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Mega 120k watt warehouse grow

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    Mega 120k watt warehouse grow

    full disclosure, this place is gone and by most forgotten, its was a time, its over now, i started telling the tale to keep the dream alive, but to be honest its just to share and document a thing that happend, its like in pineapple express.... place done blown up, so to speak. i will talk later about its downfall, but its a happy story, the paper work all was were it needed to be, and things moved along nicely for a time, but ya, its over,
    sorry for the present tense enjoy!

    So this is my first thread and it will b a work in progress, im gonna show yall how we do.
    basically this warehouse is mega, ill b posting sets of pics as often as i can, hoping to spread the works and show off a lil bit, hope you enjoy!!!

    this pic gives an idea of how large the "tents" are, about 35 to 40 lights each, in three rows usually all together, about 7 to 9 plants 18 to 25 inches tall at the time of flip to 12.12

    transplanting is an everyday thing, plants go from clone in 1inch rockwool cube into these 1gal containers, then veg for a week or 2 then transplant into 3 or 5 gal containers depending on the strain and growing time. we grow primarily in promix hp plus perlite, but switch from time to time to coco (NF bricks).

    This is a corner of the veg area for younger plants in 1gal pots,
    lights are kept high for a few days until plants are "hardened off" then lights are lowered to about 18 to 24 inches above the plants. vegging is done primarily with 1k watt lites, but there are a few 6oos in the mix. also i got a deal on these hortilux super blue bulbs and use them for vegging.... I LOVE THESE LIGHT BULBS, but the are cost prohibitive, i think the deal i got was a mistake on the part of my local growstore (god bless the mistakes in my favor, because) i don think id ever pay what they want for these bulbs, but they are so sick like a 4oow MH in a 1000watt bulb with a 6oow hps, crazy......

    This is an older pic from veg when we were using 6inch rockwool cubes, some nice plants here, wish my pics were better, sorry they arent' but it thin they get the idea across we use t5s primarily over moms and infirmary style for plants that don belong w the healthy 1s. ha , they get bumped to t5 land.... and sometimes disappear to personal grow land... only the best for the tents.

    ok ok ok
    some nug pics, just a tease tho....

    this is "tent 1" it's 3 rows of lights separated by 2 coridors, very little light overlap, kinda poorly designed to be honest, as temps rose steadily in this tent, i got frustrated and cut a hole at each end and stuck fans in the holes creating a super gust from end to end, pulling cool air in one end and pulling hot air out the other end. if i could get in them mind of the mofo who built these tents, i would change the 6inch light ducting to 8inch, that would make a big diference
    these plants are roughly in week 2

    Heres another pic of tent 1.... one row of lights on the right are out.... these look early week 3 to me, not entirely sure, but ill show u more later, any questions just shoot them to me, im here to share and learn and skrew around a lil bit too.

    like i said this is my first thread so any rep. bump is appreciated and ill b adding 2 this more n more hope it gets some attention (is that wrong of me?) HA
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    just keep being a good Goy..


      Damn that's a beautiful sight
      Thanks for sharing your mega grow


        Love it !! Ill be watching this one for sure. Peace LL
        Anything is possible as long as you dont have to do it

        CFL Grow Box

        Mammoth P Microbes


          pics from the farm.... of buds

          poor poor focus sorry guys, but this is a tasty blue dream nug, about week 6 im geussing, as u see the sativa qualities are a lil hard to satisfy, leaf tips curl down from over watering and over nutrients, but the pots dry up and u must give water rite? and its alot of work to mix just for the blue dreams, and they produce fine and taste.... so fine
          we cut almost everything at 9 or 8 weeks, but i truly believe the blu dream needs to go ten at leaset.... its a sativa

          better focus, this is more blu dream its a tasty one, not too stretchy our cut is from the bay area its the real deal blu dream i love it

          blu dream w the lights on growing about week 4 or 5 im guessing on this one about seven plants per light because they tend to b a lil more stretchy, we yeilded over one and a half pounds per light, this is a row of twelve lights in a single line about three feet apart w six inch ducting

          another shot of the blu dream row about week four ish
          a nice corner shot of the room, most of those plants visible are.... u guessed it, blu dream,
          since its a high yeilder and popular flav we run it often and its a yummy delight to grow and smoke,
          so long as temps stay moderate and soil is allowed to stay moist so not having to be watered every day, the leaf undercurl is avoided plants look nicer without it, don't they?
          watch out for those stakes....

          some real chunky durban poison nugs about week six, this is another strain i would like to see go to ten weeks, although not my personal fav it is a crowd pleaser. also durban is a great yeilder imo

          some tasty lookn plants, prolly bubba kush or ISS, i know thats hard to confuse, but they are the 2 most likely to run out that purple at the end of flowering... pretty aint they?
          its times like this i wish i had a decent camera oh well, i suppose these convey the idea


          purple ISS nugs
          these plants sat in the coolest spot at the fan side of the end of the tent and they really got a skeet skeet skeet of icey ac air the entire flowering time, plus in tent 2 where they live fewer lites run so temps stay moderate, but the ac still rages on as it should
          our iss cut is nothing to write home about, it smells nice grows ok n yeilds ok but it don't smoke that iss sweet island skunky iss flavor, it smells it but don't smoke it fully flavors don come thru
          good thing there is plenty to choose from

          side note
          RARE DANKNESS seeds win cannabis cup.... wtf, i love it, i bought a ton of these seeds earlier this year so glad to see usa peeps representing in amsterdam, cuz the medical cups here are awesome don get me wrong but amsterdam does it right.... even tho the busts this year are a downer, i still would give a nut to go one year during the cup

          tasty yummies
          really yummy
          n tasty

          ok last pic my fav strain of all that im holdn right now, and i know these plants dont look so happy but its flush time and i like to let them dry fully between flush waterings
          may i present to you
          Bubba Kush

          another side note
          im starting my first breeding project, have chosen blackwater from cali connect seeds as the father to my chem4 from caliconnect and the bubba from california dispensary as clone that we grow at the mega warehouse.
          so i did that cross have 2 sets of seeds the chem4 by black water and the buba by blackwater, and i have no more chem 4 moms but stilhave a bubba mom or 2 of course.
          and i have kept clones of the original blackwater father,
          i am right now preparing to start the chem4blackwater seeds and polinate w blackwater pollen
          any ideas??? suggestions?
          ive been reading some threads about seed popping, because i dont have many and these are kinda important, altho i consider the bubbakush blackwater cross more vital, its good to start w the other set i believe

          tillnext update,
          i may show off some of the smaller grows i do as well in this strain, just cuz its easier to manage, is that allowed here, im guessing so.

          lemme kno what yall think

          the sun is seriously fixn to come up on me....
          dang u sun


            $100,000+ operation and a $2 camera.


              u r the first to say that big dog, but wont be the last
              its the camera on my cell phone,
              the only thing i keep on me when im working, so it's just a convenience thing, i shoot a pic email it to myself and its done, thats that
              really i do apologize for showing such grandeur thru such squalor
              does that make sense?
              dang u sun....
              ya its like pearls before swine to use such a shite camera on such a huge op.... but that's what im left w... my celly camera


                i respect the work that goes into all this.

                what's your goal with the blackwater? I believe it would only add flavor and maybe some color to your projects.


                  thanks 4 the respect BD, it certainly is a ton of work keepn up w a place like this mega, my lady manages the schedule so all i have to worry about is the plants n gettn enough sleep

                  make a tasty new treat, kush on kush , i dunno, flavor and color, bag appeal and puffn pleasure, those all sound like good goals
                  when blackwater first hit there was alot of hype around it, but i think it kinda went no place, maybe it was inferiour maybe it got swallowed up by the ever expanding market of breeders and seeds, but i jst thought that a purple or black OG variety couldn't be a bad breeding stock, to cross back into these two tasty kush mamas

                  any suggetionson a diff. father for the next cross? im all for ideas, or maybe some other female strain that would go good w the blackwater
                  i m gettn off topic
                  dang u sun, im gon sleep now
                  thanks for the interest,
                  IC mag keeps gettn better 4me


                    sigpic In all my time, I have learned that the "key", is as simple as "dedication". When you decide that you are going to go for something, and you don't let anything stand in your way, you open the door for great things to happen. And once you have made it that far, after having known what things look like from the bottom, you may find that the view from the top, is that much sweeter.


                      Looks epic, I dream about stuff like this

                      Looking forward to bigger and better pics.


                        4x400w Vertical Donuts!

                        ** Any and all posts made by me are purely hypothetical and fictional in nature. I do not grow or condone the growing of anything illegal. Every picture I post is widely available on the internet. **


                          I wish one of these Super Pot Marts would open up in my town!


                            u never kno....

                            Originally posted by scallywag View Post
                            I wish one of these Super Pot Marts would open up in my town!
                            there could be one rite around the way u never kno


                              Wow you are like the ultimate waterboy, props....;-)