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    LED Sativa Tree

    Too much of everything is just enough

    So I really want a couple of things and I hope I'm working towards them.

    1) I'm tired of experimenting with equipment and techniques, so I've tried to take what I've learned and create a closet that I'll be happy with for many grows in a row, so I can play with genetics for a while.
    2) I wanted a good grow of this Neville's haze that I aborted in the high pressure aero setup. It would have probably grown out ok, but I just wasn't happy with it.
    3) I think that with dwc, or in this case, dwmc (deep water media culture), changing out the reservoir frequently once the tree gets big is essential and as close to drain to waste as I'll get. I loved the dtw aspect of high pressure aero. I have an automated drain valve hooked to an interval timer and interfaced with my solenoid automation box thing so that once she is big, I can set the system to drain every so often and refill itself.
    4) I wanted co2 back, but I'm tired of getting cylinders and the room is too small for a generator, in comes the new MiniGen water cooled co2 generator.

    -Nevilles haze clone from my aborted aero tree. The clone has grown with much different characteristics than its mother from seed. I don't know if that's related to clone/seed or the vastly different setup.

    -12 x 100 watt tri-band flower LED UFOs, and 2x 240 watt 6 band veg panels, and a dual arc 1000 watt hortilux air cooled overhead

    -MiniGen co2 water cooled generator. I took the heat transfer unit out for the winter, I actually need the heat in there. It is for propane, but I might convert to natural gas if possible, I have access there and their larger generators have conversion kits.

    -A new DWC technique that I am gonna try. DWC with hydroton filling the bucket. DWMC (deep water media culture) 12 gallon multi purpose bucket. It has a floor drain in the bottom and a riser pipe so I can access the water level outside the bucket to view or use sensor. Its filled with 52 liters of hydroton, a big bubba airstone buried at the bottom, and my 50 LPM air pump. It recirculates through a small reservoir where the ph/ppm meter is, an aquarium heater, and it also goes through my big chiller for when it warms up. It is setup so I can do an undercurrent setup some day, but this time I'm pumping in the recirculation to the bottom and draining off the top throgh a 1.25 inch bilge pipe. The bucket is on wheels so I can move it around to access and to get light into the deep plant as it fills in.

    -Flora Nova Nutes, Cal Mag, and micorizal innoculant from GH, at about 850 ppms. Per "Heaths Tree Grows" I'm gonna run nutes at about this level throughout the grow.

    -An automated "spa and pool valve" that lets me automate the floor drain, the pumps all turn off by solenoids when the drain cycle turns on. It drains in 5 minutes and refills in about 15. The 12 gallon bucket holds 52 liters of hydroton and with hydroton in, it holds 7 gallons of nutes before roots take up some of that volume.

    It's gonna be a long grow. I have topped once just last week to allow the sides to catch up to the top. I plan to move it into the "dark" corner, light only covers 180 degrees, and I might prune back some of the branches that will be cramped when I do that as she gets taller.

    my closed butane hashoil system - the honey pot
    collecting bho with a teflon bag - a simple DIY vacuum chamber
    4 lb tree in a 3 x 4 space - Bubba Tree - SSH Tree - Aero Nevilles Haze Tree - LED Sativa Tree - White Russian Tree
    mescaline? - Scrub your exhaust with cheap ozone

    Pullin up a chair for sure!!


      Looks interesting .......good luck
      Happy High's


        Hey foaf,

        getting a front row seat here, knowing you this is gonna rock. great to see you in action again.

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          This is different. Well thought out. I would like to follow this.....inspirational.


            good luck

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              Sorry I'm late.

              I'm present, an' payin' attention.

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                wow that is a gnarly setup, hope you got some shades! *scribin' for the show!*
                what's growing in the frogg's pond:


                  this looks good
                  I am not the boss of you, just a fellow man with ideas to share. Im Just trying to help. << >>
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                    Can't wait to see what you do with this...
                    Link to my Aeroponic PC grow

                    1K Vertical DWC grow

                    1k Vertical Doughnut round two

                    DGS Magenta99


                      uau this should be interesting !


                        Hi Foaf! Your trees are the stuff of legends. Can't wait to see how this one comes out.



                          Greets Foaf...very cool setup u got there. Not familar with your other work that WFF mentioned but ill be takin notes on this one good vibez
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                            Originally posted by Irie_Lion View Post
                            Not familar with your other work that WFF mentioned but ill be takin notes on this one good vibez
                            Take a look at this:


                            Completely sick!!!



                              Ok, so Ive vegged another month from whats posted above and flipped yesterday. She is healthy and happy but doesn't have the thick branches or trunk like my other trees at this stage, and really not as big as the mother she came from in the failed aero setup. With hydroton filling a dwc bucket, the plants leaf turgor is better when the bubbles are only on now and then, I have it 3 minutes on 10 minuts off; in addition to the recirculating nutrient soln. I put a bigger recirculating pump so its more like a bio bucket with hydroton or something when the bubbles aren't on. Now that there is root volume, the nutrient volume in the bucket is like 5 gallons. I have it swap out every several days and I let the roots dry out for several hours like an ebb and flow at that time. I wonder how long I should let it be dry?

                              I had to tie up most of the branches, they can barely handle their otherwise healthy looking leafage, much less any bud that's to come. The CO2 generator makes too much heat without water cooling it so its off for now. I found a cheap big water chiller that I'm waiting on and I'm gonna cool the HPS, the co2 generator, and run a heat exchanger fan setup to chill that closets air too. The LEDs really do give off a good bit of heat, despite the way they market them. I mean, they each have their own fan, there is obviously some heat to deal with, and it really shows up when you put 1600 watts of the stuff in such a small place.

                              All in all, I'm optimistic for a good long grow of this rarely documented sativa. Some of the pictures are from right before I tied them up and I pruned the main branch that was most against the wall. And as always I have to get my pictures from the dark side of the plant.

                              my closed butane hashoil system - the honey pot
                              collecting bho with a teflon bag - a simple DIY vacuum chamber
                              4 lb tree in a 3 x 4 space - Bubba Tree - SSH Tree - Aero Nevilles Haze Tree - LED Sativa Tree - White Russian Tree
                              mescaline? - Scrub your exhaust with cheap ozone