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LED Wattage Required to Keep Outdoor Plant in Veg in Winter

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    LED Wattage Required to Keep Outdoor Plant in Veg in Winter

    I have 1-3 cuttings I will be taking from some outdoor plants which will soon begin flower.

    I am still debating whether or not I will veg these cuttings indoors until next season and then plant outside.... (I have never grown indoors)

    OR try to keep the plant vegging OUTDOORS thru spring (or whenever I choose to flower)

    As far as option two....

    I live in an area that does NOT experience much of a winter.

    As far as I understand...

    ...if I root these cuttings and then plant them outside, I can theoretically keep them in Veg through autumn/winter months so long as I use lights at night to reduce the amount of darkness to around 6 or so hrs.

    I figured as Greenhouse guys, this sub has the best people to consult.

    Based on searching etc, the only question I still need to be answered is a recommended wattage of light to shine above or alongside the plant outside for a few hrs each night that will be sufficient to keep the plant from flowering.

    Based on my limited research into these types of bulbs, I see there are many LED bulbs. For various reasons, I think LED would be best for what I would also ideally be waterproof.

    What about something like this: ?

    And if not, what would you guys recommend?

    I’m also curious about this.


      No reason why a couple screw ins wouldn't work inside a waterproof enclosure.

      It doesn't take much to keep the plants from falling asleep.
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        If you can read by it then it is enough, you only need them on 14 hours per day to keep them in growth.
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          I used a couple of 14 watt cfl bulbs two hours every night from 2-4am and it worked like a charm.