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OG Kush from a greybeard

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    Lookin good bro


      The last day of the crop

      Well, my OG's has run their course, and will be slaughtered tomorrow
      As you'll see in the pictures one plant is already harvested, it couldn't bear it's own weight, and was amber as hell. the remaining 5 goes in 12 hours witch comes out to 60 days of flowering

      I will give you an update on the weight as soon as I know it


        As some of you will notice, the OG is collapsing on itself as the buds fatten up, the branches won't hold the weight, but of all my problems, this is one of the "best" problems I have

        Hope you enjoyed the journey. and most important of all, if and old fart like me can do it, anyone can

        As always, stay safe


          Very nice problem to have. Congrats on the harvest.
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            thank's a lot, it means something for us indoor basement dwellers of the north.
            Hopefully it will be free to grow in our part of the world as well soon


              Looks really good! Can't wait for the smoke report!!!


                well, five of my six O G's went all the way til 63 days, The sixth was taken in an "hostale" atack by me

                The other five was cut dried (I trim wet and dru only buds, since i get the best results of that metode)

                I haven't weighted them dry, since that would be just a guesstimate but I thing I got around (850-900 g slaughter-weight) 350 -400 gram, dried and cured. I 'm very happy with that
                It smokes very smooth, very piny with lemon mixed inn. The aftertaste gives all ow the above but also got a peppery finish

                some pictures of my cures OG

                All in all very happy with this grow, beware that this plant need LST and topping (more than you normally would expect)

                If you do all this little maintenance during your grow, you will get paid

                Fed with
                Tap-water, NKP and Molasses (two tblsp / gallon)

                double dose during flowering (NKP that is)
                Flushed 10 days before harvest
                Molasses all the way til harvest

                That's the oldtimer way

                Regards Grula


                  just a short update

                  I've now dryed and kured my OG's and I can tell you all it was well worth the wait. This is how the they live ther lives a.t.m.

                  As for smoking them, it's a dream lemony pine with an earthy afthertaste. all in all I can recommend it to anyone liking stony painkilling smokel this is for you



                    sounds great for me Grula
                    enjoyed your grow i did as did others