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Compact SOG with CFL's

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    Compact SOG with CFL's

    I'm new to IC and was wondering if anyone does a SOG style grow with CFL's on a Micro-level?

    The reason I ask is Bcuz I do it's 210 watts of CFL's over 27 clones in 2 sq. ft.

    The girlz grow in a 16 oz soda bottle filled with my own soil mix...they finish in 9 weeks and Avg. 7- 21 Grams dried per plant and I harvest 3 a week...SOG Perpetual Harvest this is a pic of one of my girlz

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    I loved your thread on GC. That truly is a perpetual harvest. Fresh smoke every week. Must be nice.


      beautiful! How tall are the plants when you switch to 12/12 and how tall are they when they finish? What strain? Do you do any pruning?


        This requires a separate clone room? I would love to know more about your method.
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          The new cfl's have more power than most expect.They are used to the old weak ones.I have a cfl bloom box for breeding. That is larger but same principle and surprising large colas.This is the future. I don't sell any so I only Have to grow during cold weather. 1 hps
          in grow room. Few hundred watts in cfl bloom box.(can simply change bulbs for cloning.)Cfl's will not replace HID lighting for a few more years but all should be watching these threads.Very good DBG


            BTW my bloom box is 6 square feet and 18- 20 cubic feet.That alone could produce all the buds I need somtimes I share to much and need to grow more.


              Well over an lb, under 210w... in 2 sq ft!

              Wow man that is truly insane in my book!

              Welcome to Icmag.

              Whats your soil mixup in there? You have to feed them muchos throughout? Thats a giant plant for such limited root space!!


                Real nice.

                Lets see some more pics.

                And tell us about your soil...
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                  Welcome to IC, those results are really crazy - could you shoot some pics of your complete setup for us?
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                  Low energy ground coupled cooler/dehumidifier?
                  Keeping nordic outdoor strains as mothers.

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                    Nice grow man! Amazing results, I'd love to hear more..
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                      Originally posted by blackone
                      Welcome to IC, those results are really crazy - could you shoot some pics of your complete setup for us?
                      ^Yea, what he said


                        how that is absolutly amazing. Good work and i hope you can get more info up about how you are doing this cause that would be great. More pics atleast if you can. ive always that about that.
                        Also whats your take on going from seed in a simular setup.
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                        Good vibes people


                          DBG looks very nice.... I have to ask at what height on average do you induce flower?
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                            Dr. Bud, you tease!

                            I want more!

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                              GREAT MAN!
                              please show us your setup. i have a 150W hp micro grow and the next step will be sog, and if i harvest 60g a week would be very fun!!!
                              congratulationss! =)
                              hugs from brazil