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    bcuzz coco

    anyone using bcuzz coco line ? found these

    just wondering how it is in comparison to other coco lines

    I haven't used it in 3-4 years but it was always on par with the higher end coco. I wouldn't be shy to use it if you can afford it. It is nicely washed and ready for feed. Good texture and consistency. I preferred to amend with some perlite or similar to promote oxygen and drainage. Good luck.


      because of corona no canna got. therefore the first time with bcuzz.

      the bcuzz medium itself cannot be distinguished from canna coco prof. +. nice soft fibers.
      the scent is just right. the coco is buffered and comes with the right moisture content in the sack with ph 5.8 and ec 1.3.
      same quality at a lower price.

      Click image for larger version

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      What I noticed about the 10l fertilizer canister is that it is too soft. during the transport home the canister b leaked something.
      canna seems to use better material. when the canister is empty i want to weigh it, it has to be lighter than canna's. although it is optically 1 to 1 the same, only in black

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      So far it has only been fertilized once for casting.
      but you can already see that the buzz provides less nitrogen than the canna makes for the same ec value.
      the stems are much thinner than i'm used to in the same period. the foliage color lighter.

      Still, my girls don't seem to be doing badly. Nevertheless, the ec will probably be tightened a little more the next time it is poured. the thin trunks scare me.

      Click image for larger version

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      that's what I've noticed so far compared to canna. gladly report further


        today i poured a little too early, the pots weren't that easy.
        but I had to counteract it. the development is too slow.
        the defects are becoming more and more visible.

        ​the trunk itself has also remained thin.
        you can also see that phosphorus is missing. the climate fits.
        the strain does not genetically tend to produce purple stems.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210330_121951.jpg
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        but that's what to expect the given scheme of b'cuzz coco is very imprecise.

        In my current phase, it recommends 0.5 to 1 ml a + b and 0.5 to 1 ml root stimulator per liter of water.

        I initially had 0.5 l each in my water. the ec was just around 0.9. that seemed far too little to me.
        the scheme also specifies a range from 1.2 to 2.2 ec for the entire cycle. That's why I added fertilizer to ec 1.2. Ph 5,8.

        at canna I step into the happening with ec 1.5.
        that works pretty well for me. because the climate and light intensity are right.

        therefore I understand that it is not enough for them.
        i let myself be irritated by the color of the nutrient solution.
        otherwise I would have climbed higher.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210330_123956.jpg
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        the concentrate in canister a is very dark. reminiscent of blood also from its viscousness.
        this creates a strong coloration of the nutrient solution. whether the ec is still low.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210330_124218.jpg
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        looks like unicorn piss
        strong purple pink tinge. at ec 1.5. ph 5.8. so it was improved today.

        i realize that the thread is many years old. But when I was looking for my fertilizer, I didn't find it anywhere.
        therefore i would like to complete the old thread with my impressions.

        the measurements and the addition of fertilizers take place at 25 degrees Celsius.


          Canna is the industry standard that others strive to achieve but never do

          Instead of filling up my space with bags I’ve been buying these blocks and have to say with a bit of additional feed they’re bloody brilliant

          Sellers words

          “5kg block makes 70L

          • Great value

          • Easy to transport Small storage space

          • Just add water Enriched with trichodermas100% organic compressed coco (Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that is present in all soils)

          • U-Gro Coco Substrates

          • The U-Gro coco soil made from the husk of the coconut, is an alternative growing medium to the traditional substrates.

          • Washed in salt free water

          • The U-Gro coco soil has been designed and developed especially for the most demanding growers and is suitable for all plants

          • Dimensons 30cm x 30cm x 12cm”

          This ain't no ordinary herb I'm smoking - Fantan Mojah

          Supermoto for that eXtra buzz

          A friend in need is a friend in debt


            i don't know the blocks you showed from my own experience.
            what i hate about the blocks is the swelling and buffering.
            enrichment with starting aids and the associated waiting times. so that they can develop their effect.

            at canna, plagron, atami everything is already finished. has the perfect moisture to germinate directly.
            the coco from biobizz in a sack unfortunately comes with a ph value that is too high in the sack. that must also be buffered downwards.

            For a lazy sack like me, sacks are the better choice.
            in addition, i always have an excellent starting position.

            Thank you for pointing out that there seem to be good blocks in the meantime. I'll keep that in mind.


              from today on it is blooming, the clocks will be changed.

              review of the growth phase. the ec of 1.5 doesn't work really well.
              4 hours after watering, the leaves showed me their razor-sharp teeth.
              I decided to intervene right away. it was topped up with ec 0.6 plus 0.5ml per liter of coco booster universal. each pot received around 300-400ml.
              I had not administered the coco booster universal before. from the scheme i learned that it is only used from the first flowering week.

              on closer inspection of the scheme, however, i noticed an error in myself. the root stimulation is only available for the first week.
              from then on, coco booster universal will replace his job.
              I was able to ward off an impending overdose. as a result, the ec was set to 1.3 with a ph of 5.8 and a temperature of around 25 ° c.
              so the plant moved in a vital position with healthy color and good growth.

              it has been poured three times since March 30th. When checking the drain, I found 2 things that are atypical for canna.
              1. the ph value climbs slightly upwards. to 6.2-6.4.
              2. the ec value also increases. last to 1.8-2.0. Since the plants are doing well, I see no compelling reason to intervene.
              i suspect that the bacteria in the coco booster are universally responsible for this.

              if no mistakes are made at the beginning, i believe that the results that can be achieved with canna can also be achieved with the b'cuzz. what I really like are the small amounts of fertilizer that are needed. the bacteria in the coco do a great job. it annoys me that I misunderstood that at the beginning. in my opinion, the fertilizer in the vegi only works with the coco booster. but then quite good.

              Click image for larger version

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                the turbo vegitation is complete. the transition to flowering went smoothly. the ladies stand there as they have naturally grown.
                there was no training of any kind, no sheet was taken away. if you look closely you can even see the wrinkled cotyledons on the main stem.

                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                as you can see from the pictures, the last two feedings were too fat. they showed a lightening on the lower leaves about 8 days ago.
                the ec was then increased to 1.7. the girls gratefully accepted that, motivating me to go even higher.
                the last two casting processes were mixed with ec 2.0. meanwhile it has to be watered every 2 days.
                but when i look at the reaction of the leaves i think i will wash with ec 1.7 today. the stigmas also take on a brownish tinge and curl up. are not bolt upright.

                this answers the question of how quickly you can drift from a slight under-supply to a slight over-fertilization with the b'cuzz.
                if the handling of the fertilizer is better understood, the better the learning results for the next run. going beyond the limits is therefore gladly accepted.
                The main thing is to get you back on track.


                  in the meantime we have reached the halfway point of flowering. we write flowering day 32, the change to 13/11 was 40 days ago. from today they will run in 12/12 mode.

                  meanwhile the growth in length has almost completely come to a standstill. the fruit heads begin to swell carefully. the resin glands timidly begin production.

                  as before, the plants have not been tampered with. they grow as their environmental factors allow them. for me the safest and best way to get to know an unknown nutrient solution. in the meantime i am sure that the ideal ph value for b'cuzz under my conditions is 6.3.
                  this is astonishing as it is a very high value for coco. the plants will not thank you for forcing the medium down to 5.8. the medium works itself again upwards in the direction of 6.3.

                  what really amazes me is the low influence of fertilizer on the ph value. after adding a + b and additional coco bloom stimulation, the ph value of the water increases from 6.2 to 6.3. you notice i set my ph value for this fertilizer series before adding the fertilizer. if i add canna a + b to my water, my ph value drops from 6.2 to 5.7 -5.8.
                  So I need the same amount of ph- what i like is that the girls really go along with every step or allow themselves to be put back on track immediately.

                  I'm really looking forward to the next round with cuttings from the beginning of 13/11 in the SOG

                  my starting water has an ec of 0.6 currently i am adding
                  2.5 ml/l b'cuzz a + b
                  1 ml/l coco bloom stimulator
                  0.25 ml/l blossom builder liquid
                  to get an ec of 2.4.-2,5

                  you see the girls think the nutrient party is great and have their fingernails painted to dress up. I don't want to bother me and will stubbornly continue to work with ec 2.4. you should now consume a little more, which is why I would like to forego rowing backwards.
                  i orient myself according to the stigmas, from this point on you are the more reliable partner.

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                  Click image for larger version

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