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    looking good jay! weekly feeding with that peter's will do lots of good. deciding to continue lsting is entirely up to you. you can shape the plant any way you like.


      For sure keep up with the LST as long as you like. and being outdoors you dont have walls to contain you as much. The more Shoots the see light The bigger they will all get. Also helps keep them out of site if that is a problem. But either way you choose to go those ladies are seeming to like their new home.


        Hey guys! I got some good news! Check my plants today and 3 out of the 4 have these white looking hairs coming out between the main stem and the branches. The hairs or pistils (idk wtf they are ) are clear in color, and kinda short right now....means female right?!?!?!

        the 1 other plant has no clear hairs like the other 3 but it also doesnt have any ball-like shet either. i put that plant away from the other 3 already just to be safe.

        SORRY NO PICS!! Even with the magnifying glass my camera couldnt take a clear shot of that small stuff

        DAY 43

        Took some pics today. Also found some white speckles on some of my leaves, think its spider mites so i sprayed down all of my plants with some insect spray
        This is what 3 of the 4 plants have, females yeh?

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          awesome dude you got 3 garanteed girls.
          i wouldnt move the other plant away from the girls until its show's sex. it will most deffiently be showing sex in a week. when its time to feed again. by the way they are getting big and im guessing since they have more roots they dont get overwatered anymore. keep feeding them like you are. awesome job man.

          oh yeah, i suggest getting rid of that ply wood. looks neat but can be a dead giveaway to your plant's. also kind of sperate the girls. and cover there obvious black containers with nearby vegatation. you dont want anyone to find them and take a liking to them. you'd be surprised how often plants get stolen outdoors on here.
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            lookin good JP , keep us updated for sure. g


              Hey JP how are those girls coming along? Has the four "ladies shown sex yet? Happy Growing.


                3/4 of them are females. Not too sure about the other one yet though.

                1/3 females is dying though. leaves are turning brown/gray and look very dead. think im going to have to flush that one.

                ill be updating with pics within the next 1-2 days =)
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                  Hope she pulls through.

                  That #4 is just hangin on.


                    Hey JayPee, You live in a very interesting climate! Which makes me want to suggest something very cool. It's a MJ plant called Zamal. This plant is native landrace MJ plant to madagascar in africa! This strain literally grows into a tree, you can continually harvest year round. There's very limited or little documentation on anyone growing it. So I would suggest that given your very unique climate, this would be one hell of a strain to try.

                    As always,
                    Good luck


                      DAY 49
                      Plants are doing well.....maybe about 2.5-3 feet each. One of the 3 females got really sick and alot of the lower sets of leaves fell off. The other 2 fems also have some messed up leaves...but no where near as bad as the other female. I think i overfed last time

                      Female I that lost her leaves =/

                      3 baby dolls.

                      Seperated Male Plant

                      Sick Leaf that fell off.

                      Sick leaf

                      Overfed yeah? Think instead of feeding tomorrow...Im just gonna give some water and epsom salt....let them recover.
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                        awesome job jay. their getting big man i hope you dont mind monster plants


                          JP A good rule I was told in soil was to Feed weekly, weakly. Not sure if that rings true or not. maybe some of the other soil guys can say.

                          Still getting all the rain? ever test the pH of the rain?

                          Keep them ladies green. What is the plan for the male. Make some f2?

                          That Zamal sounds very interesting.
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                            do you plan on making seeds? if not, separating the males from them aren't enough, in the wild males can pollinate females from well over a mile away.
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                              whoa are you serious? i'd have to look into that brud, thanks for the heads up! i think i'll just trash my male. its hard though b/c its the best plant out of the 4 !
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                                it is a moderate possibility, but all it takes is the right wind direction at the right time, and even if it blows away from the other plants, it can still be in the air and possibly blow back towards the females. I still wouldn't take chances.
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                                I may be high. But I am still down to earth.