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C99 f2s and Blockhead

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    Hey there AKgrower Cheers man! I have actually replaced the 400w with a 600w so that may have something to do with their bushiness

    Here are those updates I promised

    Day 13

    Full garden shot

    One of the C99s

    A peek under the skirt of the blockhead

    A couple of C99 close ups

    Looking back at all the pics it seems I may have to sort out a better method of taking my pictures...I hate that damn orange glow. Even with the white balance feature on my camera it doesn't seem to work very well.
    Maybe I'm doing something should be on the incandescent setting right?
    My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

    Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me


      Very bad news...the lanky bitch on the right hand side of the room has decided to throw balls in my face

      Take a gander:

      I could tell there was something different about this one. She/he stretched like crazy compared to the others and wasn't really producing many pistils.

      Full shot

      I'm gonna rip her balls off and put her in a seperate room under my 400w. I'll strap her down and hopefully with a little attention I can get her through flowering without too many seeds.
      I would just throw her out but I need all the weight from this harvest I can get.

      On a positive note however it means a little more space for the remaining girlies in the room

      I'd strongly advise against anyone buying feminised seeds. This is my second run with them and every one has thrown some balls so's simply not worth the aggravation for me.
      I've grown Skunk Special and Sour NLxNevilles Haze from Female Seeds which all went hermie on me. And now this
      I'd rather buy a pack of regular seeds, weed out the males and not have to worry about this kind of shit again.

      I just hope the others make it through ok...
      My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

      Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me


        Sorry on the new of the hermie dude.. I heard the problem with feminised seeds are having a higher chance of getting hermies. Well at least you got the other healthy females..
        The buds seem to be developing nicely... We are around the same stage of flowering.. It would be fun to compare the the difference between HPS and Enviro's although HPS' are alot better than enviros. To see what the difference is in how fast they grow and how much they yield..
        I wouldn't worry about the other ones.. They should be fine.. I've heard other people growing feminised seeds and they only had one hermie. Anyways good luck on the grow...


          Thanks hangook420, I really hope you're right.

          All the others seem to be producing many more pistils than the hermie so they should be ok...I'll have to keep an eye on them though

          I've seen some brilliant grows with flourescents man, you should do well.
          Just remember to keep those bitches low!

          My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

          Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me


            shame about the herm bros. fingers crossed for the rest. look so nice in there too, ungrateful hussy that herm. hehe.

            cool thread.
            grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

            You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


              Hey A.N.Other Thanks for the compliments! Stick around buddy, the show is just starting

              I decided to throw out that hermie simply because I can't be arsed mucking around with it in a seperate room. I decided it was too much hassle to bother with, so I'm sticking to my remaining super troopers lol

              I haven't noticed any seperate aromas really as yet, but that's mainly due to them all being cramped in there together so when the lights and fans go off for the night a pungent, skunky aroma fills the room within a few seconds.
              I have noticed a rather unusual, funky aroma distinct from the rest and I'm thinking it may be the blockhead

              A few pics from day 21 flowering

              A couple of BH macros to wet your whistles

              Underneath the BH (sorry, forgot to rotate the pic and I'm feeling lazy )

              Rest of the garden

              I think the brightness in my room has something to do with the quality of my pics...I always seem to end up with the buds glowing from the light.

              To all of you out there despairing over the crappy colour in my pictures, don't fret...once the buds start getting fat I'll start bringing them out of the grow room every week so I can snap some better pictures in proper colour
              My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

              Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me


                Wow the buds are developing nicely.. They are at a pretty good size.. I think they are alot bigger than mine but its probably because you are using an hps.. I think I will definitely switch to HPS for my next grow.. and use the enviros and cfls for another flower box or side lighting.. Those HPS do wonders..
                Great job with the plants bro.. can't wait to see how those babies turn out.. Looks like you are gonna get some fat ass colas.. Keep us posted!
                Happy growing!


                  Looking great! They really are developing well!
                  Keep it green


                    You just gotta love it! Very nice grow
                    What's poppin'?! click here


                      Thanks for the good vibes guys! It makes me happy to know you think highly of my little grow

                      hangook420, I think you'll love the hps when you get it up and running. You'll never go back to cfls once you see the penetration of light and the huge buds. They would do very well for under/side lighting though.

                      neilspotshop, Glad you're enjoying the show man!

                      Big D, Welcome to the thread bro!

                      I noticed a few balls on the Blockhead But they seem to be staying on the tiny shoots below the canopy so I'm not too worried. I'm sick of all these friggin balls man...I'd love just 1 grow without BALLS :(

                      On a good note the C99s are developing rather well. The fluffy buds are beginning to grow together to form the colas I love this part. One of them seems to be frosting up a bit quicker than the others...I'll be keeping my eye on her for a potential mother

                      I'll get some more pics up in a few days.

                      My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

                      Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me


                        Gangjabiss... sick grow man. I'm dying to find blockhead seeds, if you'd point me in the direction I may be able to help your photo issues?

                        Listen bro, take your camera and adjust the white balance to the lowest color temp setting, in kelvin. Like 2550 K is the lowest on my D-80. Bracket shoot, take 3-4 shots from one position and move damnit.... then shoot blind, hold your camera and click. I usually shoot 10 blind shots. You'd be surprised man!

                        How hard is c99 to grow? Where did you find blockhead and c99 seedlings anyway?

                        Keep us posted! Looks kick ass so far. Check my gallery to see what I mean about wb settings. Takes time, I recommend Photoshop too.



                          try i think they still have some blockhead on there site.

                          i have used them before and are legit



                            Nice crop! You got tons of budsites git' er dun
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                              Nice growin Gangabiss!

                              I'm vegging 4 Blockhead's now and doing some homework - looks like it will be fun when "finals" arrive!

                              Anybody know how long BH flowers?

                              leme guess,,, 70 days???

                              I think I may use the males on my LSD and Juliet - might as well do a clone of the girl BH's too. The strain is held in "high" reguard in most circles; I like quality harvests - here's hoping you have a good one!


                                Hey guys sorry about the sudden cut off of updates. I had a technical malfunction due to the camera usb cable getting dunked in a cup of tea So I'm now unable to post my pics...

                                On a lighter note however, I've got another run of C99 and Blockhead going again from clone and they are going to be finished even quicker than before by the looks of things!

                                blazindro, thanks for the camera tips man! I have no idea where you can find Blockhead seeds, sorry man. I was lucky to get one of the last few packs from seedbay a while ago.
                                The C99s I bought from seedbay also. They were feminised from the GN collection.

                                rocky, yep you're bang on, mine took around 70 days to finish nicely.

                                For the record, the 2 best C99s finished in 7 weeks flat! I have them both with very sativa structure (grapefruit smell) and 1 with slightly more compact buds (pineaple juice smell).

                                If you haven't grown out C99 yet, I highly reccommend you do so! This is the best plant I've had the pleasure of growing so far.
                                The yield is slightly above average (for an 8-9 weeker!!), the high is exeptional and the taste is lip-smackingly fruity. All in under 7 weeks from flipping to 12/12!
                                'Nuff said

                                My C99 f2 and Blockhead grow diary

                                Strangers passing in the street, by chance two seperate glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me