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    Haha yeah, rains a shit load here though so I think thats why my plants are growing a little slow, soil is wet most of the time =/

    and sm0ke, i hope so hehe...i really do.
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      Howdy brud, from a howlie. hehe. So I hear, to much rain, an not enough light at the bottom. I read that if you cut a flat piece of styrofoam, like in electronics pkgs, bigger than the top of the pot. With a pie cut out. And lay it over the soil, at an angle away, some of the water wont make it to the soil and you get light reflected back up to the bottom leaves. Just what I remember reading, remember, I'm a stoner lol


        DAY 35

        Hey everybody! thanks for the interest in my grow heh. anyways, heres quick update of my plants. Fed yesterday 2 tbs/ half gallon of water of 5-1-1 Fish Emulsion. Put in some 'Iron & Soil Acidifier' as well to stabilize the pH....found that everytime i fed, plants showed signs of pH being too high.

        Think im gonna give it one more week and then Im gonna transplant into bigger pots and start giving some flowering nutes. I wanted to use organics but here on Guam, theres no place to buy that shet haha. So I think im just gonna use Schultz African Violet 8-14-9 (contains some micro nutes as well).

        Let me know what you guys think!

        This is a pic of the first plant from a front view. As you can see, plenty of little fan leaves are developing hehe. kinda cute.
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          sup magn?

          just peeped a couple replies and the photos..

          and wanted to tell you..

          up the container size..

          grab some potting soil mix from wallly world and a bag of perilite... mix that shit up... and throw them guys in 5 gallon buckets..

          i swear on my life they will grow so big so fuckin fast you will have never go back to them little pots again

          much bigger yields most likely aswell

          if size is an issue, disregard

          peace to you my man



            Planning on transplanting to 4-gal plants in a couple days =) I was wondering, when I transplant, if I keep LST'ing, how much taller will the plant grow? I want to try and keep these as short as possible, will the LST'ing do the trick?

            Picked up somw 15-30-15 Peters Fert with lots of micronutes as well so I think ill be using that for flowering. Anyone try it before?
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              i'm definitely on board for this one! i wanna start an outdoor grow soon.


                ive been meaning to get some peter's bloom fert's. all i have is the 20-20-20 veg fert's and they work wonderfully. once you have them in their final size container with enough bending you will be able to bend the plant below the container if you'd like. or you could just make it really wide and low.


                  DAY 37
                  So I transplanted into 4-Gallon Containers today. I put these containers in the jungle, and im PRAYING that nothing fucks it up. The jungle has some vicious insects i know haha......hopefully my Schultz Insect Spray will fuck up any muthafuckas that want to chow on my marijuana.....enjoy the pics!

                  Check out my solid root system!

                  ****************EDIT********** **********
                  Transplanted yesterday. Checked my plants today and they grew ALOT. amazing what transplanting does haha. Ill get pic sup later. and MIRACULOUSLY there wer eno bugs on my plant heh. Only a mosquito. I still sprayed them down with Schultz Insect Spray just in case and also to ward off any incoming insects
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                    What up Jaypee? When you gonna put those ladies in the ground and grow some TREES!!!

                    Best wishes,


                      looks like a good spot. now you dont have to do much. your often rain should keep them happy just visit when you need to fertilise and dont make obvious path's.


                        The plants are getting pretty big......should I continue LST'ing them or should I just let them grow naturally? I want to just let them grow natural but Im afraid all of the bigger leaves on top will cover the smaller leaves that grew b/c of the LST'ing.

                        Should I? or should i Not?
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                          I've never used LST before (I am a big fan of toping) but I say you should just leave them as is as they are now flowering right? Probably just keep the main stalk from shadowing the lowers. In an ideal LST you have the main stalk dip below the sideshoots so they will realy start growing IMO.
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                            it depends on how much longer they will veg. if for another few weeks they could easily grow a foot or two.


                              DAY 40
                              Hoi! Fed yesterday first flowering nutes: Peter's 15-30-15. Threw in Epsom Salt into the feeding solution as well. Here are a few pics of my plants taken 10 minuts ago, let me know what you guys think

                              Plants are growing fast in their new 4-gallon homes, and I think they like their new food =) Should I continue LST'ing them?
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                                jayyp thats the same nutes i use , the peters is supposed to be some decent shit. you'll be able to tell by looking at your plants.