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Amnesia lemon pie & PhantomDominaCookies

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    Amnesia lemon pie & PhantomDominaCookies

    Was going to put this into my other post but that thread is getting confusing. Would like to separate this one into it's own journal as I'm running the 2 strains, and have popped beans at different dates. Plants will all be going into flower at different times, so I can look for a keeper pheno to seed out from each strain. Will post the other plants once they reach a more exciting age. beans are only 3 weeks since hitting the medium. I'm using a 100w(114w) spider farmer sf-1000 for veg and a adjustable DE ballast, 1000w bulb in a 5x5 tent. Soon to get 600w MH/HPS lamps in.

    -Promix hp
    -A tad bit of vermiculite
    -Chicken manure(very fibrous and breaks into a good aerator for -the medium)
    -Diatamaceous earth
    -Mycoz/Bac mix
    -Kelp meal
    - epsom salt

    Note: This medium is mixed up so that I can fertilize minimally and just use pH'd water for most of the feedings until flower transition. Then I flush the medium and treat it like hydro for the flowering phase with salt based nutes, because most of the available nutes will be used from the veg cycle.

    Amnesia Lemon pie: UK PINEAPPLE X LEMON THAI KO SAMUI x Amnesia.

    My take after 6 week veg: So far so good. Plant is a mostly sativa cross and shows a fair few indica traits. donkey dick branching that bunches up to the main stalk. Broad-ish leafs. Has the sativa trait of growing vertically but doesn't branch out heavily. Plant is going to need a good amount of training. I did some LST on her, within a day was standing straight at 90deg lol. Going to take probably 4 clones off the bottom of this plant to flower out with the other seedlings I popped at a further date once this plant has finished flowering. Going to take the same with the other PDC plant.

    Phantom Domina Cookies: Black domina X GDP X Cherry pie

    *Chris Farley voice*Hoooollllehhh shittoooo!!!!, this thing doesn't know if its going up side ways or turning into my frizzles hair do after touching a 240v socket with a wet finger! I'm loving this plant. Great strain for cloning if you propagate for a clone shop or large scale operation. Fast grower and seems to love nutrients. Screwed up and forgot I had amended my medium organically for the veg cycle this run and fed the first watering at 100% regular ratio, No frickin problems bud! the ladies handled it fine eh! Side note don't smoke distillate when transplanting lol! Mind ya the soil wasn't "hot" yet so they probably were ok. She has a weird trait of turning purple where ever you super crop her, it's cool to see pop up after a few days. So far so good though!

    Will upload pics tomorrow since I'm going to take the update pics.
    Just a guy working to find that strain. you know, that strain...

    More defined grow logs of my stuff. - search for tdotgong

    Good luck.
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      starting week 7 veg

      Some pictures of the 2 plants. the 5 little babies are the same strains just a diff age. Those will be flowered at a later point. MY plan is to clone these 2 plants once their bigger. Throw them in to flower, and stagger the harvest's by a month so for the babies and clones. This will let me see the strain grow over a longer period of time. Giving a better understanding If I want to keep the genetics.
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      Just a guy working to find that strain. you know, that strain...

      More defined grow logs of my stuff. - search for tdotgong


        Just Coasting on threw

        Going to flip to flower in 2-3 weeks. let the smaller plants get rooted and vegged a bit. The bigger ladies are 2 1/2 months atm. The smaller ladies around 1 1/4. Clones were taken 2 days ago not showing roots yet. Going to put the clones into the closet. I got a king bright 240w 3000k 660nm W UV/IR so ill use that instead of the SF-1000. Hopefully the red will promote rooting.

        P.S one of the ALP ladies the smaller girls, is a frickin weird pheno. Goddam thing is shooting for the stars.
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        Just a guy working to find that strain. you know, that strain...

        More defined grow logs of my stuff. - search for tdotgong


          Haven't taken some pics in a while. Been busy trying to get into the horticulture industry, pretty hard to do with no degree but, seem to be doing ok with getting opportunities. Also planning a small 1 acre market farm for some extra pocket change. I ended up forgetting when I flipped the girls... just feeding by response ect. Girls look to have bout 14 days to go trics are 50-60% cloudy. All the ladies got hit hard by burrowing nematodes. Did my best with IPM soil drench and bacterial methods. the plants seem to be pulling threw ok. Hoping for 2.5-3lbs out of the tent. Will probably get close to 2 being realistic. The other box has 19 plants. All the same Amnesia lemon pie and Phantom domina cookies. They are the clones from the big mother in the fabric tent to the left in the photos. They're 4 weeks in. The ALP and PDC are getting some nice smells. I still cant get over the PDC having a putrid rotten shit smell on the stems an the buds smell like sweet cherries with cookies. Lol one of the pheno's I'm calling " the leaning tower" you can see why in the pics.

          Click image for larger version

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          Just a guy working to find that strain. you know, that strain...

          More defined grow logs of my stuff.

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