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DIY Aero Cloner the EZ-Cloner Replica in 10 Easy Steps!

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    DIY Aero Cloner the EZ-Cloner Replica in 10 Easy Steps!

    just a sec, this is gonna require a bowl...

    ah lovely, all ready to go, are you? whether it be because you're sick of poor results or slowness or humidity domes, or because you wanna start the right way the first time, i understand your need for roots, so here is a simple step-by-step guide to building what is known as an Aero Cloner and been popularized as the expensive EZ-Cloner.

    Parts List:

    350GPH Danner Supreme Mag-Drive Utility Pump Model 3 (Model 5 500GPH for larger units)

    35x 2inch Neoprene Insert Collars (only 50cents a pop in the 35x bag

    12x Aeroponic Misters (EZ-Cloner replacement sprayers, Mister 320 etc)

    1x Rubbermaid Roughneck 31gal Tub or equivalent

    Schedule 40 PVC
    1x 1/2" Pipe in length
    1x 1/2" Female Connector
    4x 1/2" Elbows
    3x 1/2" Tees


    2" Holesaw
    11/32 Drill Bit (or 10/32 tap)
    Glue Gun + Glue (or 2" netpots)
    Composite Hacksaw (something to cut PVC)

    Have you pulled these things out of your back pocket yet? Vundeba, let's begin constructing...

    1. Screw the 1/2" Female PVC onto the pump output...

    2. Cut PVC pipe for a length that ends up at least 6" below the top of the tub. Remember, you can always cut more off later, so don't cut too short. Clean all ends of plastic, and stick the pipe in the pump's fitting.

    3. Stick 1/2" Tee on the pipe...

    4. Cut 2 equal lengths to go the long distance of the tub...

    5. Put the 2 last Tees on the ends...

    6. Cut 4 equal length short pieces and stick in Tees after cleaned...

    7. Attach the 4 elbows...

    8. Measure and Cut 2 more equal length pieces to fit your rectangle, clean, and check to see how your barebones fits together...

    9. Now take apart the PVC and with an 11/32 drill bit (or 10/32 tap) drill holes for the sprayers in the pipes, and screw in the misters. sealing these isn't really necessary, also your pvc should fit together tightly enough not to need sealing either.

    As you can see that 18gal tub was a bit small, so i got the 31gal with plenty of space. Longer PVC, more misters, and a bigger pump and tub will allow you a bigger cloner, simple as that, design remains the same...

    10. The Lid... drill the 2" holes you need. Clean the stray plastic off the holes without enlarging them, do no cut the plastic further yknow. Here you can either drop in 2" netpots, or what i had to do on some is to hot glue around the outside of the hole so the neoprene collars stuck in nicely, no netpot to fall in or for roots to get tangled in, or to buy note: experience has shown users to cut the bottom half of netpots off so roots are not damaged on removal...


    keep an eye on temps, they should be 68-78, 75F optimal. the pump keeps my temps perfect, but i suppose if it gets cold an aquarium heater would just be needed... but this...

    means this...

    you can see net pot or not makes no difference... and really temps are not a worry like in bubblecloning ugh... just ease here... warmer temps at the start n cooler temps after roots show is optimal, but any in the range will get ya success, and the pump should put the temp in a perfect spot!

    i truly hope this saves folks the money that ez-cloners would steal from them, or makes roots possible, or both, just know that you can always do it yourself. peace n green thumbs all.
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    oh thats hot bro ,, teach 'em





        keep an eye on temps, they should be 70-80, 75-78 optimal.
        68-75*F. theyll root fast enough at these temps.
        anything higher, and you're giving pathogens the upper hand.
        but, as always, to every man his own good luck old friend
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          yip yip cj that works, n would be a safer assumption, as the dreaded mushy stem comes easily after a while of over80 temps, so 78 is cuttin it close you're right...... but with hydroguard, and lovely aero, high 70's where the roots will come quickest is no worry. below 70 mine definitely stopped trying to make roots. i was going to just say 75 optimal, optimal instead of ideal, the high temps are optimal for roots, but yes, also optimal for pathogens. hehe there have been so many debates over this, and i think your 68-75 is a better range than a vague ol 70-80, i mean temps shouldn't be swaying that much anyways, but if someone's ends up in there they should be happy with it runnin as is.

          i would say after 5 days, any temps over 80 are dangerous. likewise any below 68 will basically stop root development unless they have already sprung from root nubs.

          thanks for keepin me on my toes cj, just kinda glossed over that important detail of clonin. still not as touchy with temps as bubble cloners!
          all the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.


            very nice, ill be building one like this when i can find those misters in uk....
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              Thanks KR!

              Just the thing I was needing.
              My temps run way to high with the EzClone 60 I have and was thinking of using a smller pump and buying a 120 EzCloner as well... But this suits even me.. "the UNHANDY"

              I can do the small pump in the 60 and make a unit like that for a whole hell of a lot less cash!!!! Kill two birds with one stone.

              I love it when the answer to your question is so simple, yet takes someone else to show you how easy it is. I got everything I need except the PVC.

              Thanks again

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                Hey King...that is fantastic!!

                One thing I did when making mine was I cut the bottom out of each net cup so that I could put longer stems in if I like. I also used the 2" cups and the neoprene collars together. The top of the net cup acts as a lid for the neoprene collars, that way you don't have to worry about the hot glue, and your neoprene collars are easily removed when the cuts are rooted...


                  Awesome job! I might build one of these if I get some extra $
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                    what kind of misters are those king?


                      Very nice KR!! Love it bro! By the way i use the red EZ clone misters, ill get ya a link where to get em harry.



                      this thing works like a charm but i gotta get a regular flat lid, this dome thingy is prone to leaking, i have to use weather stripping to keep it water tight and it also limits the amount of cuts. Same deal though, pvc,some misters, a pump and wooo hoooo man roots in 5 to 10 days, temps about 71 to 75.

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                        Hi KingRalf

                        Good job on the 2 torial.I made a similar set up but on a smaller scale.I'm using a 200gph pump with 2 sprayers.I only need 6 cuttings for my B & B system.My cloner will hold 12 cuttings.Instead of using the basckets I just use the neoprean pucks.This thing works great.Here's some pics.
                        The way I start mine is I add 2 litters (1/2 gal)straight un ph'd water from the tap.The Ph is at 7.4.I take my cuttings and put them in the pucks and insert the pucks into the system.Once the roots start showing which takes about a week I then add nutes around 2 oo ppm's and build up from their.
                        These cuttings are 3 weeks old now and @ 300 ppm's.Just out of curiousity I stuck an aquarium thermomiter in the other day and to my surprise the water temp was 90 df.,but yet the cuttings look great.Judje for yourself.

                        Remember,according to the new food guidlines,we should have about 6 servings of leafy greens a day !


                          I like your pvc better than what i did KR, and where did you get your misters? I like em!

                          Bonzo BoUnCeS back...

                          FREEDOM for BONZ

                          "When one objectively acknowledges, accepts, and embraces one's weaknesses; they in fact, no longer continue to be that."(PTD)


                            Wow, that's a big improvment on the old DIY cheapo aero cloner of the O.G . days. I've been using my Cheapo built Aero cloner for two years runnin' now and I'll never go back to rooting powders.good work king.


                              The misters seem a little harder than a bubbler to construct. Is there an advantage over a bubbler?