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richyrich hydro tea recipe if perfectly compatible for organic hydro

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    Originally posted by Outcold View Post
    and what is the amount in 1 scoop of Great White?
    1 tsp or 5 mill


      i beat slime by adding a little bleach to the res every week but i just moved to a location where we will be using non-chlorinated well water so i'm considering living options. sterile works great but if there are additional benefits to bacteria, i am very interested. has anyone used this sort of thing as a deterrent/solution for root aphids?


        well i can say after 2 weeks of running this tea recipe in my rez with GH micro/bloom i am getting healthier white roots then ever before. it took a little while an i was skeptical at first running it with hydro. but i am sticking with it for awhile now for sure!!!!!

        within days i seen improvement on all my coco seedlings an mothers. very noticeable in the coco.

        now i dont sterilize my hydro systems, an im thinking it took a little while for the tea to take over. Positive rep richy rich. easily one of the best things i learned here at IC in awhile!!!!!!

        b-safe & thank you!!!!


          I thought I would chime in here and add some positive hype to your thread since I feel bad you got ripped off so hard.

          I used your tea years back. I really enjoyed the smell and producing my own tea. I fed it to my plants in dwc and they reacted really well. The small cuttings grew bigger roots during their one month in veg. The buds also smelled different. (I didnt like the manure undertone) I would recommend the tea to anyone. It adds an organic element to the grow thats simple and fun. Some negatives for me where the cleanup and mess. Some of the ingredients where hard to source in Canada and I had to use alternatives that contained the same beneficials. Products like the General Hydroponics Subculture series. However this raised the cost to produce tea by tons.

          Even though this was years ago, I did thank heisen-stealer. So I thought I would thank you now.



            Your thread was the first thread i found on EWC, i have read your thread and most of the others. I have yet to use the tea and will be trying it very soon, i went the sterile root and i am constantly getting root rot. I have a chiller and use all the correct measures, every time i try now i have now luck when just adding great white powder into the res, it doesn't seem to do much. Maybe im adding too much as the roots come out of the hydroton already brown, when i rip out the stunted cuttings the roots look rotted when they exit the rockwall cube. The root look very brown, the ones that are already down into the water have a slime, not like your pics but like the exreat from the bennies. Bio slime if you must call it, maybe they are causing the roots to be stunted as im adding too much powder?

            Anyway, big props to you, much respect, any advice id appreciate it.