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213 Watt LED Nirvana Northern Lights Grow

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    213 Watt LED Nirvana Northern Lights Grow

    to grow or not to grow...that is the question. legal issues, divorce and a crazy ex-wife have prevented me from growing for quite some time.

    i always said i would not grow again until i own a new home and got wifes out of my system. i have acquired a little land and plan on starting to build this summer. Electric from the road, maybe the foundation and/or septic tank. Idea is to pay cash as i go. I can do a lot of the framing, trimming out, all the a/c duct work, electrical wiring, etc.. since i am out of the city limits i only need an electrician to check me out and get me through inspection. maybe a little plumbing help and/or a/c hook-up, but i have friends in the business. i plan on having it in a rough livable state by summer/fall of '14...

    i do own a home but it is a rental and not close to where i live now. i need to sell it in 2014, collect my equity and build more.

    but all that aside i am renting and will be for another 1.5 yrs to 2 yrs. needless to say i feel very comfortable here and in no way is my landlord going into my small attic unless i die. basically storing all my climate controlled stuff in there as it has a window unit and radiant heat from downstairs when attic stairs are open (which i do in the winter). attic area is insulated and covered with plywood.

    so i have been here long enough without growing, don't u say? i did have a grow or two i posted years ago at CW but those days are over. a little of what i have besides memories are in my VERY STEALTH Fishtank Cab thread and gallery. check my sig...

    anyway, back to modern day. i need to grow again, dammit...

    gonna start small and try some untried methods and some untried equipment for me... i have grown DWC only. i eliminated my airstones about a year ago(jalapenos), and will eliminate net pots and hydroton this time!!! the newness here will be the rez cover/plant support homemade unit. thread here --> . i also use lucas formula, pretty simple.

    i will be growing cannabis under LEDs for the first time. i have grown other veggies but the first time for LEDs. i have been an HPS and CFL grower.

    i will normally run SOG, but this first run (6 - Nirvana Northern Lights) will not be trimmed as hard. more room to spread out the primary goal is making F3 seeds, second goal is some good smoke and third goal to breed the best male(s) to best females(s) for prime F3 selections from the F2 Nirvana seeds... i have been primarily a SCROG grower so SOG will be also be new for me. once F3 seeds are secured and clones of the 6 taken i will try to seek out a decent mom for now.

    i am using a welthink wex-c150, full spectrum, 105 real watts... specs are as follows.

    50% 660nm deep red
    10% 630nm red
    10% 600nm orange
    10% 3500K warm white
    20% 460nm blue

    i have used it quite successfully on seedling, clones, vegging and flowering/seeding veggies...

    oh yea, box/corner grow area is still under construction. need to add DIY carbon scrubber, PC exhaust fan(s) and small ozone genny... not light proof but doesn't really need to be, as long as i have a neg pressure grow chamber exiting thru a carbon scrubber i am covered (small ozone gen to follow).

    one more thing, i have another wex-c150 array i could add to this setup thus giving me 210 real watts. i really wanted to use that one for more peppers but i may have to confiscate it.

    i am sure i have missed something so ask up.

    nothing really to see yet. here are the seeds going down. they have been down now for 1.5 days, nada yet. and a pic of an unfinished grow chamber

    sorry i was SOOO long winded

    this will be small/micro grow, but the grow chamber is capable of doing 4 tubs of 8 plants in each tub. 32 plants total.

    when i do a full run 210 watts, 32 plants(@ 7 grams each) that would be 224 grams or 1.06 gpw, but that is another thread


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            we have ignition !!!

            one might be twins, this is not a good pic of that one...


              Yes it's time for you to grow again. Things look good so far. Best of luck to you throughout.

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                thanks funk !!!

                btw, i have decided to add the second welthink to the grow chamber. that will give me a real 213 watts. one unit draws slightly more than the other. that should really help out quite a bit.

                i will use a 160 watt t-12 rack of flouros for the peppers...

                so my to-do list is as follows and time is running out.
                1. hang additional led array
                2. build exhaust system (PC fan for now, carbon scrubber later)
                3. build one more rez cover for an additional rez. i will run 3 plants in each 10 gallon rez. 2 tubs will help spread the plants out.


                  Glad you are back. I nice grow will take your mind off stuff. It has always helped me out.


                    I thought I was seeing things when I saw this thread, guess not!! Welcome back, it's about time to see those Welthinks in action!!
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                      thanks guys

                      even though i have done this plenty of times i still find it hard not to go peek in (way to often) to see if i have cotyledons yet

                      today i plan on getting the 2nd rez cover completed. and maybe hang the second light. i still gotta work out the plans to squeeze in both lights and a carbon scrubber.


                        Mind if I watch?


                          ......why you growin' in that big ol tub man? no beer cups at home?



                            how did I not spot this thread!

                            Can't wait to see how it grows for you brother.
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                              thanks all

                              when i get fully up and running, with 32 SOG plants i am hoping these two welthinks will pull 1/2 lb...

                              check out the thread that inspired me to buy two of these...

                              google 'Led Grow Show', it's the first hit. he got 528 grams from 4 units... 1.25 lbs...

                              so i think 2 lights could do 1/2 lb. plus, don't know the exact plant count for each tub, but they are built for up to eight plants. i can use any number that works best so i will be experimenting in the future...

                              after i build i will have as much height as needed as i plan on two hidden rooms (5' x 4' each), 1 flower, 1 veg...

                              anyway, a few seeds have started exposing themselves from of the rockwool cubes so transfer is guaranteed partially successful.

                              one more transfer to the DWC tub after they get some good roots and we will be home free.