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    Looking great man.
    What type of lighting and nutes do you use for veg/flower?


      Thanks guys. I use a 400watt hps for flowering. For my soil plants i use plagron royalty mix, biobizz grow/algamic and biocanna flores.

      For coco i use canna coco and canna coco a+b. Plus AN final phase a couple of times during the flush.

      As additives, i use on both soil and coco, canadian xpress regen-a-root and headmasta, growtek monster bloom and mollasses.

      Been through a few nutes, and these are my favourites and i won't change them unless for a very good reason, they work very well.
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        Quick update. Chopped and trimmed my sweet afghani this morning. Grabbed some shots before chop. Getting some tip burn and leaf damage from the daily flushing. I hate it when my plants don't look tip-top, but aslong as it tastes good, who cares i guess. Day 70 she's come down, in coco she was grown.

        Was gonna grab some shots of my ss/nl, but decided to leave it until chop day and show you all then. It's a beautiful plant. Only plant ive ever grown that actually looks like the picture on the breeders website. Smells fantastic too. Lovely sweet smell on these light green bulbous bubbly calyxes. Really special plant.

        Anyway, back to the sweet affie. It's also smelling nice. A slightly sweet musky ghani aroma. Dense thick buds, and good yield.

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        Multi-Cut Perpetual


          Been puffing some of this i chopped a couple of days ago from the very lowest branches and dried. Pretty potent stuff. Very relaxing. Not the most amazing aroma and flavour, but i'm not a huge huge musky ghani lover. I've had a pheno from these seeds that smelt and tasted like lemon hash. Really liked that one, this is not quite as killa in the taste/aroma stakes, which is my main focus.

          Still, have the ss/nl which smells like gods favourite aftershave. Really amazing smelling plant and looks supreme. Gave it another flush tonight as it was a bit high on the runoff ec last time. Got it down to 0.49 going in and 0.81 runoff. Much better than last night, when i had a much bigger leap. Should only take a couple more flushes to get it below 0.3 EC above entry EC.
          Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
          Multi-Cut Perpetual


            beautiful pictures mate.

            Originally posted by Solidops View Post
            Still, have the ss/nl which smells like gods favourite aftershave.
            oh yes! sounds like a beaut.
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              Awesome pics and plants u got there bud.


                Cheers MMD. Appreciate the commets.

                LLP, you're a dam legend, much respect. Hope you had a good weekend.

                Bit of info on what is happening this week, happened this weekend.

                Should have some pictures of my ss/nl tomorrow or the day after. She looked a bit slow to start, but exploes from day 42 onwards and is ready at 56 days. Mine is at 58 days, gave her her final flush just now, got the runoff EC down to only 0.48, with EC 0.24 going in. The lowest i've got it so far, well under my tap water EC, so she's prime for the chopping now and looking inspriational.

                My mystery plant, which has been thought of as ukcheese and pyschosis in its time, but is now considered a cheese cross of some kind is at day 73. She could come down, but as i got such a good runoff from the ss/nl and she's ready, decided to let her go longer, maybe another week. So gave her another feeding of water. This plant has caused some debates amongst a few people who have grown all the exo cuts and this one off me. I'm to the point now where i don't even care. I have the real pyschosis and pyschoberry in veg, along with a cheese x nl, so dont think im going to keep her around, as if she is a cheese cross, there's no point, i've allrwady got some, and i need the space.

                Sweet thai is floating about at day 70 and will be, could be chopped anyday now. Kind of ignored her for a while as ive been drolling over my ss/nl, but she's a pretty girl with decent densness in the buds for a thai cross. Am looking forward to the smoke.

                White widow x big bud is at day 26 and looking very nice. Bit of a picky feeder, gave her to much last time at EC 1.55, and burnt a couple of leaf fingers, so she had plain today. Looking nice though, lots of colas, and she's going to have alot of light to herself once the other 3 come down. Not much smell on her yet.

                In veg now i need to take cuts of my pyschosis, pyschoberry, green poison and taffy bud. All are ready for cuts, the two pyschos can go right into flower them along with the taffy bud. The green poison will be fimmed and let grow a bit more.

                Started setting up a new bubbler tonight. Just need to grab my mates drill and drill bits to make holes for my clone collars. I fucked all my cuts apart from 2 ffa and a cheese x nl on friday coming home pissed. Took the lid off the prop to give it its daily wipe and the cuts their little bit of fresh air, and passed out without putting it back on. When i woke up in the morning, all the jackie psd, my exo cheese and purple kush were wilted so bad they have now died. It's not as bad as all that as the fella most generously said he'd replace them, even though i've been such a dick, lol, but i still feel like such a nobhead. So i'm making a new bubbler so i aint gotta worry about props and lid wiping and all that crap. Plus with all the mums i have going right now, i need a faster, more effcient way of cloning again thah waiting for my cuts in soil cubes. Anything would root in my old bubbler, but i only had two mums at the time and they both rooted easy in cubes so i chucked it. This one will be a much better version too. Should get roots in a week or so easy.
                Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
                Multi-Cut Perpetual


                  Here's my favourite girl of the momemt. Super Skunk x Northern Lights. Day 60, and smelling sick as fuck. Just plain dank is all i can describe the smell as really. To my mind, what i thought weed should smell like when i first started growing and before realising how many different flavours and aromas there actually are. This is just like a shift back to the old school for me, it's familiar, comforting and above all the epitomy of dank.

                  First pic here you can see one of it's many colas. The buds are all very chunky fat nugs. It doesn't grow so much a large colas like other topoped plantrs i've grown, but very hard, fat dense bugs at every node, even the lower ones which are pictured somewhere downthere. Along with a picture of the whole plant collopased over one of my speakers, which you can't really see as the plant is covering it. It certainly can't hold it's own weight now the yoyos have come off, so these pictures are not the best, i will get better later, when the better half returns and can hold the branches up for me to take pics, rather than me trying to do both.

                  Wonb't tire of picturing this girl, i need to capture her full beauty for posterities sake, and it will go into my alltime favs picture folder, lol. Sorry if there's too many pics for some folk, i couldn't decide which ones to put up.

                  Have a cutting of this beauty in veg and will be growing her again, chopping at 8 weeks dead next time. Really looking forward to smoking this one, perhaps more than any other plant i've ever grown.

                  Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
                  Multi-Cut Perpetual


                    K+ Bro! Superb Job!
                    Eat, Sleep & Grow!


                      yeah! great work!


                        Thanks fellas, really appreciate the comments. Good to hear what other growers think.

                        The ss x nl is drying away now and stinking my whole house out, can't complain though, it smells very good.

                        Took lots of cuttings tonight as i bloody killed all but 1 cheese x nl of the last lot when i was pissed up. So will be much more careful with these and go back to my "just leave them the hell alone routine". Am making a new bubbler, just need the drill to finish it off now, so these had to go into root riots.

                        Took 6 green poison, the fimmied the plant. Took 10 taffy bud and topped the plant. Took 8 pyschosis and topped that too, and 6 pyschoberry and also topped that.

                        Will hold the two pyschos and taffy bud back for a week or so until i can get a rough idea of how many will survive, as really need to keep them around. I have more green posion seeds so not such a problem as its not clone only.
                        Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
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                          The title of this thread is not really very apt anymore, but that's another story. Been lurching from one disaster to another the last month, and my whole grow is basically non-existant.

                          What i do have now, instead of my perpetual (which will come back soon enough i hope), is a couple of outdoor plants, one indoor plant, and some auto ak47's germing, which will be popping outside with my ffa and cheese x nl cuts. The autos will go into soil, the two cuttings are in coco. With the cuttings, i am going to plop them outside in the morning, and take them in 12 hours later in the evening, to force them to flower. The autos can stay where they are.

                          My one indoor plant, is my fav one, and i rteally fancy keeping cuttings from this one, i aint going to bother taking c uts of the ffa and cheese x nl, i need bud too much to let them veg longer. But i am going to keep my jackie psd back, which is basking under the 400watt in the tent all on its lonesome. Allways had a special place in my heart for anything with jack herer in it, never had a bad jh cross before, so i think it is going to be my new mum, if it is as good as i expect it to be. She's in coco aswell.

                          I have a little problem i made a thread about, to do with my coco and soil which has been stored in the garage for about 3 weeks or so. Here's the quote from it, any help on whether or not to use this stuff would be a real help before i plant my next lot of seeds into them.

                          Right, have some coco and soil that i had to stash in a garage while a few things were ironed out. I'm not sure if i should use ot now though. It's been there about 3 weeks. Can spidermites and other insects live/lay eggs in unused soil and coco, only for them to rear their ugly heads when you plant something into them? Can things like spidermites loive in the coco or soil without any greenery to munch on?

                          Can't be dealing with anymore problems, and definatly not spidermites like i had last year. Would rather buy fresh than get into all that shit again.

                          Any info would be a huge help. Cheers, Solid.
                          Thanks ever so much, Solid.
                          Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
                          Multi-Cut Perpetual


                            Well this diary kind of went down the cr\pper a couple of months ago when i ripped down. Then even when i started up again with the jackie psd, she hermied on me. I think it was down to me supercropping, bending and tieing her too much. I hear diesel genetics are not the most stable, so perhaps thats where i went wrong. I threw her away after that, as i don't want anything i can't do the usual with, and play with, without getting balls.

                            So now i'm back again with my perpetual, this time at day 18 of 12/12 with my first 3 plants. Behind them in veg, i have two more ready to go in sometime next week, and cuttings vegging and rooting for after that also.

                            In flower i have green poison from sweetseeds. Tiburan from pyramidseeds, and ch9 flower.

                            Here's the green poison.

                            This is the tiburan, it's a superskunkxnorthernlights cross. If you look further up on this page, you will see one at harvest.

                            And last of the flowering plants, the ch9 flower.

                            Group shot from above and from the side.

                            And finally a shot of a mini bubble cloner i threw together to solve my free for all cutting dilema. Been trying to root this ffa from crazy composer in soil cubes but out of 4 only 1 rooted, and that promptly died upon potting up. All my other cuttings rooted in under 10 days, literally 100% of them, so i can definatly say it's not the enviroment.

                            I hear the ffa is tough to clone, due to the og kush in it. Which is also very difficult. So i decided to make this to sort it out.

                            Used an old candy floss container from a theme park. Painted it with two coast of paint, then taped it on the outside. Cut holes for my clone collars in the lid using a stanley knife, and for an air stone, i perferated some air line.

                            Stuck 5 cuttings of ffa in it earlier, so hopefully will have one rooted in a couple of weeks, as i'm sure the mother outside is starting to flower. Groups of pistills are starting to form at the top of each branch, so i think it wont be long before i can't clone it anymore.

                            Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
                            Multi-Cut Perpetual


                              Looking awesome my old friend Great looking plants , very healthy too , glad to see everything is going well man

                              for some reason you like the CH9 a lot because you keep coming back with her all the time

                              Good luck true this one dude
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                                Cheers Cezar. Good to hear from you. Friend request coming in. How's your grow doing? Still running the blue cheese?

                                With the ch9, i did very much like the last lot. Really great tasting weed i thought. Not sure if i'll get the same here again, but hopefully. Got cuttings of her just incase.

                                The ssxnl is smelling really dank, the green poison is smelling very sweet. both look quite quick, the ch9 slightly slower at the moment, but it exploded out of nowhere last time in the last week and overtook everything, so we'll see what's first. The green poison and ch9 are supposed to be 7 weekers, the ssxnl 8. Not had such a quick flowering garden on the go for ages.

                                Edit: Just to clarify, still on the coco/perlite mix indoors now. No room for soil these days. Feeding canna coco a+b, cx regen-a-root & headmasta, and a lil growtek monster bloom from week 3 onwards.
                                Multi-Strain Perpetual Farming
                                Multi-Cut Perpetual