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    Couple of pictures of some plants taken tonight. First, my Ice, pheno #2. She is at day 59 today, and will be coming down tomorrow. Would of liked to have aken her a little earlier, but i overfed a little and had to add extra flushing time, so she's very yellow now, but still looking good.

    With some careful attention, this plant could produce picture perfect buds. Shame i messed up on this one. Smells not one i can pin down yet. Skunk is there, but not in the usual way, not genric at all, different, and i think it might be very good once dried and cured properly. Could well be on the list for keeping, who knows, its all in the smoke. Had her final flush tonight, ru8noff ec is now very nice at only 0.22 over what went in, so she is good to go. Allways wanted to grow and smoke Ice, and it's nearly completed. Pheno #1 is at about day 45, and is forming more cola like buds, but if she gets the swollen calyx thing going on like this one, she will be very good. Another one to keep the eye on. Mother hunting is so much fun. lol.

    Jack Herer x ak47, in flower for 3 days today. Grown the cross before and loved it, this time i'm on a mother search, so she's been cloned, which were very fast, extremely vigourous strain.

    Astringent piney haze, was the order of the day last time, hoping for even better again this time, so she might make the cut.

    Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
    Multi-Cut Perpetual


      Looking awsome man and happy hunting

      Nam Myoho renge Kyo


        yea, that all looks great.
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          sorry bout lack of updates. long n short of it my laptops knackered, so i am unable to pop on regulary.

          still growing away though. looking for a couple of mothers to keep and thinking of binning the multi-strain thing. the strains ive decided to look in are sensi nl#5/haze and jack herer. also some jh x's. including jh x ak47, jh x bd and jh x ww and nl#5/haze x jh. the others currently in the running are bubblegum from a mate, cheese x nl from a different mate, and from seed power plant, humbolt, psicodelicia, aroma and whitefire.

          right now i have the nl#5/haze x jh, aroma and cheese x nl in flower. power plants, and ww x bd and jh x ww are in veg. my bubble cut is in the prop with cuts from all the above.

          the nl#5/haze x jh is at day 21 or so today and is starting to form little heads. the stretch has been immense. they went in at 3 inches with 1 set of true leafs and are 4 foot now easily. ive had to tie them down to keep them under the light, but they dont seem to mind this at all. nor the cuts i took at day 10.

          once these lot are done i'll be germing the sensi nl#5/haze, jh and some jack x's. got high hopes for them especially, and the power plants. smoked some amazing power plant before and jh, the nl#5/haze will be a first for me though.

          back soon, but no pics till the laptop is fixed.
          Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
          Multi-Cut Perpetual


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              Thanks mate. Here's some whitewidow x bigbud. Chopped last week and in jars now.

              Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
              Multi-Cut Perpetual


                That one looks as good as it gets
                Keep them coming please!
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