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    Yes! I am!!! and how good it is to be alive eh Indy?
    I'm young.. I have the best hobby in the world, along with the best teachers.. damn right it's good to be alive


      nice brother! everything is huge and bushy ... i love it. looks like a jungle in there. gonna be fun come trimming time.


        What a nice surprise to have you out here here lurking my Brotha!

        Thank you so much dude and i and few others would be very quick to agree with you on that purple: anyone seeking sour you hve come the wrong way, first you are hit by the sweetest purple aroma you can imagineand then the sweetness carries over into the taste of super sweet purple candy, which are both just a prelude to what to me is sort of an upgraded indica of yesteryear: its high is totally mellow but in no means weak or one sided at the same time not being too complex and thought provokingin a nutshell it focuses your mind on the here and nowand physically relaxing all muscles and relieving all tensions, cant think of a better vacation herb especially after a long day of hiking and climbing if thet was your choice if activities. I know some peoples choice is just relaxin on the beach in "relax overdrive" if that makes any sense.

        That state of mind carries strait over into dining mode where the conversation goes on as your own, in other words not dictated by too much thought as with say....... thai....=

        to make a long story short which i all ready fucked up, i just must agree with ya homie on this most splendid purple

        Oh man and to get a big giant wave and HHHHHHHHHHHHHHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii from the wife and kids!!!!! Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Indeed Indy,especially just and age is just a state of mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thank you Raq, trimming time will indeed be a bowl of monkeys!!!! Woooooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Peace and love my brothas!!!!


        Nam myoho renge kyo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Bonzo BoUnCeS back...

        FREEDOM for BONZ

        "When one objectively acknowledges, accepts, and embraces one's weaknesses; they in fact, no longer continue to be that."(PTD)


          Hiya Bonz
          man, you know I always love all your work, but those C-13 Sheesh bonz - you're gonna have budz for weekz from those 3! Lovin the black leaf too - I'll be interested in hearing your opinion of her compared to the OGK-A. Keep up the strong work my friend!
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          Secret to happiness #3 - Grow a nice stash.

          Flowering now!:

          !Thanks to my friends! ...


            hehe, flying around saying hello BONZO!
            i just love the positive vibes on your threads man, persist in what it gives you the power to do all THIS!

            things are going on big time at my place, being slowed down by a backacke a little but all good in the big picture, i'm working on my mind a lot and more and i'm loving it for the first time in my life instead off having depressions after

            hugs to ya buddy, pufff puffff passs
            Growing every day of our lives


              WOW nice setup! Haven't seen this thread before and I have a ton of questions so can't wait to read through all the info. Since I am legally limited to growing 6 'mature' plants in my grow I have been looking to go BIG, and I think you've shown me the answer.



                what up brother Bonzo. Its been a while and the peanut gallery here is getting a little restless.
                I really want to see some monsters YAH YAH woo woo.

                Hope all is good and your feeling well
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                Study- being alive may lead to increased risk of death.posted by thcbound
                It's all about the benjamins... and trust me,... this govt understands very well franklinese. As do the asshats on capitol hill. They SPEAK Franklinese better than anyone. posted by srplantmanager
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                  Originally posted by Bonzo
                  Howdy Homies!


                  Woooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  peace and love


                  Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
                  Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
                  Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
                  damn, bONZ...its been a sure are a forest ranger, eh? hehehe

                  beautiful plants, but where does one take a shower?!?!?!

                  here's a few dudes dropping in for ya!

                  peace, bro
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                    heyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! he, he , he!!!!!!! How are my bestest friends in the whole growin' world?????? I MISSED YOU ALL' SO MUCH!!!!!! Man you guys are the raddest most gnarly green thumb godzillas ive ever been so fortunate to have jump into my life (well actually theres some other crazy cats on another thread that are just as gnarly: ~~~~~~Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~ :Together were like one baddass team: With a 50' sloop? sailing the oceans in search of the perfect wave, taking with us a boatload(he he he!!!) of biulding materials and WHATEVER IT IS WE CAN FIT TO HELP REBIULD The local islands we may come accross to help put them back on a positive rebiulding course!!!!! (ill explain further when i have more time) I GOT SOME PICS!!!! Sorry if they suck. but i have more, these sre just a teazer squeezer! =

                    Cush^^^^^^^Lookin mighty mighty!!!! Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo



                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                    Last edited by Bonzo; 02-25-2008, 00:59.
                    Bonzo BoUnCeS back...

                    FREEDOM for BONZ

                    "When one objectively acknowledges, accepts, and embraces one's weaknesses; they in fact, no longer continue to be that."(PTD)


                      Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Buddha-dude! Come visit our island! We need you here!


                        ......supp Bonzo, long time no see hope everything has been good with you.....I'll talk to you later my have a good one
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                          hey budbonzo friend!

                          it feels great to have others around you do what they love no matter what!

                          i'm working hard and polishing hard, i feel you'r doing the same, respect and warm thoughts to you brother!

                          Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!
                          Growing every day of our lives


                            Its great to see ya around BONZ!!!

                            Talk about a teaser!!!
                            Aren't those the cush pics from your last update :wink:

                            I hope all is well in your jungle broham!
                            Peace man
                            Stay Kind.
                            Be kind to one another.
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                              dank cush and abusive is a monster. I can't wait to see how you keep her up man! Great work, PEACE


                                Sweet C13 plants bro other plants look fantastic too, much love and hope you like that C13..