows so i want mine to be like 300 pages to go through.. or at least 20 before i kill it and start a new thread.

                          Dr Dog, i dunno! your the doctor! you tell me! does it look any better?!

                          as for regular updates. hope hasent done much.. got bigger in general. bigger preflowers and more crystals.. cant really tell yet on the cam. heres her haveing a peak outside.

                          now the boys on the other hand.. are actually still alive.. and not only that there still frickin growing. and there pretty. so ill post pics of them

                          As usual K+ to everyone who posted.
                          J-Roc's Crib______________________________I G RW i N G
                          The 150w HPS Club and Resource Guide


                            thanks for dropping by! happy belated birthday!

                            your plants look great! i love how clean and stealth your setup is.
                            best of luck!
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                              Took me a while, but dam dude nice babys you have J-Roc.

                              Bro thats some big ass hickie you got on your arm.

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                                Happy birthday!

                                Do you plan on making seeds?