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My first hydro grow

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    My first hydro grow

    After 2 year of growing in soil i decided to take the next step and built a hydro system last month. This monday i finally finished the last tweaks and got to start my grow.

    First of all here is my Setup:

    Top left is the storage compartment:

    Right below is the compartment for mother plants and seedling / clones. It features 3 18W Lights with 865 color.
    Below is my Air filter system (300cbm/h)
    The two mother plants are one Afghan Delight and one Jack Herer. I bought them yesterday from a clone shop and planted them in Plagron Light-Mix.
    Under the cardboard are 10 Amnesia Haze seeds which i planted this monday in rockwhool.

    On the top right side I have my vegging compartment, currently empty.
    It features a 250W MH light and a 50l DWC with an 550l/h air pump and 1000l/h water pump for circulation.
    The 10 amnesia haze will go here once they are ready.

    On the bottom left side is my flowering compartment. It has an 250 HPS light and the same DWC as the vegging room.
    The 7 Plants are all Afghan Delight which i bought as clones and put right into flower. I don't expect too much from them, their main purpose is testing and to have something flowering until my Amnesia Haze plants are big enough to go into the flowering compartment.
    Currently i'm feeding them EC 1,0 Advanced Hydroponics of Holland nutrients.

    I'm planning to keep this thread updated with new pics about every week or so.
    What do you guys think of my setup ?
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    Nice Set-Up, interested to see how it works out for you...


      ok matey looks good if i was going to have that sort of setup thats the way i would of done it but fortunatley iv got a little space so i can go a little bigger but i hope it works out well for you and grows you lots fo nice budd kepp it up and stay lucky EASY
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        Kool looking set-up man, grats on the worksmanship!
        Kind Regards, FT...


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          Thx guys, building this was a shitload of work...
          First seedling showed its head today, else nothing new.
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            Good luck my friend..Im sure youll have the results your looking for with the previous experience in soil grows..Great work on the build also..Feels good when you make something you can call your own..
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            Alittle better view


              Awesome set up mate ,did it take long to make? All the best with your set up!


                Nice setup! Hydro is the shit. Very little maintenance. I do a res change every 2 weeks (3 hours) and every week I add back 3 gallons of tap water (1/2 hour) and that's about all the work I do in my garden.

                My only gripe is that my res is small, but it's the biggest I can find that's made of ABS plastic (don't use totes, they crack) and is deep enough for my tray yet small enough to fit my space.

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                  Building everythink took me quite a long time, about three weeks, but i can't tell you how many hours i spent on it.

                  @!!!: Nice pics ! I hope my setup will run with as little maintenance as yours, for now I'm checking PH and EC daily but once i get a feeling for it i think i won't have to do it as often.

                  All of my seeds have grown into small plants now, unfortunately i allready lost one due to dehydration. I totally underestimated how fast the little rockwhool blocks would dry out...
                  The other 9 however are doing fine and are now in the veggi department bubbler.
                  The clones in flowering now have finally grown roots into the nutrient solution, i expect them to grow much faster from now on.
                  My two mothers are also doing fine.
                  Pics attached.
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                    Hi guys, here is an update of my grow.
                    As you can see in the pics, I've ran into some problems. Would be great if some of you could give me some advice.

                    The seedlings in the veg. comp. (Amnesia Haze) are now 14 days old. I've planted them exactly today 2 weeks ago in rockwhool.
                    The plants in flower (Afghan Delight) i bought 13 days ago as clones from a local store.

                    First of all in the vegging room i have 3 plants that are giving me a headake, one of them is looking like this:

                    The other two are looking better, but they have strange brown spots on the leaves, as you can see here:

                    I'm currently feeding them with Advances Hydroponics of Holland nutes at EC 0,6. PH is quite stable at 6,0. raises about 0,1 every day or so.

                    In the flowering compartment I also have two plants that look like shit, they havent been growing at all in the 2 weeks they are in there now. Here is an overview so you can see the difference in size between the plants:

                    Here is a closeup of the most shitty looking one:

                    I have been feeding them with AH nutes also, strenght is EC 1,2. PH is also very stable.

                    The roots in both bubblers are starting to look brownish. Ive taken some pics of both compartments. Here are the roots in the vegging bubbler:

                    And here in the flowering bubbler:

                    The cover of the flowering comparment is also looking very nasty, strangely it took longer in this compartment for the roots to turn brownish than in the other one where the cover is still clean...

                    I began treating both comparments with bleach 3 days ago. I use 2ml of bleach (5% sodium-hypochlorite solution) for 50l of nutrient solution every 2 days.

                    Can anyone give me some advice ? I'm completely new to hydro and don't really know where to go from here. Am I feeding them wrong or are the problems caused by the brownish roots (problems in the flower compartment have started bevor the roots turned brown though...)
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