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DESTROYER on Ice - 250CMH Freezer Grow

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    DESTROYER on Ice - 250CMH Freezer Grow

    Featuring, The Return of Shed.

    Having determined that Thunk is not my dream strain, the search continues for a couch repellant, energetic, creative high. Because my ordered seeds are viable this time, I'll see what I can do about finding the O'Hunk freebies(Original Haze x Skunk #1) another home. It's what they're for.

    This grows Contender is Destroyer from CannaBioGen. An ironic name, as being destroyed is the last thing I want. The grower's description is just what I'm looking for and there are threads in the strains forums that concur. Let's find out. With a lightning fast flower period of 75 days, 30 days of veg is recommended. Mid January, 09, will be the earliest possible harvest date.

    Shed's a stand up freezer. Gutted, she's no longer capable of cooling.

    250 watt CMH ScROG.

    Three 120mm ports. One for a 120mm 76CFM axial fan, two passive intakes. (Honest, that's an old photo)

    18 Gal DWC (eventually) with 60 gal rated dual outlet Whisper airpump.

    Introducing (clockwise from left): Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg! OK, so Amy's still in bed. Pervert that I am, I checked under the flap and she's cracked open. Four for four ain't bad. All in about 36 hours. Planted directly in Rockwool. Soaked with pH adjusted tap water. GH nutes at 1/4 strength. Domes, perforated and raised to avoid swamp conditions, serving only to preserve moisture in the cubes. Sprouts removed at the first sign of life. Jo and Meg surprised me this morning. Beth starting peeking through by the time I took a picture this afternoon.

    I didn't want to cut up my big tub's lid. Even if none of the sisters turn out to be little men, two is the most I can flower. If that. How do you like my homemade netpots? Solo cups and soldering iron. Whether I flower these or their eventual clones depends on whether I can untangle roots without damaging the desired keeper(s). Here's a closeup of Meg in blue.

    Jo is orange and Beth is green. Beth hadn't flipped her Rockwool chapeau so, I left in on after transplanting to Hydroton

    And, because we don't want her turning into Lizzy Borden from lack of attention, here's Amy. Really, she's in there.

    With any luck, the only thing destroyed will be the couch and the lock it rode in with.


    FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


    I love the fridge disclaimer, very funny stuff.

    I like your style, I am gonna tag this grow, I am gonna be here from the beginning'

    Good luck
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      I think destroyer should do very well for you, it will be more manageable and rewarding to grow compared to the Thunk, from what Ive seen. Mastergrow had an awesome destroyer grow going a while back, look it up if you havent already. Should be good, I think its an underrated strain. I plan on doing some myself down the track.

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        i've followed your threads and gotta say i'm pretty impessed with your setup and results. controlling crazy sativas in a hydrosetup inside a small fridge, big up!

        i'll be lurking in this one also, hope you find the smoke your looking for! i hear destroyer is a top notch strain.


          Welcome back Dr Dog. Always happy to see you.

          - ezra - Thanks for stopping by and, thanks for mentioning Mastergrow. His was the thread that finally convinced me when he described the high as, "Let's do it."

          perakko, Hello! If I hadn't re-encountered the "missing" high about 6-7 years ago, I'd be wondering by now if I hadn't just made it up. Let's hope this is it.


          FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


            Can't wait to watch the ladies grow, scrog set up this time?
            when you're not flyin' low.... fly high.


              Hey, Treetop. ScROG it is, or will be.

              Amy finally tumbled out of bed so all 4 gals are in their buckets. The smaller buckets are far more susceptible to heat buildup. I may have to use the big tub. Perhaps custom a temporary lid.


              FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


                Hmm, this looks very interesting to me, I think Ill hang out and see what happens. Good luck freezerboy, I hope you find what you are looking for in one of these girls!


                  heheheehehe...I like your sense of humor

                  I want to see what you think of Destroyer.

                  SSH and the SSH x SSH I made are very good,,,,but....I'm looking for something like we had 30-40 years ago. Destroyer seems like it might do it from what I have read. A good sativa heavy hybrid that will finish indoors in a reasonable actually, if it does finish in 10-11 weeks. Clones will for sure probably.

                  Good luck with it!!



                    I envy your SSH grow. SensiSeeds SSH was my first ever order. They came DOA. Fortunately, my Thunk freebies saved the day and taught me not to fear Sativa's in a small cab. I'm guessing it was the Skunk in the Thunk that kept it from being my dream strain. Along with the probability that the preferred strains of my youth were Mexican and Columbian Sativa's, Destroyer looks like a possible keeper.

                    FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


                      should be an awesome grow


                        Thanks, Chem. Welcome to IC.

                        FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


                          FreezerBoy, you rock.

                          Can't wait to see how this turns out.

                          ...the more you read...the better the weed... :canabis:
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                            Nice. Always wanted to see more of the Destroyer.

                            I think I've seen only a couple plant pictures, and pretty much no actual grow information. Although the trichome coverage is nice, I wish the strain's page & breeder's pictures would show more than just the macro photos.

                            75 days is surprisingly short, come to think of it again, considering its lineage.

                            By the way, what didn't you like about the Thunk? Did I miss a smoke report?


                              Love the stealth freezer, CMH rocks. Will be watching this one