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The Indoor Duck Pond (Meph, NightOwl, and a remix by a friend)

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    The Indoor Duck Pond (Meph, NightOwl, and a remix by a friend)

    Hi Everyone,

    A new year and a new start. 2020 was a tough one for me, like many unfortunately. I have been doing some thinking lately about the moments in time that stand out to me amongst all the memories I have. They end up often being the hard times I persevered through with loved ones and friends. The times I spent shivering, cold, and wet huddled around a fire canoeing in Northern Canada, the death of a close friend bringing my friend group even closer in our shared grief, the sense of satisfaction after an uncomfortable day cutting a channel through wet, smelly muskeg. I truly believe that despite the everything, many will end up better for it in the end somehow. I hope despite the turbulent times, clarity about what matters will help us persevere together.

    To that end I ended up bettering myself with my first indoor growing setup

    2x4 tent
    240w Kingbrite LED
    and all the other goodies

    I am going to running 1 each of Strawberry Stomper (Mephisto Genetics), Owl Pellet (Night Owl), and one cross of Nightowls Zamaldelica Express and Mango Smile by Mephisto and Nightowl (Made by a new friend of mine) respectively. The SS and Zam Smile are off to the races, the Owl Pellet a few days behind. Will be transplanting into 5g pots then into the tent and LED. I still have a bit of fiddling to do... hooking up a PC fan to a PWM controller, mixing up my soil (Worm Casting, Promix, Perlite), and a few other things. The local grow shop gave me a sample of Megacrop 2 part so I will probably try that out.

    Not much to look at but hey, what is a thread without pictures.

    Hope see see some familiar faces and make some new friends in this thread where I will document my experiences learning the intricacies of indoor growing and hopefully get some nice medicine at the end.


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    It's good to see you starting a new thread brother. Congratulations on the new indoor grow setup. Those are some beautiful hybrids you chose, should be perfect for breaking in that new setup. Do you have a pH meter and EC meter?
    Is this your first indoor grow or just a new indoor setup? Keep good notes the first run if you can, it's always helpful to be able to go back and see what worked and didn't and of course, this is a great place to document and keep notes. I'm personally not that great at taking notes, so I like to use my online grows as notes to look back on.
    I'm subbed, this will be a nice grow for sure.
    Best of luck bro and thanks for starting this grow log and sharing it with us!
    God bless
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      Hey MD!Happy to see you getting the job going indoors!

      So all your gals are autoflowering?Check the thread and tutorial by my buddy the Skunkist

      In general it is advised to start with the final pot with autos ,so they won't get rootbound too early ,thus triggering a too early flowering,leading to small plants.

      Good luck,I''ll be watchin'!


        Hi Solar,

        Thanks for popping in buddy! Yes, this will be my first time growing cannabis under a high power light indoors. I have had a seed starter light for a while that I have played around growing herbs and lettuce under in the past as well as for seed starting in spring, but after turning that LED on - wow- Im going to be playing with a lot more photons. Speaking of more photons, if I end up having the space I am going to try growing a lotus flower in the tent. Seems like a really cool experiment. Apparently you can put some soil in the bottom of a bucket and fill it up with water to simulate a pond and lotus plants love as much sun as they can get. One question is how they will react to the photoperiod of 4/20? Hopefully I make it that far to find out. I use PH paper but no EC meter.

        Hi Syd,

        Glad you made it Its interesting, I had read that about autoflowers as well Syd. Of course me being stubborn and wanting to try things for myself (I transplant my tomatoes every year why not cannabis?), I ended up transplanting 2 of the autos I grew this past summer and putting 2 into their final 7 gallon pots. My largest plant was from a transplant and my smallest was from a direct planting. Of course correlation does not equal causation and I know I didn't maximize the potential of those plants to begin with, so there could very well be other factors at play. My thinking was I was able to control other factors such as tempt and humidity better inside, than the cool spring temps the outdoor seedlings endured. I do wonder though if as long as you are delicate, if transplanting isn't such a bad thing for autos. It just seems natural to me as I have been transplanting most of my vegetable garden for a long time. Really happy you snuck in early Syd, glad to have you here.


          I have been using 2 x 240watt quantum boards in my 1mtr x 1mtr box with only 1mtr of head space and getting big returns so your extra head space should make life a lot easier for you.
          Not familiar with the strains you are growing so it will be interesting to see what develops.
          Best of luck with your grow good things coming soon I'm sure.
          For how to make cobs start reading from page 212 in the thread Malawi style cob cureing.


            Good luck MD, I look forward to seeing you succeed on your first indoor grow so I will be tagging along


              Good luck with the youngsters.There is another thread here on icmag which could be interesting to follow, especially for small grows like yours.
              How is the temperature at the moment in the room?

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                Good luck for the grow.
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                  I have followed more than a few of your grows. Thank you for sharing, they have made me happy. Happy your here. I am hoping for a good return of flower of course, but I can already tell the simple act of watching a plant with such a vicarious nature grow in my basement will bring me great returns of wellbeing. I was chatting with a gardener near me who is growing a Bird of Paradise indoors which is amazingly cool. I was extremely lucky to have done some traveling in Africa before the virus and the first place I visited when I landed in Capetown, SA was the botanical gardens and the Birds of Paradise were in full bloom. Its a very good memory Having this tent is going to open up a lot of new plants that I will be able to grow, super exciting for me.

                  I will sheepishly admit I am not sure the exact temperature in my basement... I would guess its ~18c. It doesn't feel too warm or too cold in the tent, I don't think. Thanks you for dropping in and the for thread link! I haven't been through the whole thing but it seems very informative.

                  unregistered190, Mars Hydro Led,
                  Really glad to have you, hope you enjoy the good vibes here!

                  The little seedlings seems to have done ok after their transplant. I didn't notice any obvious signs of shock, so time will tell whether I have inhibited their growth by the transplant. I did notice the SS taproot had made it down to the bottom of the pot. Looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring for these little gals.


                    Will be interesting ,
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                        Hi friends!

                        I thought I would share a success I am very proud of. I have started growing orchids in the last few years and one of the things I sometimes struggled with was dividing and transplanting orchids when they outgrow their container. This is an orchid I transplanted few months back and is gifting me with more flowers.


                          Lookin' so pretty!Man if you can grow orchids,cannabis is gonna be so easier for you.


                            Best growluck MD

                            My current grow: Headbanger x OPG and C4DD x OPG

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                              Looking great MallardDuck! Nice setup on the tent, and beautiful orchid; it really has an amazing structure. It would be super cool to have some birds of paradise indoors, too.

                              As far as transplanting autos, I think it doesn't hurt them too much as long as you're gentle with them, and do it before the roots reach the pot. I remember someone saying that the tap root is especially important to keep intact with lots of room. I've seen some pretty decent sized autos transplanted twice in their life cycle. May have been bigger without transplanting, but still big enough.