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Under bed grow room.

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    Very cool! I thought I had height limitations at 215cm. LOL
    Specs for the New Growroom


      Dude, this is slick. I dig it.


        Sweet dreams! Haha, nice work my man!

        Click image for larger version

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          Hey DTS, nice to see you again.

          I swapped out my extractor for an EC one. The inlet side was a little loud, so using a couple of duct adapters and some egg crate foam, I made that little mess. The adapters actually 125mm on the 100mm fan, so centered with three screws, just pinching the fan, finger tight. It's rough, but it was just laying about. I used a spectrum analyser app, just off screen to the right. I lost 6db! that's 75% of the noise recorded over there. 75% is huge. Though I know a short length of hardpipe is pretty good, I didn't have any. So here it is.. my unsightly but effective acoustic dampener

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          The fan is good. I put the screen in, scaled 1-10 and there is a little knob with a green cap out the side. You can just see it.
          The rhyno isn't half empty, but does turn from carbon to open cell foam at the ends. So smell comes out unless gaffer taped up. It's alright though, I have a decent filter in the tent. Two filters

          Edit: It's worth noting that it all hangs from the pole, then the pole is on partially stretched elastic cord. With the old 6" fan I could put my ear to the shelf and hear nothing. With this 4" ec it's overkill. It's nice to put things together on the floor though. Then rope them to a pole, and hoist that up to ultimately suspend the lot off a couple of elasticated cords. Especially when it's 2 meters of fans, filters and silencers you want keeping straight.