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    Still checking in every now and then.

    Did you say you were starting seeds or transplanting or both?

    I am a guerrilla grower and always start at least two seeds in each hole. Just to make sure I get one plant per hole. Many times I get multiple plants per hole. Not by design just by luck.

    Do two plants per container give a better yield than one? Is it a nutrient thing over over space consideration?


      Hamstring, I do all grow from seed. I prefer to start in main grow bags with no transplanting.
      Two plants works very well in these bags. I did try three in two 45 gallon grow bags last season. One plant dominates and the others are runts. It didn't produce any more . I have one and two plants in the 35's this season. I will be able to compare with previous years production.
      Thanks for stopping in again. Peace brother


        Hey all, just on my phone now. Don't know how to do pictures on here. My trifoliate Panama Deep Chunk is taking off now. She looks very healthy and her vigor is kicking in with lush growth. An unexpected surprise was the Original Sour Diesel. If this is a hint of things to come? Yikes ! This girl is just developing the 6th node in vegetative growth. She reeks like penicillin Penney leaving Dr.Hooks your bus on a hot summer night.

        Now that you have a visual of that image in your mind. I look forward to flowering her and the other Cheeses and Diesel I have going. I should have a lot of color and some serious lady hygiene funk going on this season. Peace


          Very nice FarmerLion...!!!...

          It’s always been a dream of mine to have a nice greenhouse like that...
          what I wouldn’t do for a chance at growing in one of those...

          Looks like u have some nice genetics as well...

          I hope u have a good season. I’ll be stopping by every once in a while...!!!... .
          "I'm chain smokin loud like it's a newport ...



            4 cups may be a bit much of kelp esp with what looks like pretty clay like soil ie low drainage. keep an eye out for over water and salt build ups. god speed!

            had a look at second pics looks like just had alot of leondorite on teh surface and plenty of perlite and light organics in there soo nm that low drainage comment.


              Hickman and clearheaded, thanks for stopping by. Yes I love the greenhouse, what a joy to grow in.

              My outdoor soil is heavy and poor draining. I try and let nature do it's thing a little longer. The indoor bags drain very well. They get about a half gallon a day right now. The hottest summer days they may see a gallon + a day in two waterings. I have only done one light feeding to the larger plants of Neptunes fish and seaweed.

              All plants will get a regular feeding schedule starting this weekend. Thanks again for stopping by guys. Peace


                June 3rd

                Hello all, here's some pictures of the girls this week.

                Early Bubba Hash

                Auto Malawi x Northern Lights f4's

                Two Lebanese in a 40 gallon grow tub.

                Panama x PCK (green left purple right).
                Have a great week Peace


                  I'm really enjoying this thread I didn't realise polytunnels could be tall like that gives me ideas .

                  Your Malawi x NL autos give me something to aim for ill follow them with particular interest do you know what of the f4's they are ?.

                  Also thanks for your welcome to the forums in the Malawi x Nl auto thread I was a bit late to reply there .


                    HerbBert, malawi's on there own aren't an auto flowering plant. They were crossed with the Northern lights. The Malawi dominant plants that carried the auto flowering genetics. Were then refined four more generations to help stabilize that trait in the Malawi dominant plants.
                    I hope this helps answer your question as I understood it. Thanks for stopping by. Peace
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                      Hi Farmer thanks for the reply I miss remembered a different post I read, I thought there were crosses of both New Killer Malawi and Old Killer Malawi with the f3 line but I was wrong sorry about that


                        Some others

                        Hello all, here is a few pictures of some other ladies in the greenhouse.

                        Blue Thai DJ Shorts Blueberry x Lemon Skunk Thai

                        Critical Cheese, Critical x UK Cheese

                        Kush n Cheese, OG Kush x UK Cheese


                          More girls

                          EDY from Original Delicatessen (Spanish Sativa).

                          Peyote Purple

                          Blueberry from DJ Short


                            Its interesting seeing the slight differences between all your strains while there young im excited to see them in full bloom


                              Do you have any updates on your Erdpurts ? I have 1 in veg and 2 seedlings started that will go outside with the autos but there actually for my dog (mostly) :P


                                Oh you said you would but next week soz cant edit my posts yet either :s