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Forcing bloom: Manipulating photoperiod for out of season harvest

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    Right on I'll check that out. Yea I basically broke all the rules learning FF this year and they still flowered just fine. Best tip I got was that the plant just has to be covered some way so that most of the light is blocked it doesn't have to be perfect. And I did open up at night, but not every night and sometimes I would forget to open up in the morning for several hours.


      Originally posted by diamondmine View Post
      the plant just has to be covered some way so that most of the light is blocked it doesn't have to be perfect

      If you do that just 1-2 hours before the sunset when the light is already weak a decent cover is enough.

      Great 3d btw


      Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.


        So let me get this straight as i can....

        This would be reallly really helpful to me, Im high up in the desert mountains. We dont have a long flowering period due to early frosts. Flowerings typically starts the end of july to early august.

        So in July I can shade the plants at the end of the day for a couple of hours and this will force them to flower early? And the plants dont need to be completely covered, I can use some kind of shade cloth?
        We all got a long time to grow


          A frame, thick poly film, garage opener, and timer made for a great automated set up I once saw.

          Think of it as putting a poly film garage door on the roof...

          In periods of the year with less than 12 hours of light small metal halides were used with the roof closed to simulate day.


            haha ive seen so many people getting up us so early and uncovering the greenhouse...

            aitl till the sun goes down then when you wake up... un cover em.

            ex sun set at 7.45 as long as you wake up after 7.45 your good.

            ALSO I HAVE A QUESTION...

            has anyone thought of planting against a high wall? or a with two intersecting high walls to create photo period micro climates.
            I have a fridge full of weed, and a safe full of food.


              can i just cover my future greenhouse with black plastic to flower my future girls, you guys think this will work?
              cuz i dont want to be caring my future plants in & out.
              SMOKING THAT KRONIC!


                @420stoner, u need to use some kind off material that block out light and can do that fore a minimum off 2 months, alot off material breakdown or wear, when exposed to outdoor weather.

                The cheepest i can get is polydress-texaleen, black plastick that farmers use to cover hay, potatoes piles with when laying out side.

                That comes in big rolls 50 m by 6m or bigger and can block out light fore 1 year, u need to change every season.

                @Bling it wont work u need to block the light 100 % i have seen the funnie freak plants when a beam off light hits them or they grow right into the blackout materiale, last year i had a row off powerplants where the half part off the plant grew very close to the black out materiale and some light came in from the bottom, all that row the half side off every plant was so freaky with 1 finger leafs and the other side off the plant was fully normale producing nice buds...

                Bom shiva


                  Hey there,
                  can anyone direct me to pics or links of larger automatic darkening systems?
                  Or just tell me how they work? Bigger ones, that is.


                    Hey SpanishW u need to do study off the subject, it is used in professional greenhouse gardening..

                    They work by strings and a special motor what pull the strings.. Not easy to build your self but if u buy a second hand 1 and build the greenhouse so it fits. Is the cheepest way..

                    Other wise u need a V-block style greenhouse if u want to run the new systems....

                    Good luck.. a greenhouse with automatik shading system is a bud producer, where u can grow alot with very littel work... Only harvest will be a major task...



                      Nice topic

                      I have a new greenhouse and trying to figure out a black out system for a 4 x 12 table....actually 2 of them.


                        I need to black out a 15'x70' greenhouse with exhaust fans and intakes and also has a ss double wall gh heater vent. I was thinking of boxing the exhaust fans and attaching round drainage pipes the kind that are corrugated and about 3 feet in diameter to the boxes, same for the intakes and pulling the blackout tarp over that.... any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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                          There has got to be somewhere where the blackbox info is hiding. Too many ppl doing light deps these days to not have current stuff up. Can someone plz link me up?

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                            Man, this is the shit.
                            We did a spring crop, that was more out of neccessity, moving them out of the flowering room to make more space. It worked. when done, we put clones in pots, put up a screen(stupid idea), and rocked out

                            We did not use automatic stuff. The first round was black plastic on the inside(14X15X6 high), run thru the ribs.
                            2nd round, found a big tarp that fit(15X25). Both times it was just black shit hung at the ends, super ghetto
                            Next year its on. Bigger gh, and , not automated, but rolled up tarp on a roller, instead of hand
                            730 am, 730 pm Got a cell phone but no service, just to have alarms set at 7 and 7. But it got to be habit.
                            It was also a time to do all of the work, and beginother stuff, so work is done by noon, mostly, and chill until 730 pm.
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                              I meant to say that when the first light dep crop was done, we did another light dep crop. 2 crops back to back
                              with 2 months veg time indoors, then do one while the next crops girls are vegging for 8 or 9 weeks, hopefully one could yield nicely, with organics, maybe 20-25 gallon home made smart pots(not done that yet)...thats the plan for next yr. 48 each time, legal limit with 2 people growing for self and 3 patients each
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                              Farming more than medicinal marijuana:sigpic


                                see this
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                                Farming more than medicinal marijuana:sigpic